Happy Christmas for Tap Blog mobile readers – and others

I must repeat the apology to all mobile and tablet readers.  The move to WordPress was never intended to cut you off from The Tap Blog.  As we left Blogger in early November, many of our regular readers have not been able to get access since.  Mike’s been working on different formats since then and working out the best way to rectify the problem and get you back in.


He says he’ll be doing his next test launch on Christmas Day.   When we switch on on Christmas morning (I will be doing so!) we will soon see if  the launch has been successful or not.  Good luck Mike.  The mobile readers (the ones I know) just can’t wait!

As for the rest, thanks to all the regular contributors, who send in great stories each day, and comments.  I’ve been blogging on here for nine years this year, and I haven’t got bored yet.  I look forward to keeping going finding out what’s really happening in the world, pushing back the boundaries and uncovering the deceptions.  It should be really depressing to be finding out all the programmes that we do, being rolled out to enslave the world, but somehow it doesn’t feel that way.  The more we know and can see through them all, the more difficulty there is in pushing the actions through.  The little things each of us can do to slow the tide of toxicity and evil, become big things.  David Cameron wants the internet controlled he told us in his UN speech.  People revealing previously hidden truths in his view are worse than terrorists.  Let’s hope we can carry on and spoil the rest of his party in the New Year, and a few other people’s to boot.


This just came in.  A very good expo on The Heptitis B Vaccine from The National Health Federation –


And this has been sent in twice in recent days – the Jewish Zionist fingerprints all over 9/11.  There are many US traitors.

A joint false flag operation of the governments of Israel and the United States.  Treason has been committed.  Arrest them.

Ken O’Keefe on the great gift of 9/11.


ITCCS Breaking Communique – December 21, 2014

 Direct Action Force to directly stop child trafficking at notorious Vancouver Club

Sworn common law sheriffs will monitor cults, make arrests, investigate the unsolved murders of six ITCCS activists


As part of the upcoming Grand Jury proceedings into crimes on Canada’s west coast, a specially trained Direct Action Force will forcibly stop child trafficking and make arrests at the Vancouver Club and on private yachts moored in West Vancouver and the inner harbor.

Operating under the jurisdiction of warrants of a common law High Court of Justice, the Force will also dispatch an investigative team throughout Vancouver to monitor child traffickers, make arrests and uncover the murderers of six prominent aboriginal ITCCS activists.

The operation will commence after the inauguration of the High Court and its Vancouver based Grand Jury on January 15, 2015, following the invocation of the constitutional Republic of Kanata.

A spokesman for the Direct Action Force said today,

“We will be acting on hard evidence gathered over years when we move on the Vancouver Club network. Seasoned detectives will assist us in uncovering the transit houses where children are imprisoned, and gathering evidence of the deaths of ITCCS members in Vancouver. We expect the local police to assist us, or to stand down to avoid being charged with obstructing justice.”

See www.itccs.org (December 17, 2014) and www.republicofkanata.com for background. A Public Notice follows.

Issued by ITCCS Central, Brussels and Republic of Kanata, District One

21 December, 2014


$10,000 REWARD

A reward of $10,000 is offered by the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the death of the following ITCCS aboriginal members:

Chief Louis Daniels, ITCCS convener and liaison with Ojibway Nation, died in Winnipeg General Hospital, February 12, 2006

Harriet Nahanee, witness to Alberni residential school murders, died in Surrey Remand Prison after her arrest by RCMP, February 24, 2007

Johnny “Bingo” Dawson, leader of ITCCS protests, died in Vancouver after being beaten by Vancouver police, December 9, 2009

William Combes, witness to abduction of children by Queen of England, died in Vancouver General Hospital, February 26, 2011

Ricky Lavallee, witness to alleged beating-to-death of Bingo Dawson by Vancouver police, died suddenly on January 3, 2012

Harry Wilson, witness to two murders at Alberni residential school, died of unknown cause, May 3, 2012


11 Responses to “Happy Christmas for Tap Blog mobile readers – and others”

  1. WASP says:

    Hi Tap,I’m at a loss as to know why Tablets can’t access your Site.
    I have no difficulty obtaining access on my i-Mac Tablet. I did experience slight difficulty in accessing your Site with one of my Windows P.C’s, & there was also a slight problem with the Comments which had a habit of Auto Deleting.

    I don’t believe that was due to your Site though, as when I removed some Crap YAHOO, installed there was no further problem. I never use YAHOO, it carries with it a Load of Rubbish, which can well be done without. It unfortunately has a habit of installing it’s self with some upgrades, if you don’t remember to cancel it.

    I am going to attempt to send a Post via g-Mail. I haven’t been too successful in this respect as yet.

