Mark Windows talks with Charlie Foulkes about generating electricity from megaliths using resonant frequencies


Stone circles like Stonehenge produce energy.  What was the energy used for?

Many stone circles are built on earth fissures which generate electromagnetic forces.

The stones are frequently aligned with star systems.  Star systems are described in rock drawings.

Some dolmans are attuned to particular stars.   History is being manipulated so that we don’t know why.

Earth energy can be channelled.

Freddy Silva also investigates ancient structures, and has more explanations.

They are all built on the lines that channel earth energy, on the earth’s acupuncture points.

All resonate at 112 Hz.  112 Hz switches off your mental processes, and allows you to imagine.

Initiates were put through near death experiences, so they experienced out of body views of the next life, of the bigger picture of consciousness, and then were brought back to their bodies.

His book The Lost Art Of Resurrection.

15,000 BC site shows the knowledge to build pyramids using technology higher than anything we possess today.

People today are being deliberately dumbed down so they don’t possess this kind of knowledge.

Britain has a huge number of sacred sites for a tiny place.  Knowledge is empowerment and freedom.

The secret societies keep the information to a small number of people, as they want to control the majority by keeping them in ignorance.

The beehive was used around the world in the raising of the dead ceremonies.  You see beehives around The City Of London.

The Egyptian pharaohs were found buried with hundreds of gold bees.  Merovingian Kings also.

The bigger the stones the older the sites.  Gradual loss of technological knowhow over time.

The ley lines that traverse England also traverse the globe.  Modern workings are awful.

Humanity has gone downhill dramatically over thousands of years.

More theories as to how they cut rock so beautifully 15,000 years ago.

Current control system is taking us further away from who we are.


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    • Rob – Yea, that’s what I was looking for as well. I’d like to go a little bit now into the Keshe free energy device. One of our group from, we’ll call him JB, has contacted me. He seems to be quite involved, and there’s another guy who the Keshe people have endorsed, who have taken their design and concept and come up with a much more viable and functioning unit. I’m really looking at this and seeing that, like we have a crack in the egg, allegedly the word is that India, Italy and China have agreed to move forward with these devices once they become viable. These devices at this point in time have still not reached the level of proficiency or uniformity where we can say, ‘Take this device, build a house and put this in your circuit box and it’s going to run your house’. We’re not there yet. Do you have any more, since we last talked, and it wasn’t that long ago, do you have any more information on the Keshe information? Are you getting positive responses from people who have received units and do you know anything about whether it’s true China, India and Italy will be the first nations to move forward with this?

      COBRA – I will say China and India especially. They have infrastructure ready. There are certain circumstances that those two countries will allow quite efficient spread of free energy when it is ready, but I have received no positive confirmation about Keshe devices.

      Rob – Have you studied these devices? They’re telling me there’s something called gans and a formula where they nano particalization in the process these wires. They have a bunch of copper wires that run the unit and they dip them in like a coating and they indicate that when you put this into a house it’s like a car engine that must warm up. It takes like a week for your house to get coated. Somehow these nano particalized devices will transform your electrical system and the explanation was given to me that this is not going to be running like in the linear fashion in direct current or alternating current. It’s more like, ‘It’s here now, quantum field energy that is going to be available at every socket and that as the load comes it just will manifest in the system’. Have you done any studying or can you look at this technology and see if it is in congruency with your understanding of plasma-based physics?

      COBRA – I head into this and there are some promising things there, but I am not 100% sure it works, even theoretically.

      Rob – Yes. As I said so. There is folks, for those of you who are really into Keshe, I’m really into it. I really hope it’s real. I’m really waiting to see when someone has a device, they build a house and it’s not connected to the grid. I would like to see a video of every hairdryer, computer, air conditioning unit, electric hot plate, fan, you know, heater, whatever is required. I’d like to know the wattage capability and the amp load that can be taken by one of these in fully functioning without any glitches. I think we’re a ways away from these becoming completely solid. But it sounds promising. It seems like it’s about time, isn’t it Cobra

  1. Mark says:

    Wow, interesting interviews. Strong intrigue, though weak on ‘religion’ in simplistically claiming all tied in and tied up.

    Top fascination Tap, thanks, Mark.

  2. covenant woman says:

    Lost knowledge and practice especially from times when the understanding of such power was not written down but represented in stones and passed down by oral tradition is, as Mark says, both fascinating and intriguing. The temptation is to sit either at one end of the scale of sheer fascination or at the other and totally revere the ancient unknown – or worse, to dismiss it all together. We are not where they were, we do not know what they knew. Thanks for this post. Altogether thought provoking. Which is how it should be.

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