Spivey shoots back at criticism, saying The Tap is controlled opposition!!


Follow the leaders ya mug puppets

Chris Spivey

Despite the fact that I am still busy with what some of those claiming to be on “our side”would insinuate as being “self obsessively writing about my own problems”, I find myself having to stop in order to defend myself against unfounded accusations… Yet again.

And obviously that ‘enlightened’ view of the “self obsessed” nature of my writing would come from the fact that I have of late written a lot about the EVIDENCED joint conspiracy being perpetrated by the Police and the SS, with the aim of stealing my grandson and prior to that my witterings about my two illegal arrests.

So, I feel it prudent to not only address this issue whilst at the same time, put some people who should know better, right about one or two things following some surprising revelations last week.

Course, rather than see both topics – my arrests and the agenda to snatch Clayton – as being extremely relevant to a situation that affects us all i.e. police corruption and the social services stealing our children on demand from parents who are totally innocent of any wrong doing, I find instead that the half wits from the Wide Awake Club (WAC) totally ignore that fact in favour of promoting the articles that I am writing about as being proof of my ego getting the better of me.

Moreover, these same members of the WAC point to my arrests as PROOF that I am working for MI5 or that I somehow brought them on myself by being too outspoken… They also think that I should lay off banging on about the agenda to steal my Grandson and concentrate on things that are ‘important’ … Yes, I am as confused as you as to how that logic works.

Meanwhile, I see that Russell Brand, whom I’m constantly hearing mentioned by these ‘enlightened, would be spokesmen for the truth’, as allegedly being someone who “talks a lot of sense“, and “the voice of the people” – who no doubt has come to save us all from servitude to boot… Which I would not possibly dare to disagree with, so instead I will just add a word of caution: Don’t under any fucking circumstances ask him how much rent he pays on his London mansion.

So no surprise then, that it is these very same ‘enlightened ones’ (of whom there are many), having now fulfilled their yearly requirement for membership to the WAC – consisting of reading a book about 911, giving a quid to a tramp and watching a David Icke DVD – who will rudely interrupt and hijack any conversation to wisely impart their vast knowledge about the smoke & mirrors world we really live in… Indeed, a world where everything is arse about-face, greed is good, black is white and symbols of a positive nature have been hijacked and turned into something evil & vice versa.

And while expanding on these revelations there will no doubt be much quoting of examples, such as:

“The Statue of  Liberty does not stand for freedom & liberty but is in fact a depiction of the Goddess ISIS/Diana whom is worshiped by the Satanic elites”. 


“The Swastika, that well-known evil symbol of the Nazi’s is actually a symbol of love & peace”

Or the really clever bastards – who have gone the extra mile for their WAC Membership meaning that they will also have read a book on 7/7,  watched the live streaming of a protest and no longer drink tap water – will doubtlessly roll off such delights as:

A civilised society is built on what they have less of, not more: Less poverty, less homelessness, less disease”, etc, etc, etc.


“Spivey’s arrests were fake, staged in order to try to give credibility to his rambling evidence about Rigby that amounts to no more than his opinion and the rest is all plagiarised from REAL researchers like… Errr… ‘Thingy’, you know who I mean… Or that other bloke who writes about Rigby”.

And I really wish that I was joking.

Now, for reasons that are quite, quite obvious to my loyal supporters – loyalty being a quality characteristic rarely found these days, having been manipulated out of existence – who have formed communities within a community on my site, I am not even going to talk about the flaws in the WAC’s logic behind my arrests, because if you cannot work the flaws out for yourself, then you ain’t in the zone pal.

However, it is worth mentioning that my loyal supporters – all good, honest, kind, principled people who are genuinely concerned for our children’s & children’s children’s futures – also get constantly lambasted and ridiculed by the WAC for being sycophants, Spivites, or “up my arse”.

Yet they make up the biggest, close-knit, intelligent and by far the best on-line community, that no other AM site can even come close to rivaling… FACT.

And of course, these vicious verbal attacks on my supporters by the WAC – all of whom lack the foresight, empathy, & understanding to enable them to fit in; although many have tried – stems from jealousy of my vast, close knit community, whom contrary to what the WAC would have you believe, neither follow me as a leader or hang on to my every word as being gospel.

Now, those not totally mind-controlled to the point where the X-Factor, C.O.D and/or [insert town 0r city] United F.C, are the primary be all and end all of their pointless lives, will undoubtedly have an underlying sense in a varying, greater or lesser degree of the ongoing war between the forces of good & evil that is now escalating rapidly towards its final conclusion.

And as that final battle looms, I truly believe that those with a heightened sense of reality, and the accompanying, underlying, ever-increasing sense that something big is coming are unconsciously seeking out and finding like-minded people in preparation for that event.

In fact, if you have ever read Stephens King’s book, ‘the stand’, you will get the roundabout gist of what I mean.

Course, I am not so much as even hinting that I am a leader, or “messiah” although I am sure that the WAC will claim I am. Indeed, I am not and have never wanted to be.

Neither did I set out to have one of the biggest and the best websites in the “Alternative Media“. And the very fact that I knew nothing about the original creation of this website, which was presented to me as a birthday present on New Years Day 2012, is proof of that.

Never the less, if anyone who knows of someone who can rival my rise from unknown writer attracting 30 or 40 readers a day to becoming one of the country’s leading dissidents picking up 8.7 Million views along the way then let me know… And I say that as a matter of fact, not to stroke my ego.

