Nicaragua’s Ortega government is the first in 20 years to operate in the interests of the people.


Daniel Ortega, President of Nicaragua, with the late Hugo Chavez, former President of Venezuala, and enemy of the NWO

A friend of mine lives in Nicaragua, so I sent her a post which was sent in by a reader for comment.  It’s about the Chinese/Nicaraguan canal building project.

This was her reply.

Hi Tap

The canal is a big and complicated issue and it will be impossible to satisfy all the interest groups.  But the article you sent is on the anti-Sandinista end of things and peddles a lot of misinformation.  The Ortega government is the first government (in power since 2007) to work in the interests of the majority of the population since the early 90s.  It continues to command close to 60% support.  Its opponents are divided and vehement in their criticism and can’t be trusted as sources of reliable information.  For example the two main newspapers are anti-Sandinista and yet the government allows them to continue to operate freely – you wouldn’t think that when reading anti- government claims of authoritarianism.

I understand that profit from the canal is meant to be 50/50 for the Chinese company and the government, meaning that there is tremendous potential for development in Nicaragua and the government can definitely be trusted to use it for the impoverished majority, not squirrel it away as will no doubt be clainmed by the opposition.

Anyway, too much to say in response to the article.  Here’s a very different approach from a guy who really knows what he’s talking about, even if he is too vehement in the opposite direction

Love,  Alison.


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