“……… They infiltrate organisations, people’s jobs and lives. They operate almost like a cancer.” Michael Murrin


In effect – are they an information gathering operation for MI5?



                          OPEN LETTER TO CAMPAIGNERS & SURVIVORS

“I have extensive experience in the investigation of corruption linked to politicians and the public sector.  I have a proven track record of success in this line of work.  I am extremely competent when it comes to research and my intuitive judgement has proved to be excellent.  I have sought to make sense of Exaro but I struggle to conclude whether it is, in fact, a legitimate news agency or, in fact, a detective agency masquerading a news agency.  My rational judgement tells me it needs further investigation. My intuitive judgement tells me the organisation is most likely linked to Security Service attempts to subvert the interests of the campaigners. Either way I strongly advise you and your colleagues to give it a wide birth until such time as my Inquiries are complete.”


Tom Mangold:  “…… The truth of the matter is we were commissioned to do the original film by a                            man who was a Colonel in British Military Intelligence and the Director general                              at the time, Sir Ian Trethowan, was a man with a very close, and a very

                           unhealthy, relationship with MI5.  I think what happened was that the

                           Security Services were keen to discover, through me and my team,

                           what could be learned about, a) the true relationship between Thorpe

                           Scott, and, b) what kind of information was accessible.  And once they

                           had it, how would they handle it. I think we were quite unwittingly used

                           as gatherers of information, ostensibly for the BBC, but I have

                           every reason to believe that that information went straight from the

                           BBC to MI5……..”


The current campaign to bring to public account those in the political domain who have violated and, allegedly, murdered children is of a different order of magnitude to the scandal involving Jeremy Thorpe.  MI5 and Special Branch are obviously at work. Remember the words of  the Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall, John Alderson.

“……… They infiltrate organisations, people’s jobs and lives. They operate almost like a cancer.” 
“……..the acorn of a Stasi [the former East German communists’ secret service] has been planted. It is there for future governments to build on.”

I ask you, and other activists, to be aware of this reality and to act accordingly.




“Owen Oyston counts Tory MPs, notably Sir Tom Arnold, and Harold Elletson, among his closest friends.”

It is the reference to Oyston regarding Harold Elletson as “….among his closest friends” which has precipitated further inquiries which are now in progress.  Harold Elletson(20,20a,20b,20c,20d) has been widely reported to have been “an MI6 agent.” 

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The investigations now being carried out are extensive and incur costs. I am now seeking financial support to enable these inquiries to be progresses rapidly.  If you know anyone who is able to contribute then please note that contributions can be made via PayPal using the email address:




Alternatively they can contact me personally using my mobile number or email address. These are:


MoB.  0795 – 142 – 6617




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