Furthermore, I have done it by staying independent and true to myself, with a clear conscious and without fear of condemnation, which I believe has led to this huge number of loyal SUPPORTERS all with quality of character, forming that on-line community that we see today… Birds of a feather, and all that.

And neither are these supporters the AM’s equivalent to Justin Bieber’s adoring, immature, fickle, fly by nights with the attention span of a goldfish.

My supporters are, mostly professional, extremely intelligent, individual minded, lovely people, of whom many are far more clever and intelligent than I will ever be.

Course, if anyone can come up with someone with a similar website whose supporters can rival mine, then do please let me know.

Likewise, if anyone can come up with proof to expose me as being a ‘wrong un’, which is not based on something that they have “heard” or seen written about me by someone who is just  making an unsubstantiated claim, then again, do let me know.

Indeed, I am toying with the idea of recording a series of one to one interviews between myself and my critics in which I am confident that I will annihilate every single one who takes up the challenge.

Course,when I say “recording” I am talking about a face to face debate on Skype or such like, with no hiding behind anonymity.

So what has brought this on?

Well, obviously I have put up with snipes & digs at me for at least the past two & a half years – yet the WAC appear under the impression that I can’t abide criticism – having me down as attacking anyone who so much as dare utter a dissenting word.

Course, that simply isn’t true.

Indeed, as you all probably know I have a policy of never attacking anyone who didn’t attack me first and as such the few websites that I have retaliated against can be counted on one hand. And neither have I retaliated to any of those in the WAC who have left comments on other sites, often accusing me of the most outrageous old bollox that I have ever heard in my life.

I have of course occasionally taken someone to task whose comment has slipped the net of my moderators, or on my FB page, but only because they will have chosen to have a pop at me over something that in their eagerness to have that pop, will inevitably have misread what I have written… Fucking idiots in other words.

And since I do not ever pass un-moderated comments myself, anyone who has been banned from my site “because I said blah, blah blah” has absolutely fuck all to do with me… I never interfere and certainly never question my teams decisions. moreover, contrary to what some would have you believe, no one ever got banned from my site who didn’t deserve it.

As to the accusation that my Mods will not pass anything that is not favourable, once again that is total bollox. However, they will not pass any comments that are critical of how I look, dress, speak or based on “you talk total shit you thick cunt” – since all that is totally irrelevant.

Indeed, you would be very, very surprised at the small number of comments that get binned. Yet I am constantly seeing or being told about someone slagging me off for being banned just because they have proved me wrong… WHEN!

Therefore, I reject that accusation totally and invite anyone to email me at sp-iv@hotmail.co.uk who I have banned from my site or been banned on my say so – which I will also gladly make public… Likewise, the same applies to anyone who knows of any websites that I have attacked without them attacking me first.

Now, for those WAC intellectuals who believe that I work for or am controlled by MI5 please e-mail me – sp-iv@hotmail.co.uk – stating a valid reason for your belief, but do not include things such as “I heard you was” or “I see an article saying that you was” without first having looked into whether the claimant or article has any credibility.

Indeed, if I work for MI5 please show me the benefits? Or perhaps you think the following are benefits:

  • Having to find nearly £300 every month to keep my website on-line. This has been evidenced time and again, so saying to me; “how are we supposed to know that”, does not apply. Do your research before making wild accusations.
  • Being illegally arrested and having my daughter & baby grandson terrified twice, the first time at 1:30 AM in the morning without a shred of evidence, no warrants and resulting in me having my computers stolen – still unreturned – and me being detained for 19 hours.
  • The second time on the 6th of October by plain clothed coppers without warrants in which they kicked down my door and smashed my window before arresting me on possessing “indecent images” that are perfectly legal apart from a single “hidden file” that apparently took 2 months to find and has fuck all to do with me.
  • Despite the fact that I was arrested for such a damming and abhorrent crime, which could have totally discredited me, the police refused and still refuse to reveal the reason why I was arrested that second time. And that is despite there being absolutely no reason to stop them doing so and indeed they do name many others arrested for the same crime. Indeed, the ONE & ONLY reason that ANYBODY knows the reason for my 2nd arrest is because I REVEALED WHY. That very fact should prove that I don’t work for MI5.
  • Because of that “unstated” reason, the Social Security are trying to steal my grandson – which is the real reason behind the arrest and which again, no one would know about had I not written about it. In fact I have proof that the SS were informed about my arrest for “indecent images” on the 1st of October, yet I wasn’t arrested until the 6th of October and the SS did not visit until the 8th of October – thus the legal timeline for doing so had expired. Want proof?


  • A social worker has 35 working days to start and complete a child assessment. Count how many working days there are between the 1st of October until the 20th of November… Exactly. And indeed the 20th was the date that the assessment was handed in, although the Social Worker did not tell us that fact. She did  however have a strategy meeting with the police on November 24th which could have revealed case changing information and she also had an appointment booked with us on the 26th of November – specifically booked so as she could “complete the assessment”… Work it out: the 6th of October (when I was arrested) until November 26th = 35 working days. But that must be how MI5 treat their employees.
  • Despite the bitter cold, my boarded up window and door remain unfixed, I remain on bail without charge and the social services remain determined to steal my grandson.
  • I live in a 2 bedroom Housing Association flat with my daughter, which was condemned as having severe damp over 2 years ago in an Independent Damp Survey, in which it is stated that every single floor in the place has to be taken out. My furniture is old and tatty and I drive a 13 year old car. I haven’t been on holiday in 19 years, when I spent 3 days in Amsterdam… The MI5 pay must be piss poor in comparison to their budget.
  • I do not get any state benefits and my only source of income is donations from my loyal supporters of which the £300 website fee has to be paid first. My daughter, due to necessity started claiming benefit around 3 months ago for her and Clayton.

