Alfred Webre turns on Kevin Annett

Mark Windows interviews Kevin Annett.  It’s interesting as usual, especially hearing Mark Windows’ own contributions.  Just two days after this interview, Alfred Webre released his devastating report alleging Annett’s a Cointelpro globalist operative.  That report comes below after the Mark Windows’ interview.  And then the radio show with Kevin Annett replying to the allegations is next, and then last his own website response.

1.  First The Windows interview

You can’t stop this process once the lid is off.

The ITCCS head researcher in Brussels has just disappeared, claims Annett.  No one knows where he is.

As names are named, the child ritual killers get desperate and start threatening peoples’ lives.  The intimidation shows they’re getting desperate.


The Vatican is funding the rise of the BRICS.  The Vatican is a Bank.

The Protestant Church is not separate in that they are affiliated with the Crown of England.  The English King was signed in as a vassal of the Pope when King John signed the Treaty Of Verona.  The Church of England and the Crown of England is tied in to Rome.

During the time of Henry 8th, England was being tied in to Rome more.  At the time of the Protestant Reformation, England became Catholic.  Henry was called Defender of the Faith by the Pope.  The Anglican Church is talking about going back into the Catholic Church.

The Queen is talking to the Pope and is in breach of her Coronation oath.

We all became paupers in 1566, and the Poor Laws were advanced heavily at the time of Henry 8th.  The update of the pass used then is the passport.  You have a P in your passport which stands for ‘pauper’.

Child abuse traumatises people at a young age.  The Catholic church doesn’t see child abuse as a crime.  It’s an attempt to use fear to suppress populations.

Anyone who challenged Catholic dogma was burned at that time – Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth.  There can be no dissent.  Very interesting points made about history.

Every public figure is compromised.  The child killing rituals are extensive.  This is part of the Roman cult.

They still want to control peoples’ souls after they are dead.  Places where trauma has taken place can be used, and are being used.  The Vatican is built on the site of Caligula’s Palace.  St Peter’s Square is built on the site of the Colosseum where mass slaughter took place.  You can sense the evil when you’re there – a mixture of sorrow and despair.

Are the Archons feeding off this energy?  The Roman cult is controlling us through the courts.  It’s older than Rome the system of child sacrifice.  The energy is fear based. That’s the atmosphere you feel in a lot of these churches, and courts.  Courts are the same as churches.

Exorcisms are real.  What are possessions?  Are these crossing over with mental illness, schizophrenia?  Manipulation through the concept of original sin.  The Elohim created mankind as slave race, says the Hebrew version of Genesis.  The serpent was there to save mankind.

Catholic schools instil fear and self destruction in children from an early age so we can’t raise a thought against authority.  The elites are not unitary and there are factions battling against each other.  You need to take back your own spiritual sovereignty.  We have to claim our rights, and reject the Papal Bull.  Their actions of child ritual killing proves they have no claim to divinity.  The basis of the power we held them in was based on a concept of divinity.

They want to capture us into one corporate identity.  We are their property under their assumption.  Individual sovereignty in universal truth is the way to go.  We are designed in the likeness of God.  You must not consent either consciously or subconsciously.  With black magic you have to consent, or it doesn’t work.  It’s all based on an assumption of consent.  Remove consent and the system doesn’t work.  With statutes, they only work with the consent of the people being ruled.  Withdraw your consent and their laws don’t apply to you.

County Courts became Admiralty courts.  Judges became administrative.  You must go to court and withdraw your consent.  Say – I object.YOung people are picking this stuff up quick.

THEN – 2. Albert Lambremont Webre accuses Kevin Annett

two days later, Alfred Webre says he and Kevin Annett have broken trust after a ten year cooperative relationship.  He accuses Annett of lying, inventing persons including court officers, and of inappropriately using Alfred Webre and others to boost his audience.

Webre says he knows the Vatican to be a dark place.  His uncle worked there and he realised from meeting him that some dark force had taken him over.  He knew something was amiss with the Jesuit Schools as he attended one run by the Benedictines.  Many monks there were kicked out as they were sexually abusing young boys at the boarding school.

