Mobile site being tested later today


A new blog format is being tested later today, when Mike thinks he’s ready to launch it.

The current format (from November 2014)  is great.  The problem is it doesn’t work on mobiles.  This was a bit of a howler we committed a month ago, unintentionally cutting off our mobile readers.

Mike not unreasonably assumed that all formats worked on mobile as well as PC, when they clearly don’t.

Now he’s chosen another format which does work on mobiles, and is very similar to that used by The Conservative Blog when that used to pick up posts from The Tap.

TCB’s no longer functioning, but was very successful as regards traffic at the time.

Let’s see how the format test goes.  No doubt you’ll have some comments as to whether you like it or not.

I am sure some would prefer the current format to remain, but there are more and more mobile readers, and we have to cater for them too.



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  1. Adam says:

    Hello Henry
    Another thought, i know Mike will have a load to think about , i think this is a valuable suggestion when he has time
    Theres one thing the old tapblog version had, the new wordpress version doesnt. The old one had the impression, of a headline. Even though in reality, one could just scroll down and all stories were of equal status…..the impression wasof a headline story on the screen

    This i feel, is valuable. It put Tapblog into projecting a similar psychological effect on the reader, like the Mainstream papers….they all have a leading headline. A headline can assist a story to enter , weave its way past peoples Programming, and allow their subconscious to give space to Tapblog perspectives (or reinforce it asin the caseof the Times, DM, Telegraph etc)

    So here,on this new WordPress site, all stories when one looks, have the same size. Theres no headline.
    Therefore id like to suggest, a full width leading article, a bit bigger than the 4th article. I think this will have a great impact for Tapblog, keeping a great aspect of the old version….now supported by a better WordPress version
    By the way, i hope alls ok inPhillipines , i just read about the hurricane/typhoon

    • Mike says:


      Thanks for your suggestion. It is always very welcome to receive feedback and suggestions.

      If we can handle this at the mobile level, I think this would be a very good idea.

      Watch this space.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Let’s try and get the mobile/tablet relaunch up and running. Mike’s not going anywhere hopefully! so we’ll get plenty of chances to modify what gets launched today. Adam’s suggestion makes sense. It’s just that working a website from the mobile version first and the PC version second, makes it harder to get all we would like. The number of potential readers from a mobile and tablet version being available is far greater than the PC audience.

    Working the mobile version first is not something Mike’s done before so we have to be patient. As he gets more familiar with the controls, I am sure we’ll find ways to do things.

    I had so many promises in the UK from people saying they’d adapt the site for me and did nothing, it’s really great to have Mike with us as he does what he says he’ll do. And he’s dead honest about what he knows and what he doesn’t know. What he doesn’t know he picks up, and sorts out.

    The typhoon doesn’t seem as bad as Yolanda. Our relations have had a power cut, but there’s no news of anyone we know dying or disappearing this time (So far). The Philippines is being targeted with weather weaponry continuously.

  3. Mike says:

    I did some testing of the new “responsive” theme very early (GMT) this morning and apologies to anyone who was browsing at the time.

    There were a couple of major issues to sort.

    I will re-test at the same time again tomorrow after I have resolved the issues and hopefully have the new theme live then.

    It will look somewhat different to the current site and no doubt some will not like it (at first, anyway).

    But all comments (positive or negative) and any suggestions are more than welcome.

  4. Steve L says:

    Just as long as it works, I don’t care how it looks. I’ve been starved of Tapblog and pretty desperate since it disappeared over a month ago. As I browse the site 99% from my mobile, it’s been a tough few weeks. Glad you realised you left a few of us behind and are coming back!!

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