Spivey, Tap, Veteran’s Today, UKColumn, David Icke. We need them all, says Ned.

H and S at works


Seems like a spot of incidental potential divide and rule going on. TAP does go where others fear to tread as does Spivey. They each have their own approach. So long as someone is asking pertinent questions. I find myself feeling defensive whether it be attacks upon Icke, Spivey, TAP or even controlled opposition accusations against Veteran’s Today (Uncle Gordy as Jeff Rense calls him…) which I’ve seen before now. I agree with the comment that TAP does present a broad church. Spivey continues to have a platform at TAP as far as TAP is concerned. Good.

At least you guys argue the toss rather than ignore each other. Love the HAARP controlled TAP idea…

The official Woolwich story smells false at best while the authorities nasty bullying actions against Spivey seem illegal. It is not obligatory to read anyone’s website, blog or words nor should words be deemed a criminal act. ıf you choose to take offence at another’s words, whether it be the Rigby family or a female Twitterer or a negroid footballer, that is your choice; the whole human rights business is going politically correctly up its own backside.

The physical invasion of another’s sovereignty is another matter.

Jews? Jesuits? Archons? My Uncle Tom Cobbley who says he’s got the secret to world power in his garden shed, but he’s barking nuts and no one takes him seriously… what difference to me? Well, UK Column Brian Gerrish, ex Naval Commander, says know your enemy. So, I guess it would be helpful to know, but I’ve listened to years of arguement to and fro and still do not know exactly who pulls the biggest strings. I do know us lot have to wise up to the fewer idiot lot, recognise lies and scams and say NO, to whomever is the perpetrator. That NO can begin in your own personal day to day life; whether it might be declining to buy crap food (e.g. GMO Kellogg’s is not my fave…) or whether lobbying perpetually to your MP about the apparent gross establishment related violation of children. Kevin Annett, now there’s a chap who takes on a challenge. If the Essex police kicked his door in he’d be grateful it wasn’t much much worse.

I understand Louise Collins will chat with Bill Maloney soon. I haven’t heard from the heroic Bill for a while and he must have tons to say.

Please, all keep speaking up and posting interesting stuff. Thank you to sovereigntea who posted:
I quickly transcribed a few sentences…
“Billionaire Sheldon Adelson http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheldon_Adelson owns both sides of US congress.”
“… now, Johm McCain, the father of Al Nusra, the father of ISIS… will be running US legislative and foreign policy…”
“US Generals Thomas McInerney and Paul E. Vallely, specialists in psychological warfare helped organise Daesh…”

“… travelled in and out of your country, as did John McCain, and met with Al Qaeda. an organisation created by American, Saudi and Israeli Defence forces and intelligence services.”
“… only a week ago US Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel resigned, the individual who had stopped the US from bombing Syria over the false flag gas attacks near Aleppo.”
“The US government is subservient to a worldwide criminal organisation…”’

Syria would appear to be a gas/oil/energy pipeline issue, not a terror threat issue. Tell your MP’s. It seems they they do not fully realise?

There were calls for Arsene to go last week, as Spivey no doubt observed, he being such a huge footy fan (my tongue’s in my cheek…), yet I stand by Arsene as I intend to continue to follow the likes of TAP, Spivey, Icke, Veteran’s,,,, since the BBC continues to be unfit for purpose.
Last night, the Turks following Galatasaray continued to sing, and I mean sing, as BBC 5 Live described it, almost choral Welsh valley style hymns… and they were 0-3 down at home to Arsenal in Istanbul. It was heartening to hear singing instead of moronic chanting. I rarely go to live football or crowded gigs. I prefer the radio, backgammon and wine. I do not do the research and work of the likes of Spivey. I’m glad he does.

Ned Pamphilon (Picture at top from his My Village exhibition)


All ‘truth’ bloggers get accused of being disinformation agents, communists, fascists, Zionists, Moslems, atheists, fundamentalists etc. From time to time the trolls conduct campaigns against the most effective bloggers. If you write a post about the the CIA’s links to pedophile rings you are quite likely to find that you get distracting comments about everything other than the CIA’s links to pedophile rings. Google does not help as it appears to be increasingly rigged.  Aangirfan.


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Good post whilst people argue amongst themselves they are distracted from the task in hand. Who does that advantage ?

    Here is a bit more info about Sheldon Adelson. in his own words he calls for the US to nuke Iran for israel to start negotiations. Problem is Adelson has bought the US Govt.