Alfred heard that Annett was engaging with inappropriate relationships with numerous women simultaneously online.  He challenged him about it, using ITCCS business to promote these relationships.  Annett became highly aggressive in his accusations against Alfred’s friend, who had given him the information.  Alfred decided to give Annett one more chance due to the importance of the public work he was doing, even though he felt Alfred was lying to him.

Alfred requested an interview with George Dufort.  Annett then suggested Alfred should be investigated by a Grand Jury of the Republic of Kanata.

Annett manipulated $150,000 of expenses from a particular woman to fund his travelling around, while he was romancing multiple other women.  Does the ITCCS even exist?  One witness has withdrawn her testimony, and he currently has no witnesses.

Annett then placed info on Alfred’s Facebook page saying he was living in an expensive house giving the amount of rent he paid.  He could only have got that information from government surveillance.  Alfred and his wife had to move house with ten people, as a collective, and moved to a nice place six moths ago.  Annett failed to mention the support Alfred gives to students, and the contribution they make to the house.  Alfred’s social security check covers his contribution to the rent.  His website will be covering Annett’s shady involvement in child ritual abuse exposure – to displace and discredit any genuine citizen effort in operating in this field.

Alfred will continue the work with witnesses as before in the field of covering this subject – child trafficking, ritual abuse by Royalty and governments.

Also will be investigating war crimes and the transhumanist agenda.  ITCCS is a fabrication possibly, Annett a globalist.  It is possible it’s a globalist creation to displace self-sovereign restoration of authentic human society, and its genuine institutions from the transhumanist agenda.  It’s impossible to tell which is distortion and which is genuine from Annett’s material.

This broadcast will appear in a transcript in

The Queen and Pope Ratzinger were not tried.  Their trials were a fabrication.  A tribunal was not convened.  ITCCS is theatre.

Vancouver axed all the cooperative radio programmes all at once, using the axing of Annett’s as the excuse.

Very serious allegations/suggestions against Annett about possible involvement in assassination of witnesses. Possibly globalist operative, a Cointelpro operator urging people to get involved in illegal activities, but then being absent himself when the activities took place.  Fictitious creation of elders, clans, narratives.

The Mohawks are objecting to the Republic Of Kanata as a land grab of all the Indian lands.

Former ITCCS colleague AlexHunter says Annett is a possible poly-psyop globalist operative.  He attended a Jesuit College.  The ITCCS fraud has made any legitimate moves by first nation communities much harder after this twenty year fraud.

The Satanic paedophile cults with child-trafficking networks are the basis of the transhumanist agenda.  Let’s look at news at

Alfred Lambremont Webre says we will get to the bottom of this.

TAP – Alfred’s a very convincing witness.  It will be interesting to see what his website comes up with in the next few weeks.  With him breaking with Annett, the trust many felt in Annett is put into question.  I would only add that I don’t find everything Webre says entirely convincing and one of his earlier interviews with an ‘off-planet’ witness showed him a little naive, in my opinion.  Saying that, we can all be taken in, me included, and take wrong turns.  The perpetrators are bound to try to manage or disrupt opposition to their activities.  We’ll try to follow the unravelling of this situation.  What do readers make of this?  Adam, a regular reader, has emailed to say he now fears Annett to be a fraud.  Out of this muddle we are learning a lot.  Would we know anything about these matters were it not for Kevin Annett?  I can’t abandon loyalty to Kevin Annett just yet.  (video now withdrawn)

3.  Kevin Annett’s reply to Alred.

Moving Past the Lies to our Real Purpose: Kevin Annett answers his Detractors

Mohawk adptionKevin Annett adopted into Grand River Mohawk community, Brantford, fall 2011

4. Annett’s own website.


Some things never change.