It has also been alleged that I do not write my own material or do my own research, based on the fact that I am a thick cunt… Allegedly.

Course, how do I prove otherwise?

Well, if needs be, anyone who doesn’t believe it is welcome to come and watch me work, although I must insist that they do not speak or move from their seat behind me as what I do needs an awful lot of concentration.

So, anyone who is in doubt, email me -sp-iv@hotmail – to arrange a date. However, you will have to prove your identity to me and be prepared to verify to anyone who asks that you witnessed me do so.

Now, I personally find it VERY STRANGE that as a “big hitter” in the “Alternative Media”, apart from The Coleman Experience website and a couple of lesser known ones, NOT ONE of the other big hitters has come out in my defence, despite my determination to risk everything dear to me to expose the Police and the SS for the corrupt, cruel, incompetent bullies that they are… Indeed, the silence is devastating.

Rather strange don’t you think.

Moreover, I intend to – along with a large contingent of people – present my evidence PROVING with IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE, set out in a clear statement type document that I have uncovered over the course of a year, that Lee Rigby’s murder was a government hoax carried out by the British Security Services, the Metropolitan Police, Army Cadet Leaders and selected associates with the full co-operation of the British Government.

And interestingly enough this Evidence, that NO ONE has been able to de-bunk is what brought the full wrath of the British Govt raining down on me.

Yet the big hitters have remained silent… Why?

What have any of them done to bring about change? I can’t name a single thing.

Certainly, they have reported on subjects like The Boston Bombings, but no of them has taken hold of a subject and refused to let it go.

The government, who I now suspect have a hold of ALL the big hitters in the AM, do not give a fuck about them reporting on Sandy Hook being a false flag, or Fluoride in the water, or some other snippet of news, because today’s news is just as quickly forgotten.

But I don’t work like that. I refuse to let things drop.

And just like the Swastika is a symbol of evil, the Statue of Liberty represents freedom, people on benefits are all work shy scroungers, Muslims are all paedophiles who are going to blow us all up and all the rest of the shite that has been turned on its arse by the MSM and swallowed hook line a sinker by the mind-controlled masses, the smug WAC are no different… Indeed, the WAC are just as gullible & Mind-controlled having through manipulation come to believe what should be blatantly clear to them i.e you do not go through the shit that I do if you are controlled opposition.

And neither do AM WEBSITES attack or attempt to discredit ANY OTHER AM website if they are not controlled opposition… Indeed, the timing of those who have is blatant.

You see, a month after I am repeatedly asked to go and give a talk to a “truth” site, consisting of no more than 2 dozen people, that I repeatedly try to ignore to the point of cringing, being as; I am far too busy with far more important issues to give a lecture that is of no benefit to me WHATSOEVER – indeed it is a right pain in the fucking arse – I finally agree to do so as a favour.

And despite doing so at VERY, VERY short notice, and having had no response to my question as to how up to speed with the Woolwich hoax the audience is (meaning that I cannot plan what I am going to say), I drag my family out (being as they are too traumatised by the police to stay home alone) on a cold wet night to drive at my own expense to London (£20-£25 Petrol, £11 odd congestion charge, £15 Food afterwards, being as we had to set off at 5 PM), to arrive 10 minutes late (due to the A13 being closed due to an accident) and without me or my family being offered so much as a cup of tea, I talk (ad-lib) none stop, quoting names and dates & effortlessly answering questions as I go, for well over two hours – and yet these half-wits then accuse me of not doing my own research!

Now, does that sound like the actions of someone with a big ego?

Would someone who allegedly doesn’t do their own research or write their own articles give a talk on any subject, let alone a complicated event like Woolwich, without making a single note or having a single prompt to refer to, in front of a group of people who are a TRUTH GROUP and as such, may well have known more than me?

And when the talk had finished, members of the audience patiently waited their turn to speak to me, all of whom shook my hand, introduced themselves and said how much they enjoyed it – including the Duck Shoots, David Knight and Ian Puddick, who later left a message on my facebook wall saying how good the talk was.

Yet two days later some ignorant cunt who walked out of the talk after 10 minutes – who Stacey says took a massive dump before leaving the building – had the audacity to write an article and accuse me of working for MI5, along with a load of other made up old fanny, based on the talk and a single article of mine that he obviously had not read properly.

Followed by two of the Biggest Hitters in the AM publishing that article before so much as checking if it had any foundation or asking me for a comment first.

Now why would those two websites, the Tap Blog – whom I have always spoken extremely highly of and indeed I had a link to the site on mine and the Truth Seeker whom I have always spoken well of, and who have also re-published my work in the past?

Moreover, why would The Duck Poo’s Dave Knight, who saw the whole of the talk, waited patiently to introduce himself afterwards and congratulate me on the talk, also get in on the act?

Course, that hastily arranged talk and the AM’s big hitters inexplicably publishing the transparently blatant stitch up would have nothing at all to do with the fact that I have announced my plans to present my evidence to Scotland Yard which had in fact caused a much bigger stir of interest than I had imagined and which photographer Richard Rowland contacted me over, offering to film the event for me… Would it?

