Making sense of Chris Spivey. Kevin Boyle tries.

Chris Spivey and the Murder of Lee Rigby

Kevin Boyle — No One To Vote For Dec 3, 2014

I don’t like criticising others who lambast establishment lies but, in this case, feel compelled to express some concerns regarding the ‘work’ of Chris Spivey relating to the murder in Woolwich of Lee Rigby.

Image from Chris Spivey's own webpage. Click to enlarge

His article on the matter presents a long and rambling 30,000 word ‘analysis’ of just about all aspects of the case. It is hard work piling through the masses of material covered and one is bound to wonder why visceral and important material is presented in such an indigestible manner. One also wonders how Mr Spivey managed to glean so much information about so many different characters in so many diverse locations and put it all together into a coherent and superficially convincing narrative.
Last night Chris Spivey made a presentation to the ’911keeptalking’ group in Victoria, central London. He arrived ten minutes late carrying a dusty laptop and spent 15 minutes trying to set up slides on the computer for his show. He obviously failed because the laptop, though working, was barely used during the following two hours.
This in itself was quite puzzling. How could a man who had researched the Woolwich murder and every character connected to it in such depth, constructed such a complex narrative relating to networks of inter-relationships of the individuals involved and exposed so many subtle lies and deceptions manufactured by the intelligence services…….how could such an individual be so chaotically disorganised.
Preparing for a talk is not rocket science (although to be fair, he said it was his first one……………Nonetheless)
As for the talk itself, Mr. Spivey basically retold the story that appears on his site exactly as it appears on the site. The most striking thing about Spivey’s Woolwich narrative is that most of the assertions made which do not directly relate to photographic evidence are unsourced.
Many of us were wondering, ‘How on earth did he find out these things?’ I was expecting that Mr Spivey would give us some insights into his amazing research skills.
He should have much to boast about.
Would he make clear how he uncovered this massive quantity of information relating to Rigby’s family, the personnel connected to his army background, the pallbearers at Rigby’s funeral etc..?
No, unfortunately, he would not.
The only time he went to the trouble of discussing a source of information was when he was talking about Rigby’s alleged work on the day of the killing. Drummer Rigby put in (or didn’t) a 4-hour shift at a “Wedding Exhibition” at the Tower of London. This was work he apparently took on in order to research his own upcoming wedding to the ‘fiance’ he had quite recently met.
Spivey said he had been able find no trace of this event but received a message out of the blue from a company in Bristol informing him that they had, in fact, been running such a Wedding Exhibition in the Tower on that very day. Well, Spivey said, “This has got to be bollocks!” …..his only stated reason being that… “Bristol is a hotspot of Satanists. It’s crawling with them.” (or very similar words to that effect).
There must be a little Chris Spivey lurking somewhere in my own psyche because at that point something inside me screamed:
“FOR F***’S SAKE!!!!”
This was as close as we got to discussing sources of evidence supporting Spivey’s astonishing narrative before I left the room (an hour early as the experience was, how can I put it?….. ‘doing my head in’).
I have been told by others in attendance that later on Spivey himself seemed “confused” as to whether Rigby was a real person (as evidenced by lots of his identified ‘friends’) or a fictional character (as all the photoshopping of images would appear to indicate).
I am not the only one left with the strong sense that Chris Spivey is not presenting his own work.
He has learnt a narrative but has no information to back up or explain from whence his astounding ‘knowledge’ relating to the Woolwich event has come.
It is impossible not to strongly suspect that his story was put together by a creative writing team working within the bowels of MI5.
There is probably a great deal of truth in Spivey’s narrative (‘Revelation of the Method’ being a regular element relating to crimes of the modern state) but enough misdirection to make his information provably debunkable and, therefore, worse than useless.
It is MI5′s policy to ‘own’ the leadership of the opposition when it comes to all their pranks. They need an ‘alternative’ figurehead or organisation to (mis)represent any false-flag event to the masses should doubts seep into the public mind and go viral (the mainstream media must appear to be ‘fair’ and ‘even-handed’ after all).
It is obvious that MI5 will behave in this way.
It’s their job.
In the same way that J7 failed to usefully challenge massive anomalies and provable establishment lies relating to the 7/7 murders we now have a (manufactured) leading voice “exposing” the Woolwich terror event. A voice that discredits itself by the relentless obscenities that punctuate Spivey’s website narrative (he did little swearing during his presentation in Victoria, which demonstrated to my satisfaction that the chosen mode of expression he uses in his articles is gratuitous).
Why, we must ask, would he present such serious accusations in a manner that is so damaging and discrediting to the content of the material itself? Like much else, this makes little sense.
A word of warning to those who might swallow the Spivey guff wholesale.

Sent in by Jennifer.


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  1. Yes I have said all along that Spivey is suss and it’s not very often that I am wrong about people, especially in the AM.

    • sovereigntea says:

      I and probably every commenter here doesn’t know whether Spivvy is the genuine article or not, we can only judge the probability of that based upon what we have read seen and know.

      However it is important not to lose sight of the ideas presented on the basis of the messenger.

      Even a scumbag like Tony Blair tells the truth occasionally ( prob by accident LOL).

      The PTB are keep to destroy logic and reason ie Trivium which makes their job easier.

      The actual meaning of an idea is firmly placed on the back burner. Instead? Praise or attack the people who forward ideas.