I wasn’t especially surprised when the haters started in on me again this past month, with the usual self righteousness of the insane. But I have been somewhat bemused by the remarkable deja vu quality of the antics of Alfred Webre and Alex Hunter and the other Gong Show participants as they try so earnestly to shred me apart in public with nothing but fabrications, like some latter day Eddie Myers.

Eddie, of course, didn’t have a global blog radio program with which to lead his assault against me. His audience was limited to ​the​ dozen or so fellow denizens of Ward Two West. Alfred Webre has an advantage over Eddie in that sense, Al’s own neurosis notwithstanding. But Eddie at least made me laugh sometimes.

Being in the cross hairs of those who hate you without reason is pretty upsetting, at first, but only as long as you don’t understand what motivates their pointless hatred. And like my erstwhile buddies back on the Ward, this most recent cluster of “Kill Kevin” shriekers who have been gathered at no small expense to trash me on the internet all bear the same trait: an absolutely obsessed conviction that if only this one man – me – can be “exposed”, justice will prevail.

Just like Eddie.

Now, I’m sure there’s more to it than that. There’s obviously something besides group insanity at work when previously unconnected people are quickly gathered, briefed, and filmed to chant in unison the same script. There’s obvious money and organization behind the apparent spontaneous conviction of these oh-how-sincere “witnesses” to Kevin Annett’s “duplicity”. In fact, we know precisely from whom and where the money is coming.

Fear too is clearly at work. Alfred at least has been threatened. Only fear causes someone to completely and publicly contradict himself within a few days, and join a smash up campaign ​against me ​that he had just previously condemned. I for one would like him to explain what happened between December 9 and 14 to cause him to embark on his present deranged course. For he is clearly trying to prove his loyalty to someone by demonstrating his absolute disloyalty to me, and to the ITCCS.

But at the end of the day, none of it really matters, any more than it did back on the Ward. One must avoid too close a contact with the patients and their delusions, after all, just like Big Nurse warned me. For after awhile, their fantasies and obsessions can become ours, no matter what the loonies call themselves, and how much money is behind them.

As for what is prompting all of this​ latest nuttiness​: at the risk of banality, let me say that there is a method to their madness. Any lie, if repeated long enough by enough people, enters into group think and becomes the truth. What Alfred and the other ​ Chronics are doing is such basic psychological programming, with a simple aim: to discredit the ITCCS and its verdicts, and quickly​, while trying desperately to discover who runs the ITCCS, to eliminate them​.

Why​ such a desperate campaign now​? Because we have shown in practice that criminals in high office can be tried and convicted in common law courts; and that the authority of such rulers can thereby be nullified and replaced by we, the people, acting in our own name. That’s something no ruler can allow. But the why is even more specific.

The ITCCS discovered recently that the Vatican-Ndrangheta child trafficking network and its friends in the Canadian government – like Harper cabinet ​minister​ Denis Lebel – are making common cause with the Chinese government and its Triad criminal associates who control the pacific rim “human meat market”. And before the Chinese new year on February 19, top mob, church and government officials will be meeting in Vancouver to cement a deal.









10 Responses to “Alfred Webre turns on Kevin Annett”

  1. hilary says:

    God bless all who write and tell the truth,people need to wake up and wake up fast

  2. Gillian says:

    I see that old bat Esther Rantzen is to be made a Dame in the new year’s honours list. They sure like to look after and reward their own kind.

  3. Mark says:

    I’m unable to more fully respond until tonight but suffice to say, my reason to doubt the integrity of ITCCS’s claims was the lack of transparency and detail on their website. Searching to establish ‘Justin Welby’ specificly named involvement bought a blank. (Always judge a book by its cover eh?). On a particular day of debunking Spivey, Boyle, Tap and… Kevin A, I asked (posted a comment on Tap) requesting evidence. This accusation appears to bring it, but why and with whom? Kevin can/could answer this. The longer he doesn’t, the less likely he’s being misjudged. Those who argue the spotlight on intentional satanic ritual networks is exaggerated will see any failure or deception by Kevin as bearing this out. We have no reason to know this is the case – or that it isn’t. I’m erring on the ‘more’ than ‘less’ side but if nothing else, Alfred’s disclosure – albeit he stands for more – will cause some to cry – ‘we’re’ crying ‘wolf’. Of the enemy Revelation claims: ‘For the accuser of our brothers and sisters, who accuses them before our God day and night, (has been hurled down)’. Let’s see if we can isolate this to let wisdom and clarity rule and reign.

