Political parties in Britain now have lowest support in their history.

‘Forget political parties altogether. The age of the independent is upon us. Local people known in the constituency should be elected, with no more implants from London who care nothing, apart from their rise up the greasy pole, their weird sex lives and their chance to become high level criminals beyond the reach of the law.’

I dropped this comment off on Political Betting under this morning’s post about the main parties recording lowest levels of support in their history.



I wonder how long my comment will last.  They often get deleted if you start revealing what’s really going on, and I often have to use multiple identities to get past the monitors.

The site is all part of the control structure.

But you can get a feel as to how people see their political leaders from browsing the comments from time to time, which is useful.  With an election in the offing, I find myself popping in to look every so often.  And occasionally I can’t resist leaving my mark before I go!  With Cameron acting exactly as another Blair, for many the penny is dropping.  It makes little difference who you vote for, the outcome is the same.  Ken Livingstone said that if voting changed anything, they’d ban it.  It sounded like a joke.  It wasn’t.

Britain's Prime Minster David Cameron and opposition Labour Party leader Ed Miliband attend the State Opening of Parliament in London

However if people can get it into their heads to elect people they know, who come from within their own constituency, people with a track record in the community, proving they care about it, then there might be a way to exert some leverage on the cesspool of evil and slime at Westminster.



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  1. sovereigntea says:

    All in it together

    Cameron – Blairmore Holdings Offshore Tax Havens

    Former President Bill Clinton is teaming up with a top aide, a former State Department envoy, and Tony Blair to start a private equity fund and global consulting company.

    “Lip Biting” is often a technique employed by rapists – hint.


    Cherie Blair & Naked Tory MP Brooks Newmark – Allele Fund

    Brooks Newmark, MBA, Senior Partner. Mr. Newmark joined Allele as a Senior Partner in 2013. Previously, Mr. Newmark was a Senior Partner at Apollo Management LP, having served as a Managing Director of Apollo’s London Office from 1998 to 2005, when he was elected to the UK Parliament. Prior to joining Apollo, Mr. Newmark was a Director of Stellican Ltd (1993 – 1998), a Director of Newmark Brothers Ltd (1988-1993), and a Vice President at Lehman Brothers (1984 – 1987).


  2. Anonymous says:

    They dont want a Government in the UK, They want a one world government. No borders no soveriegnty this is the plan. We have been conned from day one. The Elites have bought up nations with covert blackmail and security agencies. We are waking up too late. The game plan is in place and it will get really ugly now. It is a fight to the death.

  3. Gary says:

    UK Govts last 5 yrs. Political careers last 20 yrs (for the few). Countries last for several hundred years but families controlling finance last longer and span many countries. They are not dependent upon votes, fame or popularity. Those with financial control are interlinked with the security services, business links etc. The security services are the starting point for many Members of Parliament and Lords. If we don’t have root and branch reform of our political system we will continue as we are being represented by self interested parties who are essentially unaccountable and control little of the levers of the economy.

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