      This strategy has gained great prominence.

      “The revered Founders of the Republic? Shysters, con men, slaveholders, monopolists who saw rebellion from England as the way to win greater power for themselves, at the expense of everyone else living on American soil.”

      Therefore, the argument continues, and this is crucial, the Founders’ IDEAS, as expressed in the Declaration and the Constitution, were rotten to the core. The ideas can be dismissed out of hand as coming from “a bad source.”

      Ideas no longer need to be judged on their sense, merit, and alignment with basic principles. Nor are they judged by their position in a well-formed argument. All that is out. Now, you only have to “look to the source” and make ALL your decisions based on “who these people really were who expressed the ideas.”

      And since that’s the case, learning to think or reason is unnecessary.

      In logic, this used to be called the fallacious ad hominem argument. Now it’s not called anything. It’s praised as the insightful way to do intellectual business.

      One by one, core ideas fall to the ax, and finally they cease to exist at all.

      (To argue that very bad people have taken over an idea, and therefore the idea itself was never good, is like arguing that, since hijackers took over a plane, the plane was a despicable object altogether and probably deserved to be stolen or blown up.)

      You might be surprised by the number of people who believe that the value of an idea depends entirely on who expressed the idea. If the wrong person first expressed it, it was never worthy.

  2. Adam says:

    Dear Henry

    I am grateful for any guidance you can please offer

    I read your Chris Spivey article just now. I am shocked.

    Shocked because, things ive read in 2014 on Aangirfan and Spivey, seemed very convincing to me it was a false flag. The lackof blood on the pavement. The car impact. The discrepancies pointed out on Aangirfan. The suspect background of the perpetrators, his father as well having MI5 links

    Even thecolemanexperience wrote how Chris Spivey is a legend

    To make matters worse, i had a terrible row falling out with my dad during summer, when i said Woolwich was a false flag. I am sad that i caused my dad such distress , arguing what could have been Disinformation.

    I have read how its a known tactic, to discredit any allegations on a certain topic, to manufacture a false theory that can be discredited, and it brings down a huge swathe of conspiracy theorists with it, to stop the public waking up. I have read that this is what Lord mcAlpine was an expert at, PR and disinformation

    Therefore Henry, whats your take on all this? Could Lee Rigby have been real after all, and really have been killed? Is Spivey a controlled opposition plant? maybe mind controlled with some kind of psychotronic weapon perhaps?

    Yet Aangirfan has been so convincing.

    If this is true, then they have succeeded in what they wanted……now all false flag conspiracy awareness, has been discredited

    Best wishes

    • Aangirfan, like Spivey is suss, only more so. Anyone who repeatedly attacks the German National Socialists has to be suss. Nazi this, Nazi that, pink Nazis, Hitler was a rabid sodomite etc. etc. all are sure signs of a Mossad Bolshevik Marxist Jew mouth pieces.

      Time to start engaging your brains ladies and gentlemen.

      • Glenn says:

        I did….I do not believe a word you say.

        Jus’ saying.

      • Jus sayin ain’t enough and obviously YOU haven’t engaged your brain. Time to think for yourself instead of other people doing your thinking for you. So many of you just swop your LED for some disso jerk’s web page and slurp it all up without so much as a single questioning thought. All very predictable, but very sad too.

      • Glenn says:

        Ah my dear thing…I actually read his Woolwich articles and many a valid point raised in them.

        Not evrything he writes I agree with, but in this and the Boston bombing. I think he has raised some very pertinent points.

  3. Adam says:

    Therefore could ITCCS Kamloops ,Kevin Annett ninth circle stuff also be the same sophisticated disinfo, to be disproved and halt any further conspiracy examination?

  4. Adam says:

    It could still very well have been mischief done by the security services. He may well have been a real soldier and really killed. Spivey may have been a plant, waiting to be discredited when the heat on the establishment gets too much generally, such as with 7/7
    At times like these, i dont forget the film Safe House with denzel washington and ryan reynolds. The security services have factions within them and operate outside any controls or laws. These Safe House games are whats going on here it seems

  5. Tapestry says:

    The Boyle piece struck a chord with me as I’ve always found it odd that Spivey uses his rambling swearing style of writing while carrying out effectively what seems to be quality research. However I am sure the Lee Rigby is a false flag. You have to face the doubters, and rethink through where you belong, trusting Spivey or not, yourself.

    Every source has to be treated as suspect. You can’t trust anyone, but your instincts will form their own view if you relax and listen to them in time. Try not to rush to a conclusion when presented with information and opinions from others. There is no need to hold anything as certainty.

    There is more and more managed opposition in the alternative media. We are bound to get mixed up with it on here. I am thinking those vending machines in The Twin Towers are another false lead today. All will become clear eventually. I’m sorry. I wish I could offer certainty on The Tap, but this is just the ebb and flow. We don’t research and cannot guarantee anything posted as the truth.

    There is a massive effort being made to head off the truth movement and creating confusion is the main weapon. I try to avoid the worst of it, but anything about Spivey has to be posted. He’s just too big a figure to ignore. We’ll stay with it, and in time, maybe more clarity will emerge. That’s the best I can offer.

  6. Tapestry says:

    Kevin Annett and Chris Spivey both reply to my emails by the way, if that means anything.

  7. sovereigntea says:

    Whether Spivey is a plant or not the Rigby narrative is full of holes.