And remember, this is the evidence that I am accused of using to spread disinformation in my capacity as an MI5 agent and which I apparently didn’t even so much as write or research myself, yet I am never the less going to use to try to bring down the very people who I am accused of working for… Yet no one thinks those facts strange!

Neither do they find it strange that the Truth Seeker website was so quick to publish the blatantly untrue, libelous article, yet did not allow comments – just like every single hit job written about me by the MSM.

As for Henry Curtis at the Ta, who as I say I have always fully supported, I was quite shocked and extremely disappointment to see his comments and justification for publishing the story.

Here take a look:


Now, what Henry is saying  in his first response to being questioned as to his reason for publishing such a pathetic attack on me is that my “rambling, sweary style of writing” is at odds with my “quality research”.

So straight away there are only two possible conclusions from his opening gambit.

The first is that Henry thinks that I am a crap writer otherwise it wouldn’t be at odds with my “quality research”. The second is that he also thinks that I haven’t the intelligence to carry out quality research, both assumptions being totally incorrect.

After all, I source all of the references that I use in my articles.

Therefore, if Henry doesn’t know that, then he clearly doesn’t read my articles and as such, shame on him for printing such a load of utter bollocks, written about a respected writer… That isn’t ego on my part, just a fact.

Indeed, had someone as unknown as Boiled Ham written such a hit piece about Henry, I too would have probably published but ripped the cunt who wrote it to shreds in Henry’s defence.

After all, the Alternative Media is in enough mess as it is, thanks to those whose carefully orchestrated plots have caused wide spread mistrust amongst readers.

If on the other hand Henry knows full well that I source everything, then why didn’t he point this out instead of casting more doubt by stating that every source has to be treated as suspect?

The following is what  Boil wrote about me:

One wonders how Mr Spivey managed to glean so much information about so many different characters in so many diverse locations and put it all together into a coherent and superficially convincing narrative.

Why does one? The cunt has never so much as spoken to me.

Last night Chris Spivey made a presentation to the ‘911keeptalking’ group in Victoria, central London. He arrived ten minutes late carrying a dusty laptop and spent 15 minutes trying to set up slides on the computer for his show. He obviously failed because the laptop, though working, was barely used during the following two hours

OHHH, he formed that opinion because I was 10 minutes late having being caught in traffic on a very wet night. The Laptop being dusty was also a dead giveaway and the fact that it was working proves that I have a brain made of jelly… Course, the fact that the computer was indeed working yet would not load the photos never occurred to the cunt… Course, had he been there longer than 10 minutes and actually paid attention he would not have needed to make anything up about me because he would have heard me clearly state at the beginning of the talk and on at least 3 separate occasions afterwards that I would have liked to have shown photos to help clarify what I was talking about but I didn’t want to spend time trying to get photos up that were not going to load because there was much to get through.

This in itself was quite puzzling. How could a man who had researched the Woolwich murder and every character connected to it in such depth, constructed such a complex narrative relating to networks of inter-relationships of the individuals involved and exposed so many subtle lies and deceptions manufactured by the intelligence services…….how could such an individual be so chaotically disorganised.

Preparing for a talk is not rocket science (although to be fair, he said it was his first one……………Nonetheless)

So, the cunt just made assumptions without listening to a word that I said for the first 10 minutes, before going for a nasty dump and not returning… Proving to him beyond all doubt that I work for MI5.

Dave knight from the Duck & Dog then decided to get in on the act, which as I say is extremely strange, given the time that he hung about once I had finished in order to shake my hand, congratulate me on the talk and introduce himself… I can only therefore presume that the fact that I had to apologise for not remembering his name grated on his fragile ego.

This is Knights first comment after ‘Glenn’ had stuck up for me:


So, straight away we see Knight belittling me by condescendingly calling me “Sir Chris”. He then defends the person slagging me off whom Glenn had directed his comment to by stating that I do plenty of name calling in my reply to Boiled Ed’s bullshit article, ignoring the fact that Boiled Ed had labelled me as MI5, and insinuated that I do not do my own research and indeed has written me off as a complete buffoon.

And all 3 libelous accusations, designed to discredit me on something that he didn’t even have the courtesy to stay and watch… Yet in a profession where reputation is paramount, I am obviously not meant to retaliate, despite two of the biggest sites in the AM printing the fabricated old bollocks in full?

Indeed, the stupid cunt then ACCUSES ME of starting a “blog war”!

You couldn’t make this shit up. I mean, someone writes a pack of lies that is designed to discredit me, on information based on his imagination and backed by fuck all, which is then printed in full by two big websites whom should have know better yet it was me who started the blog war!!!

The silly old cunt then says that Henry has every right to publish differences of opinion yet Henry only published one side of the opinion – the one that was based on bollox and which was bound to cause a division… Now why would Henry do that to someone who he once emailed when my site was under attack offering me the chance to publish my articles on his site?

Course, not content to just put the boot in Knight then adds to it by saying Boil is justified in calling me a shill because others on the internet have said it!!!

Mind you, I notice that he doesn’t say who these others are.

And plenty of people have called Knight a cunt, but until now I would certainly have never called him one just because others have. Course, I didn’t know until the other day that he was one, but even so.

You really gotta love the WAC.

Henry then gets his oar in again and in doing so tries to justify himself by saying that there has been some “interesting comments” made about me by his “regulars”


Glenn of course gives the perfect reply and I only included the mad cunts comment from the truth not doctrine as an example of Henry’s regulars.

You can find looney tunes website by clicking HERE

And good luck with that.

