Paedophile murderers run Britain


You can’t say Cameron and Clegg are paedophiles, as we don’t know.  We do know however that they refuse to talk about evidence that paedophile rings exist at Westminster.  Hundreds of boys have disappeared.    Many have been murdered as part of the abuse they’re put through.  One eight year old boy was murdered to produce a snuff video.  Watch Clegg unable to even answer questions about this subject, although he must know.  Cameron is no different.  These people are not our government.  They are simply apologists for child murder.  No civilised human being should be willing to be in their presence.  The charade must end.  Our political leaders are less than human and must be exposed.  No one should even contemplate voting for them or any of their supporters, and fellow party members.

Small political parties are similarly guilty in that they don’t prioritise child abuse amongst the powerful as an issue.  How can you cast your vote for any of them?  Only people who are entirely independent of political parties should be elected to office by those imagining themselves to be human beings.  We must all seek out such independent right-minded people to represent us.  Politics is murder.  Literally.  We should have absolutely nothing to do with them, other than bringing them to trial and dragging them out of their hovels.

All ‘truth’ bloggers get accused of being disinformation agents, communists, fascists, Zionists, Moslems, atheists, fundamentalists etc. From time to time the trolls conduct campaigns against the most effective bloggers. If you write a post about the the CIA’s links to pedophile rings you are quite likely to find that you get distracting comments about everything other than the CIA’s links to pedophile rings. Google does not help as it appears to be increasingly rigged.  Aangirfan.


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  1. Aldous says:

    Sorry to be off topic but why would Chris Spivey show Kev Boyle with the NWO’s one-eye image? (They love to leave a calling-card?)

    Kev Boyles’ blog always showed the normal two eyed image of himself.

    I am now certain that CS is a NWO and Zionist State Asset. Pure BS.

  2. Aldous says:

    They are more likely ALL paedophiles and child killers. What really happened to Cameron’s Ivan? Clegg’s got similar such to hide. He wouldn’t be where he is otherwise in the Rothschild Paedo Circus. The LibLabCon degenerates deserve death.

  3. sovereigntea says:

    Recognise the power you have these creeps are running scared.

    In this video activist Bill Maloney and Journalist Sonia Poulton confront Nick Clegg about institutional paedophile rings and austerity. It is an issue of great contention in the UK at the moment. The public not being taken seriously.

    See more from Sonia and Bill here:

    Watch COWARD CLEGG run away Note how the BBC cover up merchants operate.

  4. sovereigntea says:

    There are many common factors conjoining peadophilia and torture.

    What does Blair’s Home Secret-ary know ?

    Jack Straw – The Guilty Man Lies

    by craig on December 10, 2014 3:11 pm in Uncategorized

    My RT interview today giving eyewitness evidence that Jack Straw is lying about his personal complicity in torture. Straw has been allowed to lie repeatedly about his on UK media for the past 24 hours, as have other British establishment figures. Despite the fact that it is infamous that I was sacked by Straw for blowing the whistle on CIA torture, and the undeniable documentary evidence of this, not one UK media outlet has allowed me to contradict Straw. I have contacted every major British news outlet and been blanked by every one.

  5. sovereigntea says:

    Dick Cheney Squeals On Bush

    Former US president George W. Bush was aware of the CIA’s harsh interrogation techniques against suspected terrorists at prisons, according to his vice president Dick Cheney.

    “I think he knew certainly the techniques, we did discuss the techniques, there was no effort on our part to keep him from that,” Cheney told Fox News on Wednesday.

    “That the president wasn’t being told is just a flat out lie,” he said. “He was fully informed.”

  6. sovereigntea says:


    Sex with young children is very much a part of the New World Order Dream! It is part and parcel of their philosophy – and if they get “their way” it WILL BE INSTITUTED worldwide whether we like it or not! You may think I’m joking or l have lost my mind – but perhaps you know very little of what has been going on behind our “collective” backs for 50 years!

  7. hugh jarce says:

    not just jack straw in torture but him and his brother were involved in boy-nobbing rituals its all on the net
    what gets me is that in the old testament it tells there that god tells this chap go to this mountain and sacrifice your only son
    and the silly sod did !
    the israeli leader menarchem begin was leader of the stern gang of terrorists and he is said to have scores of arab boys kidnapped for him to rape disembowel and bury in the sands, its the jew influence which is making all this pedo stuff

  8. Anonymous says:

    Jimmy SoVile has opened up a whole can of worms that wont go away. If we win this quiet war they are all going down. They have been recruited by the security services such as Serco Cia Mi5 and Mossad. This is the glue that sticks them all together. They all share the same sexual perversions. What a disgusting Establishment we have. All in it together.

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