    The damage on the vehicle is not consistent with the story nor is the lack of damage to the steel sign posts or the final position of the car that supposidly ran Rigby down.

    My observations

    • Truth with deliberate misinformation, the standard MO of all dissos and/or cause as much confusion as possible.

      • Glenn says:

        Shill I assume?

        Perhaps you should try and actually Read Chris Spivey’s article on Woolwich and try and digest more of it.

        There are lots of anomalies in the official narrative and images that Chris Spivey has drawn to light.

        Victims that have been hit by a car at 30MPH, and them stabbed numerous times have a lot of blood around them. The “corpse” in the official did not look like someone who had suffered such a fate.

        The clothing of the two “murderers” was not bloodstained either as one would expect from the act of stabbing someone multiple times.

      • Not interested in false flags – seen one – seen ’em all. Glad to say I have moved on from all that and leave all that kiddies stuff to you ‘experts’. LOL

      • Glenn says:

        Ah… so your only objective is to discredit Chris Spivey?

        Instead of name calling put forward information that can be looked at rather then puerile name calling.

        I guess a Shill does what a Shill has to do.

      • Dave Knight says:

        Don’t be so quick to judge glenn and if you’re looking for name-calling there’s plenty going on against Kevin Boyle on Chris Spivey’s site. No one is perfect let’s all take a deep breath and shake hands eh? Everyone’s got their faults – even Sir Chris and the Chris Spivey site should never really have stirred up a blogwar over this one and played into the hands of our enemies – take a humility check Chris fans. The tap blog has every right to publish differences of opinions. It’s called freedom of speech and is exactly what we’re fighting for.

      • Dave Knight says:

        Besides some on the internet have labelled Chris Spivey a “shill”. So you’re point is, exactly…?! (rolls eyes:)

  8. Adam says:

    Yes, i do have a gut feeling, that as more time goes on, more Truth will become apparent. I feel some kind of convergence point is coming. For many things, like physics lies, lies about our history, lies about what Governments really about, lies about the fiat money system….and yes lies about falseflag attacks too
    Somethings coming. Its encouraging the VT veterans today, Jim Fetzer etc, which is a popular site, is coming out with more and more false flag stuff
    Yes, Aanirfan was just too convincing for me, i have a gut feeling woolwich was a FF too
    It could very well be,Chris Spivey is one of those kinds of guys i have met in pubs, very intelligent, insightful, yet on the surface seem basic, unintelligent, how they come across, swear etc. Many a time i have been surprised, at how awake and sharp and aware the most unlikely guys are ive met in pubs. Cant judge a book by its cover
    Maybe Spiveys one of those who has a natural, genuine way of writing, with loads of swearing included. He may have been nervous giving hispublic speaking lecture? I hate public speaking. My mind connects dots and sees the world in a different way. I have an open mind. Im critical and explore. And yet, im terribly disorganised , hate making powerpoints, hate formal speaking. Why shouldnt Spivey be the same?
    Plus, thecolemanexperience devoted a whole article saying ‘Spiveys a Legend’
    And yes, theres so much that Kevin Annett says too, that resonates and rings true
    Yes, if i wasin the guilty parties position…id definitely be trying to sprinkle in disinfo lies amongst truth to steer things into a dead end
    But as i said above, i and millions of others can feel some convergence point coming. The fact that science and spirituality (true physics) are one and the same and on a collision course, is going to come out soon too. I can see why the Elites for 2000plus years have wanted to keep these things separate
    Interesting Tapblog comment a whileback, apparently the Druids in ancient britain, and the ancient britons, had no fear of death at all.
    Rome couldnt have that…

  9. sovereigntea says:

    The job of any Intel agency when seeing their psyop discredited is to attack and discredit the messenger(s).

    Sowing seeds of doubt is one way and posting BS articles from known disinfo trolls such as Alex Jones is another.

    Here is another take on Woolwich.

    London’s false flag even more pathetic than the Boston Bombing

    with 200 comments

  10. sovereigntea says:

    Just in case we have the attention of any spooks here tonight.

    Operational procedure dictates that one should not put all ones eggs in the same basket.

    Oddly the timing of this calamity fell within the period traitor and Mossad rent boy Blair came to power after unpopular with the Bilderberg group John Smith had a chance heart attack.

    Now you can read my account and summary which clearly shows many grey areas and deep flaws in this entire government “False Flag:

    Summary of events re Chinook ZD576 accident at the Mull of Kintyre on 2/6/1994

    On the 4th of August 2010 I was having a private chat to a Ms Tara Andrea Davison regarding intelligence in this country. She had been in charge of investigating illegal arms dealings carried out by the Conservative Party in the build up to the Iraq War.

    It was during this conversation that she mentioned that the Chinook crash at the Mull of Kintyre was no accident and that it had been an inside job carried out by the department she had worked in but she herself had not been involved. I asked her why would they do this….she explained that things were not going along too well and that there were a few obstacles….she went on to say that in such situations you remove the obstacle!….obviously the passengers on the helicopter were part of the problem. I then rang my friend and told him the contents of my phone call…..we were both in shock

    For the next two months I worked my way through this entire operation from start to finish and realised that there were so many grey areas. I went over the flight planned route and the weather conditions time and time again and satisfied myself that the very experience RAF crew would not have flown this Chinook helicopter straight into the hillside.