    ‘Exorcisms are real. What are possessions? Are these crossing over with mental illness, schizophrenia? Manipulation through the concept of original sin. The Elohim created mankind as slave race, says the Hebrew version of Genesis. The serpent was there to save mankind’.

    These important areas of enquiry beg better discussion. Observation and theology, testimony and psychology. Later, Mark.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Whenever you’re ready, Mark.

  5. Mark says:

    Brought not bought (typo above). Thanks Tap look forward to your, and others, engagement, Mark.

  6. Mark says:

    ‘Exorcisms are real’.

    Exorcisms might involve beings with personality.

    ‘What are possessions?’.

    So… Oh, you mean demons inner side? We’re all a bit demonised and in amongst the pigs in the parlour frenzy of fakes there’s real documentary of difficult to explain accounts. Something inside.
    Different traditions differ on exorcism. The reality of the New Testament’s unclean spirits is taken seriously, particularly among Catholic and Protestant take exorcism seriously. Our understanding of the Greek word is best translated ‘under the influence of demons’ not oppressed/possessed – just demonised. Anyone can be, and many people presumably are, under demonic influence to some degree. We’re possessed by what we allow and are fooled by. The demons I don’t like to  think about.  Many people who pray for healing and people to be release encounter personalities operating from within the people they are trying to help. 

    Smith Wigglesworth believes something-satanic-himself visited him while he was in his bed, upon sensing the demonic presence he said, “oh it’s only you” and then rolled over to go back to sleep. Apparently he had no fear of Satan at all. I won’t. I mustn’t. I don’t.

    ‘Are these crossing over with mental illness, schizophrenia?’.

    Chemicals and evil.

    ‘”Manipulation through the concept of original sin.”‘.

    There is no such thing as original sin. Augustine misread Romans 5:12 and overreacted to Pelagius and now it takes Joe Strummer to tell us ‘the future is unwritten’ not the church in the Calvinist main.

    ‘As far as this… ‘The Elohim created mankind as slave race, says the Hebrew version of Genesis. The serpent was there to save mankind’.’


    we sense? mark flora and steve x

  7. Mark says:

    Steve adds a word he felt the Lord say today:

    “Rather than to cling on to life that’s full of death. We should embrace a death that is full of life.”


  8. Jason H. Smith says:

    The global elite will always anticipate what might be their ‘worst-case scenario’, and then act it out, using characters like Kevin Annett as ‘controlled opposition’ types. Everything he says will come across as 100% genuine, but the sad reality is, the man is a ‘paper tiger’ front, and ultimately cannot be trusted. If you assume nothing, trust no one and treat everything you come across with discernment and humility, in equal measure, not allowing your assumptions to determine anything. But most of all, take your ego and emotions out of all this; and simply accept that this is a thoroughly evil order of operations, that is very ancient a deeply entrenched, within all of us, as the false paradigm and narrative of our mortal and fallen condition.

    • Jennifer says:

      I would also add using the faculty of logic to your list. In order to achieve a One World Government, a One World Religion is frequently touted as the means (how this works in the secular tranche I do not know). Taking down the power of the Roman Church is key to this, especially in Africa and parts of Asia.
      Magic and Neoplatonism have historically been part of the Vatican’s modus operandii, but Kevin Annett may be making too much of it to suit another agenda.

  9. Tony Coop says:

    Alfred Webre did he same to Karen Hudes [ex World Bank lawyer] recently.
    He also showed an animosity towards Dr Judy Wood [9/11] and her theories in an interview with Lauren Moret.

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