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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nothing new then… All been done before and hidden from the masses. Time to realise we have been duped and milked and dumbed down for fools. Tesler died a pauper for the benefit of the money men. This has to stop now the power is free.And they have dreaded the day we all woke up. Our true history will benefit all of humanity…no wonder they lied. Its over we are all awakening and they cant go back.

  2. pauline says:

    In the latest copy of NEXUS magazine there is a piece about the Bosnian pyramids saying they date back 34,000yrs

  3. Glenn says:

    Amazing what you can do with a few thousand donkeys and men. (Irony)

    I suspect there were civilisations as “advanced” as ours in the dim and distant.

  4. colin.cleaver says:

    and we thought Taylor-Woodrow built them

  5. Adam says:

    I have been full of enthusiasm and hope since may 2013, when i started to awaken. I got through the fear part, when i realised were not all going to die or live in a total 1984 soon…..and i gotinto Dr Paul LaViolette, and Tesla, and TTownsend Brown, and Royal Rife, and i realised theres a wonderful world of hidden physics theyve lied to us about and …..what a world it can become if when it comes out. Noone will suffer and want for anything anymore, and the planet will be beautiful

    The Spirituality coverup too….yes laides and gentlemen, Spirituality appears to be real too,based on the same physics LaViolette and Tesla discuss.
    it doesnt take a genius to work out the powerful motivations of Elites, TPTB, Establishment, whatever whoever they are, to not let the masses know and understand……because the massive equalising power it would have on the entire planet, for humanity, would take away their power. And these are arrogant swines, and psychopaths many of them, happy to witness the suffering and poverty and keep the status quo.

    Therefore, it needs that one breakthrough of mass awareness and exposure , to thousands of people, of either Free Energy, proper Antigravity craft technology, or Spirituality/Mind powers ….to properly pierce the Veil on the masses and really start a change.
    Hopegirls QEG machines getting built i hope will be the catalyst.

    Perhaps the closest weve come so far was in 1954, the italian football match, when 10000 plus people saw UFOs hovering clearly, that were very likely the Shadow Govt,not Aliens. Interesting how the BBC recently reported on this. Whats the BBCs game? As its not a channel to be trusted, after the Jane Standley WTC 7 boob.

    Phoenix Arizona in 1997 i think, wasanother valuable mass exposure at night of Secret Govt antigravity craft. Remember folks, antigravity superfast craft equals Free Energy, equals a whole new physics reality theyve hidden from us…..equals Spirituality and other Dimensions. The underlying physics is the same.
    The Elites use rituals and the Occult because they know very well there are indeed Spirits, other Dimensions, and that Astrology and Planetary energies have very really effects. This is the big secret and lie cover up

    To end this, i still am optimistic and hold out hope
    Sadly i have recently started to dislike and hate my family, because of how i am silenced, told to shut up, insulted. Now i just sit while they talk and ive started to drop out. Hatings bad and i will get rid of this emotion tonight. Emailing Tapblog has helped me get rid of it and forgive


  6. Adam says:

    And this is why the likes of Cherie Blair and i bet Tony, Hilary Clinton,
    Nancy Reagan, had have personal astrologers, Hilary wouldnt make a decison without consulting astrology. Events are scheduled when the Energies are best to imprint reality and make an outcome happen best
    The Olympics will have been timed, especially the opening and closing ceremonies, with their hidden symbolism, to coincide when the planets align in certain ways
    Although it must be said the 2012 symbolism was very obvious, in the stadiums, as David Wilcock pointed out well
    The Royals, HM the Queen, who took a happy holiday to Kamloops Canada in 1963, has a personal astrologer. We have to ask ourselves why, what the hells going on?
    The Lapis Lazuli given by the Pope for prince George was not a decorative ornament paperweight……it was a special crystal used for rituals that can absorb Mind energy to help imprint reality. This is whats going on under our noses. Were being lied to about Physics. And Paul LaViolette is helping us remove the Veil

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