The shale gas financial collapse




Gas prices and oil prices.  Everything’s heading south.

Fracking’s not just an environmental catastrophe.  It’s been a too-good-to-be-true, herd mentality, tulip mania.

In this video they unstitch some of the nonsense that lies behind the US shale gas bubble that’s now bursting.

Why are the companies still producing the gas when the price is on the floor?  One reason is debts they’ve taken on to fund their drilling.

Financial projections being given by financial analysts are still hopelessly optimistic.

The numbers don’t check out on any level.

Yes the Infrastructure Bill is being pushed through in the UK Parliament demands that Britain joins in the madness.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    They have dropped the oil prices deliberatley to wager war with Russia. They have given sweetners to the oil producers for 6 months only. This was all planned and paid for by the West. I hope Putin throws the Bank of Russia under the bus for this manipulating cabal and the Federal Reserve. London has been used as the casino for long enough. We know our enemy and how rotten they are. Not long now to a showdown as some pretty interesting people are on to them. They really are not that intelligent, they have had to buy brains.

  2. jeffrey davies says:

    spot on anon spot on but russia and america fighting it out once again but the yanks will say anything to keep the embargo has effectively it hurts europe more but when will europe wake up to the facy the americans dont care about you but themselves using ttip has one method

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