Someone else then pulls Henry about why he posted the total bollocks:


And I have also included Gillian’s comments because she makes reference to those who I had a pop at a few weeks ago after the couple of mugs left a few patronising comments on my site about something that I was at pains to point out was not written as fact and was only included in the article by me for discussion purposes.

However, since she chooses to not mention the real facts then you have to assume that she too does not have the attention span to read things properly.

So how ironic then, that she writes in that comment that: “All any of us can do is read as much information as possible on any given topic and try and evaluate it”… Keep kidding yourself Gill and once again you couldn’t make this shit up.

Neither can the know nothing tart keep quiet:



See what I mean about her not being able to process the most basic of information? Moreover, the person in authority that the imbecile is referring to is my MP, James Duddridge, and I certainly do not need to go into the details on that well covered subject.

Now the following disclaimer is what I wrote before discussing the piece that Gill must have read to know that some of my “loyal readers” had given me some “helpful criticism” on:

Well, now you ask, I think that given all the coincidences and anomalies surrounding Brenda Leyland – and giving mind to the governments penchant for trying to mug us off with fake events carried out by fake people, I think that it just maybe possible that Brenda could be Jackiey Bunden…  Note, “MAYBE POSSIBLE” – and not a statement of fact.

You can check it out for yourselves by clicking HERE

And once I had finished discussing Brenda and Jacquie in that article, I wrote the following in order to reinforce that what I had written was not written as fact:

Now remember, I’m not saying it is, and I’m not saying it isn’t. I am just putting it out there for debate.

So, not once, but twice, I made it abundantly clear.

I also added the following photos, so as people could consider the possibility:


Yet Gill strangely neglects to point out the true facts surrounding me having a pop at those few who deserved it, and as you can see, given the likeness along with the other information that I provided, I should not have been criticised at all… Yet it is supposedly me who can’t stand to be criticised.

Okay, back to the division that Henrys disgusting decision to publish that malicious attack on my reputation has caused and another commenter then questions Henry’s judgement by doing so as well as bringing up something that Henry must have posted a few weeks earlier.

However, by now a hornets nest had been stirred up and Aangifan were also being accused of being wrong-un’s … But remember, it was me who started this “blog war” according to the two-faced, Ducky Knight.

Yet when you talk about ego, check out Ducky’s comment.



No Knight, you are small potatoes ya fucking hypocrite.

The comments then carry on and it seems that Knight now has his knickers firmly in a twist. I mean, first I can’t remember his name and have to ask him as he was warmly shaking my hand and now Norse hasn’t included him in his comment – how very dare we:


UNBIASED?  OVERSENSITIVE? The cunt is a proper pathetic joke isn’t he… A two-faced one at that.

Course, I would be interested to hear the twats definition of unbiased.

As for oversensitive, have a butchers at these comments left on his site and his response to them:


And if you think his bum-chum Boil had only mildly criticised me then you can read his outrageous, totally uncalled for character assassination by clicking HERE

Never the less, I think that it is fair comment to now describe Knight as not only a two-faced wannabee, but also a massive hypocrite too… And I am sure that the twat in a hat will take that mild criticism in his stride.



Keep stoking it up ya fucking no good prick… I am of course talking about the hypocritical, two-faced, no good cunt Knight, and not lalala – which must be what she says when reading my site and not paying attention.

You see, the person who pointed out that I was wrong about the Rigby wedding photo didn’t get banned at all… Certainly not by me anyway. In fact if you go into the Woolwich section on my site and look at the articles covering Rigby’s fake wedding you will find that I addressed the mistake, pointing out that matey was indeed correct about the building, whilst still proving that the background to the photo in question was never the less photo-shopped… Just more disinformation then.

Henry whatsisface then shows his true colours:


Whilst the twat in the hat buries his tongue into the twat blogs arse… Shame on you both, you disgust me ya pair of disinformation spreading cunts.

And then, just when you think that things can’t get anymore pathetic, this appears:

true10Okay, lets wrap this up as I have wasted enough time on these cunts who have purposely tried to discredit me for no justifiable reason and all based on some old bollox written by some no good cunt based on something that he wasn’t even present to qualify him to do so.

I never started this shit, and given the fact that the twat blog and that other MI5 controlled load of shite the disinfo seeker blog or whatever the cunts are called are big hitters, neither could I let it go.

Yet I am even criticised for defending myself against two big sites – both blatantly out to destroy me –  at a time when I am more dangerous to the Government, The Police and The Social Services, than probably anyone else has been for many, many years – certainly more dangerous than anyone else in the AM today that is for sure, and made even more so with the huge, proven, solid, loyal support of my readers.

Very strange then that the no good, gutless wonders choose now to try and discredit me, at a time when I am not only in need of maximum support in order to protect my family, but when we all finally have a real chance to bring about change.

There can only be one reason for that… And certainly someone is controlled opposition but it certainly is not me.

Wakey fucking wakey.

* Im that fucking disgusted I’m off to sleep, so I would appreciate if one of my team could give this a proof read and correct any mistakes. G’night.

TAP – I have full sympathy with you Chris about your troubles with the government and the attempts to disrupt your family life.  I have published many of your articles over many years.   I delete comments against you sent in nearly every day, most of them pretty shoddy and nasty.  The ones I allowed through were recommended by regular readers, and were not badly written, or abusive.   Unless identities have been stolen (they might have been) the commenters who sent in the piece, and are making critical comments about you, are Tap Blog long term and respected contributors.  It’s possible Gillian’s ID has been stolen, but it’s her email address as of many years.  She’s never been aggressive before and I am surprised she’s so exercised.  Personally I just take you as you are, and that’s fine.  For some reason the critics appear to be exclusively female (apart from Kevin Boyle).