    • So what are you saying? Are you saying we should say nothing and let these dissos get away with it so that we can all be happy clappy people like those deluded twit Charismatic ‘Christians’?

      • Tapestry says:

        There is no charismatic anything in discussion here, thetruthnotdoctrine. You’re arguing with yourself.

      • Just using them as an example Tap which I am sure you knew.

      • PS and please let him answer for himself.

      • Aldous says:

        “PS and please let him answer for himself.”

        thetruthnotdoctrine You are an arrogant sonofabitch who needs a good kick in the fanny so here goes:

        Why are you so confrontational and so vehemently opposed to other’s views? You come across as a real ‘know it all’ you know. Giving instructions (as if they would be subserviently obeyed I don’t think) to the blog author – aka Tap – displays a particularly ignorant streak.

        I’ve just taken a long (longer than enough) look at your Bible punching blog and was far from impressed.

        “Is The Father Calling YOU to His Son, Yashua Messiah?
        The Truth is The True Gospel Message of the coming Kingdom of God and Salvation under His Glorious Grace and KNOWING The Duality Godhead of The Father and The Son – The ONLY Godhead. And always remember that The Truth (Yashua Messiah) is the enemy of The State.”

        “I Do Not Follow Religion Per-se, I Follow The Teachings Of The King James Bible As Best I Can.”

        Is that the same King James’ Bible and ‘God Is Love’ nonsense that one finds in Dickens’ Oliver Twist’s workhouse and the like? The meek shall inherit the Earth? Forgive your enemy? God and Love my arse. I think I know where God and Christ ‘hang out’ and you won’t find either in any man made Bible. God and Christ are to be found in one’s own beating Heart and thinking Mind and nowhere else. Certainly not in any Zionist Jew RC or CofE bastard building of Satan.

        I’ve read your numerous quotes and interpretations from the Bible. All I can say is that I love God and Christ and think about both of them every day if only momentarily. I bear them in mind when living my life. However, I never let either of Them rule my life. I take Them into account with my decision making. Thus I know what is right and what is wrong. Is this not after all what God and Christ REALLY want? The notion that a Deity (if such a Deity were to exist) wants a bunch of worshipping, hymn singing sycophants (for what exactly?) to cow-tow to His every whim, is ridiculous in the extreme.


  2. Gillian says:

    Lovely paintings. Great use of colour. I know next to nothing about art, but I know what I like. (As they say).

    • NPP says:

      Thanks Gillian.

      I dropped out for 3-4 years and became a labourer. I worked mostly for a chain saw artist called Ben Platts-Mills. I got very good at digging holes.
      My first painting on canvas back in Istanbul since 2008 was this 24 hour exercise 09/10 November:
      I started painting again (my village) because I heard Jeff Rense and Gerald Celente describe how Verdi raised the spirit of the Italian nation through the power of music/art.

      Ben passed away in his sleep 09 Nov as I was painting.

      Life eh!

      • Gillian says:

        That’s really interesting NPP/Ned. That’s what I like about blog and comment sites, one never really knows who is around and they often throw up nice surprises such as this one and occasionally not such nice surprises too.

        I’m going to show my husband your paintings when he finishes on his computer, he likes painting and art type stuff and antiques.

        Gerald Celente is one of my favourites in the AM. Jeff Rense is worth listening to as he has a very pleasant speaking voice and is not afraid of telling it how it is. Pity about his hairstyle though. Someone wrote that it looks like he’s wearing a badger on his head.

        What’s a ‘chain saw artist’? it sounds a tad alarming. How weird that he should die as you were painting. As you say ‘Life eh!’

        What a wonderful endorsement of your work by Brian Sewell. I shall watch your YT vids a little later on. I’m a bit of a night owl these days.

      • NPP says:


        Ben: http://www.treesculpture.co.uk/Ben%20Platts-Mills.htm
        Creating sculptor using a chain saw – far too noisy for me, but Ben loved it.

        Jeff’s hair and mug shot certainly are something to behold! He has been criticized many times, but I like him. Makes the BBC Today bunch look pathetic. Most recently I’ve followed his interviews with Harry Cooper of http://sharkhunters.com/. Fascinating. Now Harry has been hit by Mike King of http://www.tomatobubble.com/hitler_argentina.html

        I love Brian Sewell. Like or loathe him, he says it as he sees it. He’s been criticized far more than Spivey or TAP. He’s not been well for a few years and I’ve not spoken to him face to face for years, but I have touched upon Anthony Blunt in letters. Hmmm. I wonder what Brian knows or not knows.

