Jews were expelled from England in 1290. The expulsion still has force of law.

The Edict of Expulsion, passed by King Edward I in 1290 and calling for all Jews to leave Britain, has never formally been revoked.

In order to rescind it, Queen Elizabeth II must sign a contrasting decree.

According to an article published by Israeli historian Ori Katzir on his blog, Aplaton, King Edward I decided in 1290 to evict all Jews from Britain. The reasons for this were many and varied, including blood libel against the Jews.

The edict has not been cancelled.

Katzir writes, “Although this sounds surprising – even unbelievable – the edict has not been cancelled and is still listed among British legal documents. It was actively in effect for decades until Oliver Cromwell allowed the Jews to return in the middle of the 17th century. In the past 350 years, the British Jewish community has become one of the largest and most thriving in the world, but the edict is still in effect.”


Katzir states that it is clear that the edict is a disregarded law, and that England does not behave in accordance to Medieval norms manifested in the decree. However, in theory, the British have the capacity to kick out Israeli Jews, for example, when they come to visit in England.

“All that needs to be done is for the queen to sign a contradictory decree, and this has never been done. I wonder when the Israeli government will appeal to the UK to have Queen Elizabeth II sign such a decree and revoke the edict issued by one of her forefathers.”,7340,L-3302296,00.html


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oliver Cromwell was a traitor to Brittain. He is and always will be responsible for where we are today. All done by the banking barrons. They have simply run amock…. Tick tock.

  2. Aldous says:

    Oliver Cromwell was an English politician and military leader and later Lord Protector of England. After the death [Execution/Regicide] of Charles I after the English Civil War, Cromwell ruled England under religious rule and banned several things including:

    Hot food on a Sunday
    All music, even church hymns (although he secretly enjoyed listening to it)
    Bear baiting, and other forms of entertainment
    Public kissing
    Going to church on Christmas Day

    Cromwell used his army to police the country and enforce these laws, harsh punishments were administered to anyone who dared break them. He also sort to destroy Catholic influence in England, hence why he outlawed Christmas. Upon his invasion of Ireland to prevent the future King Charles II gaining an army there, he went on a near genocidal campaign to exterminate the Irish, whipping out up to one quarter of the population through warfare, extermination and famine caused by burning there crops. To this day mentioning Cromwell’s name in Ireland is likely to provoke a violent reaction.

    Cromwell however did do some good things, he removed much of the feudal influence from the country. Although he did not make it democratic as some have claimed, he quickly got rid of Parliament when the disagreed with him (the exact same thing that King Charles I had done to start the civil war). He was also a skilled General and is considered one of the best English Military leaders ever, as such he is often held by the scholars to be ranked with likes of Marlborough and Wellington. He also invited the Jews back to England, following them being kicked out almost 400 years earlier by King Edward I.

    After his death he was buried but when King Charles II came back to power his body was dug up, hung in chains and beheaded.


  3. Aldous says:

    “…whipping(sic) out up to one quarter of the population through warfare, extermination and famine caused by burning there crops.”

    That should obviously be ‘wiping out’ but I missed that correction (of several in the Real Life Villains link) as I was being whipped into a frenzy by the sight of living dead Lithuanian Jew Malcolm Rifkind (Rivkind) being interviewed about the breaking torture allegations. It and his cousin Leon Brittan (Brittansky) are of course mired in Paedogate. Nuff said.

  4. QM says:

    The expulsion only means something to petty minded bigots…
    The rest of us have bigger problems than an imaginary Zionist conspiracy.

    • pauline says:

      You need to wake up stop taking the tablets and dont drink the water ,if not a Zionist conspiracy,who do you think rules the UK and controls the UK purse??? makes all our laws keeps us in chains,oh dear those bloody Chinese overlords I suppose ,silly me I thought Zionists ruled us.

      Zionist overlords took us into WW1 and WW2 ,Iraq,Afghanistan drugs control poppies ect, and all wars from Nelson,Wellington,Zulu`s,Indian mutiny,Chines Opium wars ect,behind every war England has been involved in sits the JEWISH puppetmaster pulling our strings.

  5. ed says:

    pointless article.

    • Aldous says:

      Like your pointless comment? It’s all about the LAW! You do remember the law? It’s what you and I have to (are supposed to) comply with while the illegal aliens who shouldn’t even be here, have usurped the establishment to ignore centuries old (and not so old) legal laws of the land and create ‘illegal’ laws for their own evil ends and nefarious purposes (so-called hate speech/crime legislation for example that in reality only applies to indigenous Whites to intimidate, subvert and screw us every which way) while they are kiddy-fiddling and kiddy-killing and doing pretty much what they like because they are protected and their wicked Talmud says it’s OK to shaft the Goyim.

  6. pauline says:

    Its not only all Jews who are in England illegally, all muslims are here also illegally due to Queen Elizabeth the 1st EDICT OF EXPULSION OF ALL BLACKMOORS(MUSLIMS)which has never been repealed and is still law today, not sure of my dates for Elizabeth sorry my brain is asleep today was it 1558 or 1658??????

  7. stedra rulz says:

    Well, it can’t be 1658. Cromwell was in charge then.

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