    After some time I contacted my friend who so happened to be ex RAF and again told him that I had proven to myself that this was truly a cover-up and his response was that we go to the local police headquarters and report what I had been told, hopefully under oath.

    The police were basically not interested even though we insisted that this be recorded for our own safety…..we did eventually obtain an incident number and on the 27/10/2010 I submitted my evidence to the new Review Committee in Edinburgh which was delivered by hand.


    Some time passed and on Thursday 19 of May 2011 someone responded to one of my Chinook articles and sent the following message:

    The Mull of Kintyre Chinook accident was done by an assassination hit squad. You are correct Peter, FADEC is just the smoke screen. The pathologist a “she” who carried out an examination of all the bodies reported at that time that they all died from extensive gunshot wounds.

    I followed this up the next day and again that person sent the following message:

    We can authenticate this by either obtaining the coroner’s report, or getting a statement from the women coroner. The problem with this is that her life could be in danger. These are very very serious issues and allegations Peter…It was reported to me that the Coroner said “they all had gunshot wounds to the head” The coroner told her brother … just in the passing…the brother told me…

    On Saturday 21st and again on Monday 23rd of May 2011 Gordon and I confronted the police and told them they have to take this report as it now involves the police, re possible multiple murders etc……they were extremely difficult to deal with and reluctant to take our file.

    Over the course of the next week I went through everything again, cross checked my own analysis (based on my aviation experience, especially with helicopter) and extended my inquires to others who had written about this accident or reports that had revealed more evidence….one of those people was a valuable witness has he had seen another Chinook that day in a totally different location but which was also heading out to sea.

    After sending in my second evidence to the Review Team I again embarked on proving this incident was clearly a massive cover up. Over the weekend of 28th/29th May 2011 I finally uncovered vital evidence as follows:

  11. norse kode says:

    The devil is in the detail…any artist will tell you that ..and Chris Spivey is a devilishly excellent artist, tattooist and alternative investigative journalist judging by the details he has made us aware of in the Woolwich Lee Rigby false flag.But this doesn,t make him the devil,on the contrary this man and his indespensable team of kindred truthers are able to see clearer than most due to their commitment,patience,compassion,guts and perserverance in their collective quest for these devilish details.Please don,t shoot the messenger because he swears,smokes,is savvy with social media and knows some serious activists and thinks outside of the concrete box way beyond anything that most people are used to..please listen to his,s real and he is real(maybe too real for some) and yes it,s far is the rabbit hole? etc..but these are the facts..and it,s a fact that the devils are always in the details.

    And the devils are all over Chris,his family and friends at the moment,that is a fact also ,so a bit of support and positive energy from us fellow human beings is the very least we can do to honour our bond to this group of remarkable brave and sincere individuals who are without doubt going through some testing times.Dog knows they are good souls for sure.And in the highly corrupt UK at the moment telling truths as powerful as these will surely put you in direct confrontation with the very evil that controls all these devils.

    Chris is extremely brave in undertaking this action and does so in the most honourable,genuine and ego less way .A true role model of an honest down to earth curious creature in the 21st century.His obsession with these devilish details will not be going unnoiticed by the good as well as the bad factions within the security services and no doubt this would have him placed as a very useful whistle blower as part of a coup detat from deep within the UK state aimed at dismantling the corrupt satanic elite .

    The Peasants Revolt or Great Uprising started from Essex in 1381 after one Essex man said enough to the Kings taxmen when they started to abuse his daughter.. so don,t be surprised when history repeats….just sayin!

  12. Gillian says:

    In the last few weeks it’s almost as if Spivey is trying to discredit himself.

    As I wrote on this Tap site a couple of weeks ago, why on earth doesn’t he put the info. he has on the Woolwich incident (hoax?) together in a systematic and chronological order and present it properly. I’m beginning to wonder if it may fail to stand up to close scrutiny.

    Some (not all) of the people who comment on his site, come across as dumbed down sycophants who would do well to bear in mind that the word sheeple could equally apply to those who follow a possibly false prophet as well as applying to those who believe in everything the ‘official authorities’ spout.

    In the short piece I wrote about Spivey a couple of weeks ago, I went out of my way to cut him some slack because he was under a lot of pressure. However, it turns out that he likes the pressure and thrives on it. At least that what he wrote in a blog a day or two later.

    He may be genuine, I don’t know. But he’s loving all the attention that’s for sure.

    • stan ayers says:

      My colleagues confirm Spiv’s Hounslow Legion part to be true as they are members.I can often here band practise from Neatherhall and our colleagues say Riggers was trained there.Like Mourinho someone parks the bus here also from Hounslow.The bus is parked by members of the Legion on match days.Give Spiv some slack please.

  13. stan ayers says:

    Sorry here should be hear

  14. Glenn says:

    I think people need to read his Woolwich articles, look at the evidence presented and MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND.

    He has exposed some glaring anomalies and I think the whole Woolwich “murder” is suspect.

    Make your own mind up rather than slavishly following the view of any website or blogger.

  15. Julie says:

    Chris Spivey should have expanded on the Scam Cam Productions
    Video (put out on 30 May 2013, 8 days after the event) which for me confirmed Woolwich was staged.

