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Recently convicted for revealing the possibility of a nuclear weapon being detonated during the London Olympics,  terrorism expert Michael Shrimpton is currently an interesting figure to follow.  Here he explains his past and his present difficulties, revealing a lot of information.  He’s a controversial and slippery character with a conviction for downloading porn including pictures of underage boys (teenage).  He claims he was set up by an amateur team, who did a poor job.

Richie Allen does his best in an excellent interview.

The system seems to be trying to stitch him up for some reason, he claims, prosecuting him for porn, and recently prosecuting him for his revealing of the events concerning a nuclear weapon.

He covers hitmen, Mossad, German Intelligence, the DVD, the SD, the SS, the Abwehr.  David Kelly died under torture, he claims.  The historic sex abuse enquiry.  Ted Heath sexually molesting and murdering children, boys down to the age of 14.  The children were murdered not by Heath but his crew.  The children’s home was an old Abwehr facility.  Heath was working for the Germans.  Savile was providing the boys with an accomplice, operating a paedophile ring.  Dozens of kids were going missing.  No bodies.  Never discovered as they were thrown overboard.

Savile’s accomplice is still alive, he says.  No way are any Police going to be allowed to investigate Savile and others at this level.  After 1964 Police Chiefs report to the Cabinet Office.  They won’t investigate the Cabinet Office.  Heath forcibly raped the boys, who were subsequently murdered.

MI6 would have known.  How did Savile get so close to the Palace?  The cabinet office appoint the Queen’s Private Secretary, and run the Palace machinery.

The cabinet office orders Shrimpton’s arrest.  They knew there was a nuclear warhead in London.  They were worried how I knew about it, he says.

Shrimpton does a lot of covering up for Jimmy Savile and the Palace, especially the Royal Family.  The cabinet office are continually trying to embarrass the Royal Family, he claims.

Mountbatten was a German agent, he claims, which is why he introduced Savile to the Royal Family.  Mountbatten blackmailed the Queen with compromising pictures of Princess Margaret.

TAP – I get the feeling Shrimpton’s been pushed out as an apologist for the Royal Family, and he’s spinning a thread which blames all the evils onto ‘German Intelligence’, leaving all Royals blameless.  Discussion of Prince Phillip, and his role in WW2, including the battle of Matapan.

Shrimpton’s book Spyhunter revealed a lot, says Richie Allen.  Tens of thousands of children are going missing each year.

He blames disappearance of Madeleine McCann on German Intelligence.  (laughable).  DVD paedophile ring.  Snuff movies.  Tiny graves. Toledo.  Sao Paulo has hundreds of kids going missing every year.  Kids brought in by submarine into Portugal, Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels.  Kids for abuse in Britain are kids from children’s homes, social services, run from the cabinet office.

Shrimpton is waiting for his sentence in his trial. He’s looking to build up brownie points with ‘the system’, pointing the finger away from the Royals and others who are clearly guilty.


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  1. Aldous says:

    America’s death dance

    . . . and the comatose American [and British/European/Western] people don’t react

    The gay perverts in Washington insist some country is abusing its own citizens, and America needs to ride to the rescue, either with a No Fly Zone (buzz phrase for all-out massacre) . . . OR, it needs to funnel arms to the rebels (invariably Mossad-approved henchmen hired out of the same sewer as Al-Qaeda, ISIL or the Jew butchers assigned by Hillary Clinton to take over the so-called government of Ukraine) so they can destroy the target country and provide more reconstruction contracts for Halliburton.

    They call this a financial strategy. They have been using it for more years than we realize.

    All the while, the Jew controlled maniacs in the White House keep insisting that honest leaders who have done their best to improve the situations in their countries have really been terrible tyrants who need to be destroyed. Doubtless you know the list: Qaddafi, Saddam, Milosevic . . . and if you know your history, Czar Nicholas II.

    The difference today is that it’s not merely a psychotic president with the itchy trigger finger, it’s the entire House of Representatives, which recently voted to significantly increase the chances of World War III by blaming Russia for the trouble in the Ukraine, when it was clearly fomented by the U.S. and its Israeli masters.

    More at:

  2. norse kode says:

    please take time to have a read about Shrimpton and his military contacts …i.e the wonderful people at the IDF (his words and sentiments) guy Shrimpton is blatant disinformation agent who you seem to be determined to give some kind of warped recognition to whilst completely ignoring the plight of the UK,s foremost investigative journalist/ truther blogger, yes you know who i mean,please Tap this is the 2nd time you have presented some kind of non-sense story about Shrimpton in a month meanwhile the most important story of this year in the UK you have printed an article suggesting the journalist who broke it is controlled opposition/security services???you really like to take people for a ride don,t you?? and its seems that the destination is anywhere but where we need to be going…how about a story of Shrimpton stuck up a tree? or Shrimpton gets abducted by aliens?? this is terrible journalism at least or very cynical propaganda at the most..why are you doing this Tap? i don,t think i,ll be alone in saying i am losing faith in your integrity as an independant truth blogger.Peace,Love and Essex Girls 4 Ever X

  3. NPP says:

    TAP. It is fascinating how easily readers become upset by your posts. Mary Whitehouse responded in similar fashion once upon a time.

    I watched the Channel 4 / Kray twins doc from 1997
    It is interesting how easily people can lie; how Lord Boothby effortlessly lied; how so many must still lie effortlessly.

  4. sovereigntea says:

    Other than iffy Shrimpton the only other source I have come across who mentioned “the DVD” was a former aid to Thatcher CHRISTOPHER STORY FRSA.

    Shrimpton has attached himself to a wide range of contentious issues and chaff perhaps with a view to the media discrediting the lot of them as the inventions a deluded & convicted poster boy conspiricy theorist complete with a new “reporting dud info” legal precident set in the courts as a lever for future witchfinding trials.


    Mary Whitehouse once went on a jaunt with P.I.E. Harriet Harman’s relative Lord Longford, Savile & Cliff.

    You can find a pic of mary with her pals here. 🙂

    Lord Longford invited Sir Jimmy Savile, the Bishop of Leicester and Cliff Richard to join him on a wide-ranging tour of sex industry establishments, including strip clubs in Copenhagen.Lord Longford invited Sir Jimmy Savile, the Bishop of Leicester and Cliff Richard to join him on a wide-ranging tour of sex industry establishments, including strip clubs in Copenhagen.

  5. sovereigntea says:

    In the interview Shrimpy came across as an apologist for torture which avioded the possibility the conversation moving to ….Why torture ?

    The Office Of Special Plans / Iraq ….

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