How drugs rule the world and have done so for hundreds of years

Wars were fought to impose opium addiction as a form of social control, making huge profits, and keeping the imperial system going, by the British.  The CIA today is funded in exactly the same way.  Vietnam was targeted in a war to take control of the drug industry from the French.  War and drugs go hand in hand and have done so for centuries.  Air America was shipping heroin around the world from Vietnam funding the war.


Afghanistan was a war to control the production of opium/heroin.  Dubai became the laundry for cleaning up the drug money.  HSBC involved in the drugs trade right from the very beginning up to this very day.

The Taliban eradicated the opium trade, which is why they became the primary enemy of Washington.

Nicaragua was a White House based operation, concerning cocaine, orchestrated by Vice President George Bush.  The drug money funded the Contras.

Guns were given by US government to Mexican drug cartels.  These weapons were used to kill US Drug enforcement officers.

The world’s drug industry is controlled from the City Of London.  Guns, Drugs and Oil are the basis of the international financial system..  The big three.

All tax havens like Jersey, Cayman islands, Doha, Qatar thrive by laundering the world’s illegal money.  Millions die every year from consuming drugs and from gang activity.  The drug problem will have to be defeated, and it starts with the criminalisation of the world’s biggest banks.


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Reference: PREM 15/497

    Supply of military equipment to Israel: Centurion tanks, midget submarines
    Date: 1970 Nov 19-1971 May 11
    Held by: The National Archives, Kew
    Legal status: Public Record
    Record opening date: 01 January 2002

    Miniature Submariners Badge

    You see, Shrimpton was convicted not of making crazy statements, but quite the contrary. Shrimpton’s tale of miniature subs has a strikingly coincidental ring about it. During his trial, the Swedish Navy spent weeks hunting miniature submarines. There are only two nations that possess such systems, Russia and Israel.

    According to a source in Swedish Naval Intelligence, one terrorist team landed by “tiny little submarines” was captured and interrogated and returned to their host nation. Was that Russia or Israel? The Naval captain, I will call him “Andy,” personally took part in the interrogation.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    The manner in which Israel’s Mossad tricked the U.S. into attacking Libya was described in detail by former Mossad case worker Victor Ostrovsky in The Other Side of Deception, the second of two revealing books he wrote after he left Israel’s foreign intelligence service. The story began in February 1986, when

    Israel sent a team of navy commandos in miniature submarines into Tripoli to

    land and install a “Trojan,” a six-foot-long communications device, in the top floor of a five-story apartment building. The device, only seven inches in diameter, was capable of receiving messages broadcast by Mossad’s LAP (LohAma Psicologit—psychological warfare or disinformation section) on one frequency and automatically relaying the broadcasts on a different frequency used by the Libyan government.

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