Ben Fellows arrested.

Ben Fellows flew back to the UK at the weekend to see family and friends and was arrested Yesterday he was charged with intent to pervert course of justice in late 2012. This is understood to be in respect of the Fairbank Project. He appeared before Westminster magistrates’ court and was remanded in custody. This was reported on a tweet from Exaro.

Amazing that he is charged with ‘intent to pervert course of justice’ when in fact our Governments, judges and police seem to primarily be involved with that for all those like Ben who were as a child and still are being sexually abused, trafficked etc.!


Here’s his Police interview Tape which has re-emerged on the internet after being deleted.  It won’t last long so watch it now, and download.

The Police Officers say Ken Clarke cannot be questioned as he is above the law.


Since then Ken Clarke’s been shuffled out of front line politics.

Regarding: The Right Honourable Kenneth Clarke MP

Dear Prime Minister
I very much hope you are enjoying your family holiday in Lanzarote. I am also in Lanzarote but for other reasons which will become clear.
I am writing to you now regarding a most serious matter concerning that of an institutional paedophile ring operating in Westminster politics and my own allegations which involve Cabinet Minister The Right Honourable Kenneth Clarke MP.

The Metropolitan Police in particular Operation Fernbridge under Detective Chief Inspector Paul Settle, refuse to arrest Kenneth Clarke for sexually assaulting me some twenty years ago when I was in Ian Greer’s office. The Police have stated formerly that Mr Clarke has no alibi and that he is “above the law” and cannot be questioned or arrested. I made a 14 page detailed statement to the Police regarding Kenneth Clarke MP resulting in my persecution by the Police, so much so that I no longer reside in the United Kingdom.
This is exactly the same situation victims were put under regarding Jimmy Savile. Victims were routinely pressured, bullied and frightened into withdrawing their statements against Savile and “others”.
The Police arrested me and attempted to accuse me of perverting the course of justice which they failed to charge me with. The Police call this a demoralisation exercise and I have learnt that the Metropolitan Police Paedophile Unit use this tactic to frighten victims into not pursuing allegations made against the political establishment. The Metropolitan Police’s Operation Fernbridge have stated that “child abuse is the gold standard for intelligence gathering” meaning that if you have evidence on a politician abusing a child then that person is easy to control for political purposes.
Now other victims are coming forward and making statements regarding alleged abuse by The Right Honourable Kenneth Clarke MP and this is a situation which calls for your immediate attention.
As you may or may not be aware that in my case, I allege that I was sexually assaulted by Kenneth Clarke MP whilst working for the Cook Report Television programme, posing as a fifteen year old assistant to a businessman. The incident was filmed on hidden cameras and the footage has subsequently gone missing from the storage facility where the tapes of the programme were kept, according to Met Police and Jack Malvern of the Times newspaper.
The Metropolitan Police have stated that there is a high level political conspiracy regarding the whereabouts of the Cook Report tapes as it involved prominent Conservatives who were involved in the “Cash for Questions” scandal as well as the Kenneth Clarke incident.
One of your former colleagues at Carlton Television alleges that in fact it was you who was given the task of acquiring and destroying the Cook Report tapes whilst you worked for Carlton Television in the 1990’s. Due to political and police corruption involved in this case it’s now clear to me that justice for victims, who have been abused by politicians, is non-existent. Under this current government paedophiles are operating across all parties.
What I am calling for is for politicians to be treated like any member of the public would, had someone made a 14 page statement against them regarding abuse allegations.
They should be arrested and questioned under caution and no investigation should be stopped due to political pressure.
When the police fail you, when the justice system can be perverted by a corrupt political class, when victims are silenced and abusers are given trophies and plaudits and afforded state protection making them “Immune from prosecution”. While children are taken away from their families by Social Services in closed court rooms and put into a paedophilic machine to feed the appetites of depraved men and women in government like Sir Cyril Smith MP, then it is clear that Operation Fernbridge is not fit for purpose. If you the Prime Minister continue to allow paedophiles to operate in Westminster gathering children from children’s homes from around the United Kingdom, then you will be personally culpable.
If The Right Honourable Kenneth Clarke MP was telling the truth that my allegations were mistaken identity or that I am a liar, then why hasn’t he sued me? This has now been going on publicly since 2012
In order to bring my case and others regarding paedophile’s in Westminster to the fore it is my intention as of the 15th April 2014 at Midnight to begin a hunger strike until the Right Honourable Kenneth Clarke MP is treated like any other member of the public by the Metropolitan Police and arrested.
Yours sincerely
Ben Fellows
Hi Tap
Please can you feature this post.  I’m attempting to break the deadlock and address the paedophile situation in the UK head on. We really need this to go viral so any help is very much appreciated. As of midnight 15th April 2014 I will be starting a hunger strike. The Prime Minister David Cameron is currently on Easter holiday on the island of Lanzarote which is where I am now living. It’s a tiny island and I think once this gets out there he will be forced to deal with the situation one way or another.
Thank you my friend
Ben Fellows


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  1. Tapestry says:

    No comments on blog for a few hours. A bit odd? Perhaps people are Christmassed out.

    • Jacquita says:

      Ben Fellows flew back to the UK at the weekend to see family and friends and was arrested Yesterday he was charged with intent to pervert course of justice in late 2012. This is understood to be in respect of the Fairbank Project. He appeared before Westminster magistrates’ court and was remanded in custody. This was reported in Exaro.

