The man who ended Tony Blair’s bid to become President Of Europe

I knew a close relative of Galloway’s in the Middle East who definitely worked for MI6. Galloway’s avowed distrust of the English and his socialism are contradicted by his opposition to Scottish nationalism and his commitment to the UK – historically, one of the most aggressive states on the planet, and the home of the City of London and the iniquitous fractional reserve banking system that afflicts us all. Galloway’s visits to Saddam Hussein were probably intelligence missions. Gillian is right when she puts ‘our’ SIS in inverted commas. Anybody who thinks we have an intelligence service needs his head examined. The UK doesn’t have an intelligence service. The three services are globalized and work for the World Government, which exists of course, but only does bad things, so it is rarely mentioned, except of course by Herman Van Rompuy, when he displaced Blair for the EU presidency. Incidentally, it was me that knocked Blair out in 2009 and I would like a little credit for it!

Gordon Logan


TAP – Well I’m very pleased he didn’t make it, Gordon.  Thanks for your role in stopping him from getting there, with that evil bitch of a wife alongside.  It must be some marriage, given what you’ve told us about Blair’s sexual activity – a marriage of convenience to cover up for a child molester.  Here’s the first time Gordon Logan’s story was published on The Tap.  And the picture is of George Bush’s favourite prostitute that he lent to Blair in The White House as they worked on the Iraq War.


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    A spoof phonecall – how close is fiction to fact ?

    DEAD KENNEDYS: Kinky Sex Makes the World Go ‘Round

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Another blast form the past – then as now.

    OUR turn to lead the singing….
    Fight war, not wars,
    Make peace, not wars.
    Fight war, not wars, we know you’ve heard it before.
    Fight war, not wars,
    Make peace, not wars.
    Fight war, not wars,
    Make love, not wars
    1-2-3-4 we don’t want your fucking war.

    It’s fear that provokes nuclear war, fear that fuels the arms race. America seeks to stay in front, Russia won’t fall behind. Although each side can destroy many times over, both refuse to call a halt. It is in Europe where NATO plans to counter a theoretical Soviet assault with nuclear weapons if necessary. Flexible Response is called
    We depend for our export trade upon selling one thousand two hundred millions a year of arms and that’s pure arms, that’s one the computers that go into repression
    it’s not just the biggest epidemic of our times, but it won’t be cured until the patient recognises that he’s sick.


    We’re looking for a better world, but what do we see? Just hatred, poverty, aggression, misery.
    So much money spent on war when three quarters of the world is so helplessly poor.
    Major General Despair sits at his desk, planning a new mode of attack, he’s quite unconcerned about chance or risk, the Major General’s a hard nut to crack.
    Oh yes, he designs a cruise missile, tactically sound, operationally OK, while the starving crawl onto the deathpile, they can’t avoid their fate another day.
    Attack on the mind, but he calls it defence, but I ask you again who’s it for?
    Do the starving millions who don’t stand a chance hope to benefit by his stupid war?
    Babies crippled with hunger before they could walk, mothers with dry breasts cry dry tears, and meanwhile Major General Despair gives a talk on increasing the war budget over the years.
    How can they do it, these men of steel, how can they plot destruction, pain?
    Is it the only way they can feel, by killing again and again?
    Is it some part of themselves that has died that permits them to plan as they do?
    Or is it us that is dead, do we simply hide from the responsibility to stop what they do?
    There’s so many of us, yet we let them have their way, at this moment they’re plotting and planning.
    We’ve got to rise up to take their power away, to save the world that they’re ruining.
    They’re destroying the world with their maggot-filled heads, death, pain and mutilation, they’ve got the responsibility of millions of dead.
    Yet they’re still bent on destruction.
    The generals and politicians who advocate war should be made to wade in the truth of it, they should spend sleepless nights shivering with fear and by day time should crawl in the deathpit.
    They’ll find the truth of what they’ve done there, festering corpses they and their kind made, eyeless skulls that endlessly stare having seen the truth of military trade.
    The earth was our home, the wind and the air, the blue sky, the grass and the trees, but these masters of war, what do they care?
    Only sentiments, these.
    It’s our world but through violence they took it away, took dignity, happiness, pride.
    They took all the colours and changed them to grey with the bodies of millions that died.
    They destroy real meaning through their stupid games, make life a trial of fear.
    They destroy what values we have with their aims, make us feel it’s wrong if we care.
    Well, we do care, it’s our home, they’ve been at it too long, if it’s a fight they want it’s beginning.
    Throughout history, we’ve been expected to sing their tired song but now it’s OUR turn to lead the singing….
    Fight war, not wars,
    Make peace, not wars.
    Fight war, not wars, we know you’ve heard it before.
    Fight war, not wars,
    Make peace, not wars.
    Fight war, not wars,
    Make love, not wars
    1-2-3-4 we don’t want your fucking war.


    War is confirmation of the imposed reality in which we exist. A constant violent reminder of the lengths to which those that impose that reality will go. We are prisoners within that reality until we create our own.
    We don’t have civilisation any more. We have a state of barbarism. A state of barbarism in which we are daily, hourly, threatening with annihilation our fellow citizens. Now, looking at you I know one thing, we can win, we can win. I want you to, I want you to sense your own strength.

  3. ian borrman says:

    anyone who gets rid of blair gets a vote in my book
    thanks gordon

  4. Gillian says:

    Anything sent in by Gordon Logan is well worth a read. I was already a regular visitor to the Tap site some years ago when GL was having difficulty returning to Scotland from China with his family. Hope all is going well for them now.

    I’m wondering if Mr Logan knows anything or much about Mark Regev? He is an Israeli Government spokesman. According to some commenters, MR runs the Hasbara trolls that infest the sites of well known publications in this country. Though for some reason they seem to have backed off a little of late.

    Thanks Gordon for your roll in blocking TB’s ambitions of getting even further up the ladder. Credit where it’s due.

  5. stan says:

    Rimbaud buddying up to lennon after winning a childrens painting competition. I like the handshake, you’re one of us now

    crass by name crass by nature – the same that started all those pagan sun worship festivals around stonehenge in the 70’s

  6. Anonymous says:

    This earth has been a game plan from the beginning. The trials and tribulations ongoing from day one. Proof that man is corrupt and corruptable. We need a re-set where humanity is one and only the true sayers who care are put into council. Will humanity and the spirituality we all share win, I doubt it the whole thing is rigged against us.This is a test and the most powerful have played us to their own advantage. None of us chose this journey but the fact is we have all become familliar to the challenge we have all had to face. Maybe this is revelation and maybe we were meant to see the reality of good and evil. What did you do to make a difference. It wasnt meant to be easy it was always meant to sort the the good souls from the lost. The truth is finally dawning and man will never lose his quest for truth. I am convinced this was always the point. We are now the most informed generation and maybe that was always the end game. A more cruel exsistence was never so obvious. Game over and where there is hope there is room for change.

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