I have much respect for Gillian’s views.  Why shouldn’t she and the others like Jennifer have a voice?  I don’t quickly come to conclusions about people, and am happy to follow you and your story as before.  The Tap Blog is not your enemy.

If I am now categorised as controlled opposition, so be it.  As far as I can tell, I’m the one controlling the keyboard.  Perhaps it’s HAARP sending information packets into my mind, saying ‘get Spivey’, and I’ve unwittingly lost control of my brain.  How would I know?  For all your good work in the past, well done.  I hope you have much more to come in the future.   Don’t let critics bother you.  It’s a sign of your success that you have such things.  No one ever criticises me.



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  1. Baron says:

    To judge a blog’s veracity just post a mild disagreement with the author (no bad language) and see the response. Also under no circumstances let your comments attract positive responses from the others that comment. This really punctures the ego of the less than genuine blogger who’s main purpose seems to be to gather as many of their own positive comments while “disappearing” any comments that are remotely negative. So what sites have I found suspect.
    Chris Spivey, Russell Brand, Icke, USA Watchdog, The Slog, FOFOA, Armstrong Economics, Aangirfan, Colemanexperience.
    As a balance there are some “no holds barred” blogs like Zero Hedge, Max Farquar, to name but two. They are far and few between.
    Blog sites that only want “positive” comments are either ego trips or something possibly trying to create an “agenda”.

    • Gillian says:

      Well said. I agree with your post.

      Regarding Zero Hedge, some have said that site is run by real insiders of the control system who don’t like the general direction of where they are taking the world and its population. Hence the need for the site, to try and alert and awaken people before it’s too late.

    • Good comment. I would add Veterans Today to your list. Totally US government controlled.

  2. pete says:

    Well I read both The Tap and chrisspivey.org and I never, ever, thought that either is controlled opposition!

    The Tap is a sort of collective, and sometimes goes so far down the rabbithole that my head spins. But I always try to keep an open mind……

    I know that Chris has a good backup team, but most of the published work is clearly his own. His forensic skills are very evident to anyone who takes the trouble to read him fully. His work is stunning in both it’s revelations, and it’s implications…..

    All power to you both. You enlighten your readers in your very different ways. Please don’t be diverted by others inconsequential, and ultimately, irrelevant, opinions

  3. hugh jarce says:

    chris spiveys reputation rests on two sensational articles, the beheading one and the creaming lord sutch piece which some claim was someone i have never heard ofs material
    The beheading came at a time when it was important news.
    We all know from radio shows that the TAP has articles up onsite from a WASP
    these are such obvious bullshit that many have stopped reading the tap blog, others claim these are written by the blogs editor henry Curteis.
    Chris Spivey looks a state with his tattoos and all but his heart is in the right place

  4. Aldous says:

    I’m not even sure what ‘controlled opposition/media’ means any more, even though I use the terms myself. Perhaps there are two distinct categories, actively controlled opposition/media and passively controlled opposition/media.

    BBC and Sky are the most obvious of the actively controlled mainstream media whereas Alex Jones’ Info Wars/Prison Planet is the most obvious actively controlled alternative media. In a sense, ALL other Alternative Media are ‘passively controlled’ (or ‘passively allowed’ might be a better term) until they are either shut down (the blog author is made an offer he cannot refuse), they become actively controlled or, the blog author ‘times out’ as in the case of the late John Hardon RIP http://hardons-blog.blogspot.co.uk/

    Even Voltaire’s “To know who rules over you etc” is no cast iron guarantee of a blog’s authenticity and truth credentials, where the publishing of irrefutable facts/criticism of what the ‘usual suspects’ (call them what you will) are really up to. My basic rule of thumb is anyone who focuses on demonising Muslims/Islam, immigration etc without ever mentioning those who are causing it, are not to be taken too seriously.

    I think Kev Boyle is as genuine a truth-seeker as they come but I am now less certain (more disappointed really) of Chris Spivey after the (often obscene) vitriol spewed against Kev Boyle by both CS and the comment threads of his recent articles. The overuse of expletives used by CS in his articles has become tiresome (as well as unnecessarily distracting) and I wonder what new visitors to his site must think when they first visit or stumble across it.

    Here is a recent Kev Boyle article republished on Henry Makow’s blog http://www.savethemales.ca/ (scroll down to 5 December articles)

    Goals of Protocols of Zion advanced by organized trolls on the Internet

    It’s ironic that CS has given KB (and vice versa I suppose) a lot of publicity and KB’s old blog (archived articles are unavailable – blog removed) is now more difficult to come across on a ‘Kev Boyle No One To Vote For’ search, whereas KB’s new blog http://wwwkevboyle.blogspot.co.uk/ is now much easier to find for those searching for it for the first time.

    Perhaps TRUTH is the final winner here and Tap, Chris Spivey and Kev Boyle have unwittingly done a joint superb job in spreading the word to a lot more out there.

  5. sovereigntea says:

    Israeli Control of Congress Cited in Terrorism Keynote

    Two days of meetings were brought to a screeching halt when Gordon Duff spoke at the Damascus conference. Seated on his right, and speaking next, was Colonel James Hanke, US Army Special Forces (ret). On his left, the Syrian Minister of Justice Najm al Ahmad and Mike Harris. Handling the camera on this short video is Jim W. Dean.


