Hungarian Parliament Speaker: “Hungary has become the target of US regime change ambitions. “

Kövér László
 It would be pointless to try to get back in US good graces.”

The article below is a very recent interview with Hungary Parliament Speaker – the third highest dignitary in the country – Laszlo Köver.

We’ve said before Hungary government statements are still tame. They aren’t any longer.

Köver goes all out here. There are Iranian politicians who aren’t this anti-American.

Being candid he does much to reveal the position Hungary government believes itself to be in:

  • Hungary government has defended Hungarian sovereignty.
  • This has caused it to become target of US regime change ambitions.
  • It would be pointless to try to get back in US good graces.
  • Instead Hungary should ally Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic and other countries in the region in similar position.
  • It should continue to pursue good relations with Germany – perhaps in hope Germany will mediate between Washington and Budapest.

This is an abridged version of an article that originally appeared in Magyar Hirlap. It was translated by Richard Field at The Budapest Beacon

“The recent pronouncements of American deputy foreign secretary Sarah Sewall are very revealing.

She has spoken openly and stridently about how the United States….is devoting millions of dollars in the interest of national security to executing various action plans in two dozen Eastern-European countries.

Part of these are certainly EU member states, and the rest may be aspiring member states, although Sewall only mentioned the Czech Republic and us by name.

From this we can deduce a self definition of power that from the national security point of view there is not a square centimeter of area that falls outside of their interests.

From this it also follows that apart from them no other country can have sovereignty.

They boasted that they “invested” millions of dollars in changes in Ukraine.

It seems that they will not be satisfied with another government taking the place of the current one, but are thinking in terms of changing the entire elite of the governing party and the opposition.

In this way it is apparent that a world political power struggle is under way, whose stake is not only the fate of Hungary but all of Europe, but the chance of European nation-state sovereignty and true democracy.

It seems totally irrational logic is starting to run the world.

Petty, selfish people not suitable for the political arena are twisting the fate of countries and peoples from North Africa to the Central-East back to Europe, according to what appears to be a long-term strategy, but is really only according to monetary interests.

We had some peaceful years when it was possible to believe that a unipolar world system had emerged.

But now we see that this is not the case, and that the United States must still fight the emerging, formerly third world powers, and new rivals and Russia. They do not want to be subordinate, and neither does Europe. So the Pax Americana has not come to pass. The current conflicts arise from this.

All of our energy should be devoted to preserving the life of the nation, so that in the decades to come the Hungarian community can protect belief, hope and self-identity.”


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