  16. Norman says:

    I watched “live”coverage of the bloodless “beheading”as it happened, filmed by 2 camera crews that just happened to be there along with a helicopter long before any police turned up. It just would not happen like that. They are taking us for complete mugs, eh Jennifer?

  17. dofornow says:

    All propaganda must have a large element of truth in it, for it to work!
    Confusion is the name of the game.
    Take nothing for granted ….. The present generation are at terrible place because of the control of the media … the mind control is constant. Even adverts are used..can’t buy a bog roll without a subtle message being inserted!
    My generation really did take it all on board …. but, National Service was a wake up! and over-seas service. Did not have quite have the result expected.
    The NWO and it’s acolytes are terrified of the truth getting out …. ancient records are at risk now….Very concerned about the present day Richard the third autopsy… had them worried … The ancient info was spot on!
    What you can say is that the UK is a pervs paradise. Any one who spoke up was likely to be attacked with Stanley knifes and claw hammers and called an right wing extremest.

  18. strop says:

    I liked Spivey’s work on Woolwich, but my concern is how much of his site is dedicated to his own troubles. A bit like Jim Stone.

  19. Observer says:

    Interesting observations, but what is Kevin Boyle basing this hit piece on?

    It can’t be based on all the articles Spivey has posted regarding the Woolwich Flase Flag event, or most of the questions he raises regarding the source of info would have been answered, by the plethora of screen grabs and photos posted to back it up.

    It would take a week or more to wade through and digest all of Spiveys Woolwich articles, I can’t imagine what condensing it down to a 2 hour talk would look like, a very difficult job for sure. No doubt the first presentation by anyone facing such a task would not a very professional presentation, especially if the person were facing half the stress the Spivey family is facing.

    Yet Kevin Boyle can make accusations based on only half of this talk?

    Note that none of Spiveys research has been picked up by Boyle and debunked, yet he says… “There is probably a great deal of truth in Spivey’s narrative …but enough misdirection to make his information provably debunkable and, therefore, worse than useless.

    FOR F***’S SAKE!!!!

    If Mr. Spiveys information is as “provably debunkable” as Mr. Boyle says it is, then go at it, lets see this debunking so we can judge on the facts of the matter. i.e. play the ball and not the man, or otherwise you just come across as a typical shill sewing mistrust on zero evidence.

    Note to the TAP: your tagline says “The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers” and yet you “don’t research and cannot guarantee anything” but are happy to post this drivel?

    So the TAP blog is just another amalgamation site sewing more confusion?

    It’s certainly easier to find info about Spivey as he wears his heart on his sleave, who the f**k is Kevin Boyle anyway?


  20. Tapestry says:

    There’ve been some interesting comments about Spivey made from regulars recently, especially Gillian saying he needs to make a clear statement of his research. There’s also the need to clear the air. I wish I had the time to be perfect in all things, Observer. Sorry about that. I and most people work within the capacities that we have. This is a blog for amateurs. If you want the mainstream or paid for material, you won’t find it here. Jennifer submitted the Spivey criticism above, and it has a few points that need answering.

    If we get it wrong a lot, that’s not deliberate. It’s just we’re normal people who don’t have much clue, trying to deal with a lot of false information being thrust in front of our faces every day. How can anyone claim to get it right all the time? At least we try.

    • Glenn says:

      Just a thought – but might some of those regulars have an agenda?

      • The Truth is my agenda and I can wiff a half-truther and one of his sychophants miles away. Would you like a list of ’em with your name included?

      • Glenn says:

        I suspect you and the “truth” are very distant cousins.

        If being a sycophant of Chris Spivey means I agree with much he has written about the Woolwich hoax. Guilty as charged.

        Though…I did actually read his articles and ponder the points raised.

        Perhaps you need to put forward some evdience for people to look at and not just name calling?

      • Ha Ha Ha if you’re here to defend Spivey that says you’re a complete stranger to The Truth never mind cousins.

  21. Observer says:

    You can’t have it both ways TAP, either it was a mistake to post it and you got it wrong, or the post “has a few points that need answering”.

    List the points that need answering in your opinion, cos all I see is arm waving accusations and zero credibility.

    It’s as if you are trying to claim you are not familiar with Spiveys work by saying this post “has a few points need answering” Anyone who has read his all his work on woolwich could see through this hit piece within the first few lines, and since most of that work was reposted by TAP, it seems something is amiss with your decision to repost this drivel. Either you are familiar with his work, or you are not. Q.E.D.

    Spivey has replied to this drivel here…

    • Gillian says:

      Well I don’t think it was a mistake to re-post it. This is Tap’s site and he can re-post whatever he likes or chooses to do.

      All any of us can do is read as much information as possible on any given topic and try and evaluate it.

      I’ve just read Mr Spivey’s retort to Kevin Boyle’s (someone I’d never heard of until yesterday)article and all I read was a lot of childish name calling and lots of boring cuss words as per usual from Mr ‘foul of mouth and keyboard’ Spivey.

      What I didn’t read, or maybe I missed it hidden amongst the juvenile rhetoric were any real or meaningful answers to the questions raised by this Kevin Boyle.

      Regarding the Woolwich False Flag. It was pretty obvious from the moment it happened that it was a false flag or hoax, unless they conveniently keep TV film crews and the rest of the paraphernalia hanging around the barracks there on the off-chance that something might happen!