  3. Hey Ned have you any idea how much spiritual and emotional energy The Serpent Cult (the Devil) sucks out of stupid football fans? Put your back gammon board away, mate, and start your own research.

    • Glenn says:

      I am sure Satan is sucking plenty of energy out of your attacks on others too.

      Food for thought eh?

    • Charlotte A says:


      You were making claims about higher consciousness and intuition the other day. Yet you have been starting and getting embroiled in attacks and confrontations! It seems you may be mired in self-delusion?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Any information is welcome. We are all entitled to an opinion. The truth is all that matters and the truth will win this silent war. Some clever people are speaking out now and it will create tension, The real enemy is hiding in plain sight…we know how who and why. Keep up the great work truthers we are all behind you.

  5. NPP says:

    Re: comments.

    In July I wrote to my MP Matthew Hancock….
    “Yesterday while painting I listened to this: Leon Brittan Update. Bill Maloney & Chris Fay:
    I cried. An 8 year old boy tortured and murdered to make a ‘snuff’ film commissioned by wealthy clientele.”
    This is my perspective. It makes painting seem pointless, but life goes on and a living must be made.

    Backgammon? I lived in Turkey for many years. I love tavla – backgammon. I regularly walk to a nearby village to play a friend when I’m home. He was born with a deformed face and is confined to a wheelchair with a bag for his ablutions. He has a tiny glass of wine, we play and usually listen to the radio. This week it was Arsenal playing in Istanbul followed by a BBC 2 programme on the wonderful Sam Cooke. If you do not like football, don’t watch or listen to it, but please, save your energy telling me what I should or should not listen to. Serpent Cult? Yes, so what? I bet even serpent specialist Icke catches the odd bit of football. Share your knowledge rather than seek to censor my choice of listening. I’ve written in protest to ATVOD. Have you?

    Spivey’s job is his blog. Icke’s job is his books and website. My job is watching paint dry.

    While children are being violated and our lives presented with inversion on a day to day basis, we can be aware and have a choice to speak up or not. I have been to my local police with Camoron’s UN speech and presented myself as a ‘non-violent terrorist’ Have you? Nothing much happened. The police almost laughed at me and Camoron.

    It was Icke who first brought my attention to the unfathomable issue of child abuse about 2005. Spivey, TAP, UK Column et al write and talk about it. Good for them, because too few do, certainly in safe Tory Suffolk.

    May I suggest some cease worrying about my ‘stupid’ Arsenal compulsion and start lobbying your own MP why he or she is not better lobbying for investigation into child abuse; fracking; Agenda 21…

    Chees TAP.

    • Charlotte A says:

      Cheers NPP. Well said. I often have a nice glass of red with my friend who is blind and has no hands. She doesn’t believe in the Illuminati so we have a laugh about it. As I see it, Icke, Tap, Chris S and others are about love, too.

  6. Aangirfan says:

    All ‘truth’ bloggers get accused of being disinformation agents, communists, fascists, Zionists, Moslems, atheists, fundamentalists etc. From time to time the trolls conduct campaigns against the most effective bloggers. If you write a post about the the CIA’s links to pedophile rings you are quite likely to find that you get distracting comments about everything other than the CIA’s links to pedophile rings. Google does not help as it appears to be increasingly rigged.

    • NPP says:


      Most recently I informed Harry Cooper of http://sharkhunters.com/ that Mike King had accused him of pushing a hoax… others informed him too.

      It led to a slight retraction:
      “Our use of the word “hoax”, and the logically related insinuation of profit motive, both in our blog and in a recent interview with Red Ice Radio, was really meant to apply to the deliberately outlandish claims of most of the other ‘Argentinists’, not Cooper. We should have been clearer about that distinction. Although we strongly maintain our disagreement with the conclusions which Cooper has reached in regard to Hitler escaping to Argentina, we apologize to Mr. Cooper, and to our readers, for any erroneous perception that Cooper is not a man of integrity or that he is not sincere in his belief.”

      – Mike King & Suga.r the Cat

      If only the BBC or similar platform would do what you, TAP and co do, address the issue openly and in public. But, then the establishment would crack and crumble…. it seems inevitable that will happen sooner or later.

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