  6. Julie says:

    The Tap and Chris Spivey are probably both controlled opposition, or have similar agendas. The Woolwich story is important, but so is the Jewish banking Cabal who control the Corporation of the city of London, and thus control the world. Who are these people? They are Jews and Zionists, not predominately Jesuits.

    The Tap has continually tried to put the onus on the Jesuits (where are you Harbinger and Rabbit – they knew the truth), and Chris Spivey also says the Jesuits are the ones in control. The Jesuits are corrupt, but they do not run the show.

    From the Spivey site.

    “The Jesuit Vatican”.


    “All controlled through the Jesuit Order and their Knights of Malta & Teutonic Knights all based in missile protected Borgo Santo Spirito in Rome.

    Pepe Orsini – Italy
    Henry Breakspear – Macau, China

    This is the true power finally.
    This is the Guelph and the Ghibelline power over mankind”.


    The Satanic rituals connected with the Jewish Kabbalah, which has it’s roots in the Zohar TALMUD and is now part of freemasonry is the driving force of evil and pederasty. Look up “Talmud, facts are facts”, by Jeff Rense.

    • Re: From the Spivey site: “Orsini, Breakspear, Aldobrandini, Farnese, Somaglia etc. Looks like someone has been plagiarising Oxley’s & Phelp’s Unhived Mind web page. LOL

    • RabbiT says:

      Hi Julie,

      Nice of you to be asking for me. I think Harbinger got fed up.

      I only want to comment where I feel I have something to offer and I have felt some don’t like to hear a reasoned Christian perspective as the subject is not fashionable albeit the Bible (esp. New Testament) is the word of truth. I don’t think it, I know it but it is more about covenant relationship with the Almighty than organised religion, the word is clear on that.

      I don’t want to be involved in backbiting but Proverbs 10.10 states: “He who openly criticises strives for peace.” I would approach any comment from that perspective.

      Wasp has every right as does Tap to believe what they wish, despite the evidence and I have to admit so long as such remains friendly I quite enjoy their contributions (albeit they remain in error on some particularly important things). At least the Rome v Israel debate does provide opportunity to offer reasoned evidence.

      Both clearly are big players with some shared agendas and as the Bible has much to say about this moment in history I believe we can expect to see organised Jewry’s false messiah (the beast) destroying Catholicism (the prostitute) as per Revelation 17.16. In fairness 17.18 does tell us:

      “The woman you saw is the great city that rules over the kings of the earth” but I take the view that since our leaders, especially in the west, are puppets of their Zionist masters, the relationship of kowtowing to Rome is largely historic, symbolic and demonstrates further who “the woman” in fact is. I gather many Popes have been in agreement that the woman is the Roman Catholic corporation.

      However, as we can see, they have the power to destroy her so are the greater.

      While on this subject with Rome being the mother of harlots (17.5) I am quite happy to interpret that as suggesting protestant denominations are harlots for the simple reason that it is not about church but about a relationship with God. If people substitute that relationship for church service then they have it wrong and church is in effect a prostitute for the real thing. God created man for friendship not to create organised religion.

      If you want to hear my contribution then I will be happy to take part but personal attacks and insults I’d suggest are for the immature and don’t want any part in such.

      My last computer broke which is a shame because there have been a few recent posts I’d like to have participated in.

  7. Here is how we know that Spivey is a Jew propaganda tool (some say he is a Jew himself of ‘Spivak’ an Eastern European origin name) – either that, or he is just plug ignorant moron with a foul sewer mouth having never spent a single day on researching the history of German National Socialism: “The Swastika, that well-known evil symbol of the Nazi’s is actually a symbol of love & peace”.

    • Glenn says:

      Frankly I do not think you know what day it is – let alone what Chris Spivey is or is not.

      Why not post a blog with facts rather than spout opinionated rubbish about Chris Spivey? Then we can all read it and decide for ourselves….or is that beyond you?

      So easy to say someone is that or this in half witted comments. Much harder when you have to provide proof and facts.

  8. Mark says:

    Spiv’s doesn’t believe you are Tap, surely…?

    Put my ten bobs worth, comment (102) on ‘…allow me to retort’ (chrispsivey.org). (Perhaps) I should have posted it on Kevin’s website?

    You run a broad church here and I hope there’s room for relevent spivey.

    You run the most diverse site I know?

    Let’s give him grace upon grace eh, more ‘full sympathy’, where you rightly start your comment above. Solidarity, Mark

  9. Julie says:

    Jesuits vs Jews. Spivey and Tap want to promote the Jesuits control the world. Why are we going round in circles? The evidence is plain to see. For those persisting in claiming otherwise they have to be Jews, or controlled by them.

    Anyone who has been involved in “truth seeking” for some time now is sure to have come across the people who will try to convince you that the Jesuit Order (aka Society of Jesus) are really at the top of this worldwide crime network. These people will relentlessly and tirelessly attempt to fill your head with ideas that the Jesuits of Rome really run the show from behind the scenes and that everything else is “disinformation”. This theory seems to have become more popular and far reaching on the internet and you will see more and more people
    parroting this stuff loud and clear to anyone who will naively listen. I am going to show you that not only is this theory complete bunk nonsense that is popular primarily amongst crazies, nutjobs, Jews, and Jew defenders, but that the Jesuits are actually crypto-Jews. So even if this ridiculous theory were true, it would still mean that the Jews are and always have been behind this global criminal cabal.