      I wonder, does anyone know if anyone else is putting together an alternative account of what happened that day, apart from Chris Spivey? It would seem odd if he is the only one researching that event, given the large number of people who had a go at 9/11 and 7/7.

      • Norman says:

        of course there is. just look at some of the comments above. sovereigntea for example. just as good as spiveys and as informative to those who don’t see it

      • lalala says:

        I agree, Gillian. He shouldn’t just expect people to believe what he says without asking questions, thats what the whole truth movement is about, asking questions to find the real truth.

        I think his ego has completely taken over now, and I think he’s a bit of a fame whore to be honest

        If you look at his YouTube channel, you can see that he tried to make some ‘funny’ videos a few years ago, obviously looking for YouTube fame and fortune. The donate button on his site is a huge red flag for me too.

      • Gillian says:

        He certainly has a huge ego and he can’t handle any criticism whatsoever.

        Even when some of his devoted followers offered some very mild and trying to be helpful criticism of an article he’d written he went nuts. I’d also noticed prior to that he was having a right old go to and about someone who kept emailing him or criticizing him on Facebook or something.

        As someone else pointed out at the time, he’s spends too much time trolling the trolls. Anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together knows that the best way to defeat trolls is simply to ignore them. Trolls hate being ignored and very soon give up.

        I had to laugh the other day when he was complaining about some person in authority who took two weeks to answer his (Spivey’s) letter to him. He posted a copy of his (Spivey’s)letter on his site. The letter he wrote was very very long and I remember thinking it probably took the recipient a good two weeks to read the letter even before he got around to answering it.

        It strikes me that all these problems CS is having with the police and social services is a very handy diversion from getting to grips with making a proper presentation, statement or video on the Woolwich incident. I believe he sees himself as some modern day Crusader who is being picked on by the authorities.
        I’m sorry to say that I for one just see him now as a bit of a narcissistic self aggrandizing prat.

      • Glenn says:

        Jealous of him possibly?

      • lalala says:

        I struggle to read his articles now so hardly bother. I just cant get past his arrogance. And you are right, If anyone dares question him or his research he blows his top.

        I don’t think the Trolling Troll’s thing did him any favours. By the looks of things he was getting his ‘ammo’ on Jimmy Jones from another set of trolls. A little bit of research and he would have known that.

  22. PC says:

    More verbal hand grenades from the System. And look at the fall out. The Judean People’s Front in tatters. Or is that The People’s Front Of Judea?…
    It is indeed right to always question. Particularly those who deal in absolutes. All will be revealed.

  23. freebornman says:

    PC ^ says what I was going to say, “It is indeed right to always question”. Exaro News springs to mind. ‘Kevin Boyle’ and ‘Jennifer’ don’t seem to like Chris Spivey for some reason. I think he’s a top bloke, but hey, that’s playing the man, not the ball. I think what he writes re Woolwich scans better than the official account. I’d listen to anyone’s explanation as to why and how Spiv is wrong.

  24. norse kode says:

    A week ago Tap you were having us look at Michael Shrimpton as some kind of credible whistle blower /friendly spook and now this! Is Tap controlled opposition? lol! the answer is the same as regards to Spivey and Aangirfan..and all three are evidently very human and fallible but don,t get caught up in the distraction that is aimed at diverting your energies away from revealing information, knowledge and truths about the worlds we live in.Keep on the fantastic work all three teams.

  25. leave the system, let it go. says:

    When we take responsibility for our lives, we do not need leaders, religion, faith, belief systems, rules, regulations or rituals. All we need is our consciences and our commitment to do no harm

    Our dream is of Do No Harm communities where we come together as tribes on the land, creating substance through our acts of love, caring for each other, growing living food together, building each other’s sustainable houses, teaching our children in schools that allow them to become the conscious living children they really are and providing a place where members of the wider community can come to experience Kindom and to receive true healing for their diseases. When people experience the truth and beauty of lives lived for others, with everyone cared for and nurtured, they will take that message with them and begin to create it wherever they go, rejuvenating the earth by planting trees and gardens and reclaiming the towns and cities, using the green spaces to create gardens, taking down unused buildings and creating more green spaces until our cities become clean, peaceful spaces of love.
    As we each take responsibility to be caretakers of a small piece of the earth, about a hectare, and find ourselves capable of feeding and raising our families without having to rely on the private corporations, we will blossom towards creating the truly consciousness men and women that we have the potential to be. All that is required is the willingness to create acts of love and release them for the benefit of others.
    All the artificial divisions between us that have been created by the system, the labels that separate us into races, religions, colours, lasses, creeds and philosophies will be forgotten when we realise that we are all part of the consciousness that is the creation of the living Creator of creation and that, when we are fighting with each other, we are actually causing destruction to ourselves as well as to others

  26. leave the system, let it go. says:

    Our leaders love to tell us how lucky we are in the Western World because we are FREE, but are we free or are we just compliant? If freedom is being able to do what you want, when you want, taking responsibility to do no harm to others and the earth, does that sound like the lives we live? Are you free to spend your days however you please? Are you free to spend the day in the garden with your children growing food for the family? Are you free to raise your children however you choose with no interference from third parties? Are you free to even own a dog without interference from third parties that demand you microchip and register your dog? Are you free to do whatever you like on “your” land? Are you free to choose whether to obey all the rules and regulations of the system you live under?
    We are given the illusion of freedom and choice because we have choices within the system in that we are allowed to choose where to live, what job to take etc but we do NOT have the freedom to choose whether we want to live under this system or not. If you doubt this, try telling the powers that be that you no longer wish to pay their illegal taxes, you no longer wish to follow their endless rules and regulations and that you do not accept their authority over you. See how long it is before the heavies start turning up on your doorstep, making your life very uncomfortable indeed. The arrogance of the “authorities” is such that they treat us with scorn and derision, flaunting the contradictions of the system in front of us as they brutally force us to comply. For example, a legal maxim is a truth that has been proven in court so often that it no longer needs to be proven. One such legal maxim is “All men are equal”; they admit this but you try walking into court and saying, “Your honour, as one equal man to another, I choose not to accept your authority over me and I do not consent to any decision you make regarding my life.” Does anyone think they would let you walk out without a reprisal?
    We are not free; we comply with the system in order not to be harassed by the representatives of the system.

  27. Dave Knight says:

    There used to be some interesting stuff on the Chris Spivey blog at one time but it does seem that he is over-sensitive to even the slightest criticism now and his popularity from his ‘followers’ seems to have gone to his head. Some of them are now even having a go at the Tap Blog for even putting Kev’s article up on here. This is only in the interests of being unbiased yet Spivey and his disciples seem to have developed a persecution complex – the tap’s only insuring freedom of speech Chris, mate!

    • lalala says:

      Thats exactly it, a persecution complex! anyone that doesn’t agree with him gets shouted down. The whole Rigby wedding/church picture is a prime example. The person that pointed out that the picture was actually a building across the road and not the church got banned from commenting on his site! His ‘fan’s’ seem to blindly believe everything he says, simply because he’s said its true. Eyes wide open my arse!

      I know of people that have sent him info and then an article appears on his site about it the next day, the NEXT DAY?! How can he honestly do thorough research in 1 day?

      Im not saying everything he writes is utter tosh but I do question his research, he seems to put a lot of opinion forward as fact and insinuates his readers are stupid if they dont ‘see it’.

      • Dave Knight says:

        Yes lalala I find myself of the same opinion too. Chris would do well to listen to Kev’s honest impression of him and his ‘research’ as that’s all it genuinely was just a mild critique and then Chris seems to have flown off the handle so to speak! Perhaps his perspective needs a tad adjusting lest the popularity he has accrued goes to his head. Kev has provided that reality check and Chris together with his fanbase should actually be grateful for that. Chris, if you and your fans on here are listening: just because you’ve said a few worthwhile things on your blog which resonate doesn’t mean that others don’t have stuff to say too. Honestly, it’s not all about you fella!

  28. Tapestry says:

    If you want to know who’s in power, find out who you’re not allowed to criticise. Said Voltaire.

    • Dave Knight says:

      Well judging by some of the replies condemning Kevin Boyle on Chris Spiveys site it seems like he is one of the ones “you’re not allowed to criticise”. Having said that I’ll continue to afford Chris the honour of including him on the blogroll links on my site as he does say something intresting ocassionally. Still think he’s gone too far this time though and Kev deserves an apology from Chris and his mates for all the needless venom directed at him within the last 24 hours just for making a relatively mild critique!

  29. Kev Boyle has been around for some time and his only failing, albeit a big failing, is being a Papist and you cannot serve two masters. You either serve The Truth or hu-man beings (Popes) and their meaningless vain religions.

    • Dave Knight says:

      That has a sectarian ring to it that worries me. Do we really want to replicate the troubles of northern Ireland amongst our truther movement here? Are you secretly Ian Paisley lol:)

      • Until you have taken on board what The VatiCAIN is, what and who it represents, it’s relationship with The Rothschilds and our Monarchy you really haven’t got a clue. Here’s a tip to help you: A man cannot serve two masters i.e. you cannot serve The Truth and Mammon’s lies.

        PS Protestantism is just a schism of Rome. ‘Sectarianism’ in Northern Ireland was MI5 run and controlled.

      • Dave Knight says:

        Rothchilds are actually Jewish. Not that this matters anyway. The enemy is actually the fascist capitalist system who oppress workers irrespective of creed. Btw…what is your problem with catholics and jews: you’re not a KKK sympathiser are you?

      • The Rothschilds are guardians of The VatiCAIN Treasury and there are no fascists only Bolshevik Jew Marxists. The last fascist was Chile’s Pinochet and then Spain’s Franco before him.

        All supposed Conservatives are NeoCons and they’re corporate communists based upon the Chinese model. All leftie liberals and old/new labour are outright communists. This means there is no longer any left or right in politics nor has there been for decades – it’s all Bolshevik Jew Marxism.

  30. Gillian says:

    I’ve just watched the video of Chris Spivey’s informal talk that he gave a few days ago. I have to admit that I warmed towards him whilst watching it.

    With a little more practice he has the makings of a good public speaker. How he gets any work done at all is a minor miracle, given that he lives in a flat with his little grandson running around all the time. I shall cut him more slack in future and try not to be so judgmental.

    The anomaly that intrigues me the most about the Woolwich hoax is whether or not a person named Lee Rigby ever existed at all. Some say they’ve been unable to find any official certificates for a person of that name and age, i.e. no birth, marriage or even a death certificate. That in itself is very odd, unless of course they simply didn’t look for them properly.