      Amazing that he is charged with ‘intent to pervert course of justice’ when in fact our Governments, judges and police seem to primarily be involved with that for all those like Ben who were as a child and still are being sexually abused, trafficked etc.!

  2. Mark says:

    Pray for Ben

  3. Nollidge says:

    Sorry,but I see no chance of a prosecution,or even a charge against Clarke being laid.There’s no forensic,no truly independent witness,no surviving video of the alleged event,& ABOVE ALL,no string of accusers – all unconnected with each other,
    coming forward to claim similar behaviour from Clarke over a number of years.
    In the cases of the TV stars,large numbers of accusers from a multi-year timespan & different areas came forward with similar accounts.This established a clear pattern of abuse,& thus the convictions were inevitable.Sorry Ben but “you need another 10”.

  4. Gillian says:

    I’m not sure about this Ben Fellows. I recall him confidently predicting, as did several others also, that something would happen during or shortly after the Olympic Games in 2012. Nothing happened.

    I may be wrong, but he strikes me as something of a bandwagon jumper and self promoter. For him to threaten to go on a hunger strike is just ridiculous.

    • sovereigntea says:

      Or was prevented from happening and no-one told you ?

      • Gillian says:

        I did consider that possibility.

      • Gillian says:

        Just to clarify on my recent previous reply. I considered the possibility that if there was a plan to disrupt the Olympic Games, then people exposing it may have prevented the plan from being carried through.

        I didn’t wonder why no one told me! Why would they? What a strange thing to say sovereigntea.

  5. Mark says:

    I met him, I think he’s alright
    over a few days, (gave him a Gospel of Mark), on a roadside
    i have no reason to doubt him
    and, those who question, go ahead
    but thus far, I’ve seen what?
    Pray for Ben, safety, justice and all, Mark

  6. WELL done the TAP reblogged

  7. Charlotte A says:

    I met Ben once. He was a sensible man – seemed 100% to me (although I’m not infallible). He’s got my support, despite the shenanigans. And so what if he got caught up in the 2012 bs – didn’t lots of people?

    All you people who are sitting on your backsides doing nothing and criticising Ben and those like him…..


    Have you ANY idea of how vulnerable people are who speak or act out under circumstances like Ben’s? The “Truth” movement is writhing with snakes… really are on your own if you strike out.

    So well done Ben!

    Have any of you others changed your lives in ANY way in the cause of sorting all this mess out? I hope so.

    Are you doing anything more constructive than mouthing off, surfing or listening to the “gurus”? Have you EVER inconvenienced yourself in the cause of Truth?

    I hope so. (Gillian included – no offence intended.)

    And here I want to mention all Chris Spivey’s followers, me amongst them, who have taken time to deluge the SS, police and MPs with emails……in the cause of TRUTH. And are having some effect – I hope. At least Clayton is at home for Christmas, it seems.

    Finally, on doing something, I notice that Kevin Annett is calling on Canadians to stop paying their taxes. Good on him – we should ALL do the same wherever we are.

    So cheers Ben! Have one on me this Christmas – CHINK! Cheers Chris S! Cheers Rusty! Cheers all you good people who are DOING something and not just slagging off other people…..this is where we need to go now – action.

    • Charlotte A says:

      Sorry – in the cause of my rant I forgot that Ben was on hunger strike. Didn’t mean to be insensitive. Try to stay strong Ben, whatever your decision.

  8. ed says:

    so he gets his day in court, which is what he wants. now he can tell everything and be reported.

  9. peter james says:

    The BBC should be charged with perverting the course of justice, when truthseeker broke the news on Jimmy saville the day after his death
    all hell broke loose at the BBC where they went into a mode to protect the homosexual lobby and declared that jimmy saville only sodomised little girls, this left scores of young boys disenfranchised without a voice
    hopefully people now realise the criminal intent of the BBC

  10. Tapestry says:

    Watch Ben’s Police interview in the blog post while you still can. It was posting that which set off the chain of events that have resulted in his arrest. They don’t want you to see it, so watch it now.

  11. NPP says:

    The allegation of Ken Clarke touching Fellows’ trousers on the genital area does not appear a serious one compared to more serious invasions of personal sovereignty. However, if a teenager is approached in such a way by Clarke and Greer in a private room within the Commons, it is unacceptable behaviour by community representatives.
    The TAP post on Boothby and accompanying videos illustrate how public figures in power lie as if it were the most natural thing to do.

    Detainment and arrest of Fellows based upon an allegation of ‘intent to pervert course of justice’ is ridiculous and police-state style action. This is unacceptable action by the police.

    I can only presume Ben Fellows has made statements uncomfortable for the establishment.

    The interview Fellows recorded with the police whereby they suggested Clarke was untouchable sums up the problem we have: one rule for them and another for us.

    Ben Fellows, Robert Green, Melanie Shaw… state detainment of such individuals is unacceptable. Now Theresa May says the child abuse inquiry will not happen anytime soon.

    COVER UP. There is historical and apparently ON GOING violation of children in the UK and our government apparently supports a policy of damage limitation.

    We each have a choice to at least put in writing a protest to our MP’s and our local police stations.

  12. Axiom says:

    well said npp …. bravo kudos

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