  10. Gillian says:

    I’m happy to confirm my ID has not been stolen. I raised what I believe to be genuine concerns about Mr Spivey. I said what I meant and I meant what I said.

    It’s all just a storm in a tea cup, no, an egg cup. Spivey will no doubt continue as before, i.e. deflected all criticism of himself and his “work” by saying it’s from ‘controlled opposition’ or from ignorant people and Tap will continue to post on interesting topics for his readers to discuss in a rational way.

    • I agree and I have had loads of hits to my blog from Spivey’s site so can’t all be bad. In my line of work it’s all about sowing seeds of Truth – screw all the liars and half-truthers = bigger liars. LOL

      • Glenn says:

        Truth is not the comments you make without proof or reasoning.

        You and truth are complete strangers methinks.

  11. Oh oh Tap has found the moderation button – normal service will now resume. LOL

  12. NPP says:

    Seems like a spot of incidental potential divide and rule going on. TAP does go where others fear to tread as does Spivey. They each have their own approach. So long as someone is asking pertinent questions. I find myself feeling defensive whether it be attacks upon Icke, Spivey, TAP or even controlled opposition accusations against Veteran’s Today (Uncle Gordy as Jeff Rense calls him…) which I’ve seen before now. I agree with the comment that TAP does present a broad church. Spivey continues to have a platform at TAP as far as TAP is concerned. Good.

    At least you guys argue the toss rather than ignore each other. Love the HAARP controlled TAP idea…

    The official Woolwich story smells false at best while the authorities nasty bullying actions against Spivey seem illegal. It is not obligatory to read anyone’s website, blog or words nor should words be deemed a criminal act. ıf you choose to take offence at another’s words, whether it be the Rigby family or a female Twitterer or a negroid footballer, that is your choice; the whole human rights business is going politically correctly up its own backside.

    The physical invasion of another’s sovereignty is another matter.

    Jews? Jesuits? Archons? My Uncle Tom Cobbley who says he’s got the secret to world power in his garden shed, but he’s barking nuts and no one takes him seriously… what difference to me? Well, UK Column Brian Gerrish, ex Naval Commander, says know your enemy. So, I guess it would be helpful to know, but I’ve listened to years of arguement to and fro and still do not know exactly who pulls the biggest strings. I do know us lot have to wise up to the fewer idiot lot, recognise lies and scams and say NO, to whomever is the perpetrator. That NO can begin in your own personal day to day life; whether it might be declining to buy crap food (e.g. GMO Kellogg’s is not my fave…) or whether lobbying perpetually to your MP about the apparent gross establishment related violation of children. Kevin Annett, now there’s a chap who takes on a challenge. If the Essex police kicked his door in he’d be grateful it wasn’t much much worse.

    I understand Louise Collins will chat with Bill Maloney soon. I haven’t heard from the heroic Bill for a while and he must have tons to say.

    Please, all keep speaking up and posting interesting stuff. Thank you to sovereigntea who posted:

  13. Dave Knight says:

    Notice that Chris Spivey reserves a typically foul mouthed rant for me. Here’s a hint for you Chris; if you want people to take your blogging efforts seriously you need to realise that there is more than one opinion amongst the alternative medium instead of instantly throwing a tantrum like some bald prima donna throwing his rattle out of the pram whenever anyone has the temerity to offer even the slightest of constructive criticism. In the meantime, I’ll do you the favour of keeping your site on my blog links as I feel that occasionally you do have something useful to say but lately you’ve been letting the relatively tiny fan base you have accumulated on your blog go to your head I feel.

  14. NPP says:

    “Billionaire Sheldon Adelson owns both sides of US congress.”
    “… now, Johm McCain, the father of Al Nusra, the father of ISIS… will be running US legislative and foreign policy…”
    “US Generals Thomas McInerney and Paul E. Vallely, specialists in psychological warfare helped organise Daesh…”

    “… travelled in and out of your country, as did John McCain, and met with Al Qaeda. an organisation created by American, Saudi and Israeli Defence forces and intelligence services.”
    “… only a week ago US Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel resigned, the individual who had stopped the US from bombing Syria over the false flag gas attacks near Aleppo.”
    “The US government is subservient to a worldwide criminal organisation…”’

  15. NPP says:

    Why won’t this post?

    TAP, tried posting many times… received spam notices.

  16. norse kode says:

    I doubt most people could do what Chris and his team do or go through what Chris is going through at the moment …and some of those people seem to want to be part of his problems at the moment rather than part of his solutions..and so they are to him very rightly described as “controlled opposition”..i.e designed to hinder at least his genius work at worst to gather opposition to it..the Boyle article is highly offensive by any standards along with the current charges Chris is facing.In prison being labelled as a paedophile and a informer/grass is a very possible death sentence.To not connect the two incidents and their intentions,along with the heckling calls and accusations of Chris being a deep cover super crypto jew(and cross dressing Chelsea supporter i have the photo,s!)would be niave and ignorant on the part of any other individuals.Forget the surburban ego wars its part of the psy ops..the man has got a message and a mission.. please listen without prejudice ..and keep your heart,s open .Peace and Love x

  17. Outlaw says:

    This is the third time I have tried to leave a comment. Let’s see if this gets through ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’ this time.

  18. sepeltura says:

    So adamspiritualwarrior this makes a bit more sense now as to why you attacked me for no reason cause division amongst the am your the Jew who uses cheap tactics to divide and rule hope you enjoy your 30 pieces of silver

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