    The other thing I really want to know is, did anyone really die outside the Woolwich barracks?
    Apparently only one official type person ever saw the “body” even the jury for the trial of the two Michaels didn’t get to see any actual photos of the body.
    As I understand it that’s almost unheard of. The whole Woolwich incident stinks to high heaven.

  31. k says:

    I think Chris Spivey’s problem is one of presentation, not content. I really don’t understand his need to take his grandson with him to his talk as babies do what babies do ……………disrupt. Why his daughter couldn’t have taken the reins for once is beyond me. Clayton’s cries could be heard throughout the presentation and even watching through the link I found it extremely disruptive. Clearly Spivey did too as his concentration seemed to waiver at times. He desperately needs to brush up on his presentation skills if he is going to be giving these sort of talks and walk away with any credibility .One of his problems is that he seems to be surrounded by sycophants who repeatedly tell him that his posts are all wonderful. They are not. He would be better served by those willing to give constructive criticism. I like Spivey. I think he has native intelligence and can spot the frauds. He does have a valid place in the AM but needs tutoring in public speaking. That awful accent doesn’t help and I’m not being snobby here since the likes of Cameron and Blair certainly ‘ sound’ the part but clearly are not. It’s all about presentation.

  32. Mr Ben says:

    I am disappointed Tap.

    The intention is indeed to divide.

    You should know this!


  33. Tapestry says:

    I am genuinely amazed at the reaction to this post. See the latest post giving Spivey’s reply. We’re managed opposition!

  34. k says:

    I think the recent rumblings on the AM sites can only be a good thing. It’s obviously stupid and dangerous to be so enthralled with one particular AM blogger that all reason and analytical thought is suspended on the strength of his/her strong personality. Think Hitler. Spivey is definitely a sensitive soul and finds it difficult to take on board any criticism whether constructive or mischievous. That doesn’t make his message any LESS credible but then again it doesn’t make it MORE so. His personality is his personality . His message is his message and the two should not be confused. His ‘followers’ ( particularly the ‘wet’ one ) will scream ( in print ) ‘Sheeple’ and other derogatory names at anyone who has the audacity to ask for some proof of Spivey’s ‘facts’ and imply that his integrity is proof enough. NO, it isn’t. We ask for proof from the MSM so why shouldn’t the same yardstick be applied to the AM ? Love you Spivey but unlike the Beatles I need more.

    • Dave Knight says:

      Trouble with Chris Spivey is that he is hyper-sensitive to any criticism or debate on his site, yet when he seems to fail to put himself in the shoes of the other internet bloggers such as Kev when he rips into them with criticism. I also see that he’s slagging me off on his site too now with a tirade of typically foul mouthed abuse. Yet if anyone even so much as criticises him he turns into a bald prima donna which makes him guilty of double standards in my view. There’s only one thing sadder than someone with imaginary friends and that’s someone who has imaginary enemies. Despite all this nastiness directed at me I’m still doing him the honour of keeping a link to his site on my blog page as he does from time to time come out with some productive things.

      • k says:

        Of which one surely is Woolwich. In my opinion he’s doing the right thing by sticking with the Woolwich FF and like the dog with a bone that he is , getting to the bottom of it. This is where he excels. He has that inborn intelligence that can spot an anomaly a mile off and the ability to think the unthinkable. His inability to suffer criticism is just a side issue really and as I’ve stated before it’s just a personality thing that doesn’t really detract from his work.
        There’s definitely something amiss with Woolwich and I hope that Spivey keeps at it until he has some definitive proof to present on his blog . He’s getting there but there’s still a lot for him to do. From my own point of view I find the sweeping statements like, ‘ Rebecca Rigby and Sam Lewthwaite ‘ are the same person a bit hard to swallow. Also surely the actual whereabouts of the two Michaels can be easily checked out ? I find it hard to believe that the likes of Vicky Cave and the ‘angels’ are some sort of under cover government workers. Surely their whereabouts before and after the Woolwich event can be verified by friends or neighbours? These are questions that I personally wish Spivey would address ……………..some real investigative journalism …………….and you know what? He could actually do it if he put his mind to it.

      • Outlaw says:

        You got off pretty lightly Dave. All I did was publish an article about the Alternative Media and Spivey went into hyper Attack mode as he thought it was directed solely at him. He is paranoid, arrogant, he publishes anything with no thought as it whether it is true or not, and his Moderaters troll social networks hurling the most foul-mouth abuse, and threatening anybody who ever so much as mentions Spiv’s name. That is all fact, not speculation and the lies he published about my family, were truly the act of someone who has no morals whatsoever. His initial accusation was that I was working for the NSA, he has now amended that to an accusation that I work for the NCA. Both are ludicrous, but that is level of paranoia that Spiv has reached. His latest self-centred, woe is me stuff I’d truly dire, and he now appears to be getting his ‘info’ from a group of well-known trolls who have been attacking many people over the last couple of years. I owe him nothing but contempt.

  35. paul says:

    without doubt the woolich murder was a false flag as soon as i seen it only tele u could see there was something not right the fact there wasnt any large pool of blood in the middle of the road next to the decapitated body is suss the fact people were walking past without a care is suss and the woman who stopped to chat to someone who had just chopped someones head off a mean seriously it was a joke of a false flag a dont think the a.m fighting amongst themselves really helps anyone

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