    The other thing I notice is that, HTML active links in Comments, are treated as Spam, & unsendable in that respect. but when the url addresses are inserted they gives an active links.


  2. Mark says:

    I manage to read ‘you’ on a mobile phone. Initially I have to refresh the home page to read the titles/see the thumbnail pics, that’s all. Here’s to this voice in the wilderness. To 2015, wisdom, courage and impact – for Tap and team. Thanks y’all. Mark

  3. Tapestry says:

    Glad that some are working OK.

    No post arrived yet wasp.

  4. Anonymous says:

    They have invented bogeymen throughout history…dont they get it yet!! we know what they have done, how they have done it and why. They really are repeaters and doomed to fail now. Cameron is a sock puppet agent of Mossad. We have been infiltrated by a Zionist regime. Game over Cameron the people are onto to you and your stage managed psyops.

  5. Gillian says:

    Happy Christmas to you and your family Tap.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Happy Christmas Tap….Keep up the good work of exposing the Cabal and their dirty laundry. We all have a human right to co exist without this middle ages mentality coming from these psycopaths. The world has been fooled by these moronic abusers. Here is to the clean up that is long overdue. Peace to all.

  7. sovereigntea says:

    The Dam Is Breaking -Never doubt how truly powerful you are.

    Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

    start at 1:10 min


    How Come They Keeping Getting Away With It?

    Consider the actors on the stage and the psychology that may apply.


    Never doubt how truly powerful you are.

    Reason Number 3: Assuming that the Super-Elite Are “Like Us”

    The super-elites are not like us:

    Vanderbilt researchers have found that the brains of psychopaths have a dopamine abnormality which creates a drive for rewards at any cost, and causes them to ignore risks.

    As PhysOrg writes:

    Abnormalities in how the nucleus accumbens, highlighted here, processes dopamine have been found in individuals with psychopathic traits and may be linked to violent, criminal behavior. Credit: Gregory R.Samanez-Larkin and Joshua W. Buckholtz

    The brains of psychopaths appear to be wired to keep seeking a reward at any cost, new research from Vanderbilt University finds. The research uncovers the role of the brain’s reward system in psychopathy and opens a new area of study for understanding what drives these individuals.

  8. sovereigntea says:

    Christmas Special – The Trial Of Tony Blair: Complete

    by servant gord

    1 hour, 11 minutes


  9. sovereigntea says:

    Whats the odds of a false flag on Xmas day ?

    With any terror crime we always see the stage being set via the media before the event.

    Is this latest “hacking” distraction a ploy to keep CIA torture and other sordid zionist crimes off the telly whilst providing the meme that will enable further Stasi like government control over our communications aka the internet ?

    Or have the increasingly exposed and fingered Neoconzionistbanking crime syndicate planned a spectacular ?

    Hacking propaganda linked to terrorism & “terror states” has been ramped up of late.

    Leading the charge we see the noncy BBC.

    Sony hack: North Korea threatens US as row deepens
    BBC News‎ – 11 hours ago
    North Korea threatens unspecified attacks on the US as it escalates a war of word

    We also have the torture implicated Darth Vader of US politics Dick Cheney’s well published statements.


    25 Jun 2014 – Dick Cheney’s gone nuclear. The former vice president offered a prediction that the U.S. will face a deadly terrorist attack within a decade …

    The Huffington Post — NEW YORK — Former vice president Dick Cheney has predicted that the US will suffer a “far deadlier” terrorist attack than 9/11 before the end of the decade, likely to be a nuclear strike.

    The neocon Daily Telegraph

    29 Jul 2014 – A top-ranking North Korean military official has threatened a nuclear strike on the White House and Pentagon after accusing Washington

    Side stories such as the recently aired on Fox News and its affiliate Infowars also depict NK as enemy of choice, commie evil monsters who in 2006 planned to nuke cities in the USA a plan so evil it might be worthy of King Bibi & the Neocons.

    The Murdoch New York Times reports
    North Korea Loses Its Link to the Internet

    The White House has comically blamed NK in for hacking Sony in a reading age 5 script re the by all accounts not very good film “The Interview” which depicts NK leader Kim Ill Dr Evil being assasinated.

    As a reaction the evil forces of NK are said to have hacked Sony.

    We also have the South Korean hacked reactor scare story.

    Consider – would any IT department be stupid enough to link a nuclear power plant’s critical control systems to the outside world, for instance by a connection to the internet ? Unlikely to say the least.


    Nuclear Power Plant In South Korea Hacked

    Since the ultimate goal of the ongoing hacking scare tactic appears to be the implementation of an Internet “Kill switch” which would likely be achieved by a controlled take down of the energy grid to demonstrate just how scary “hackers” may be, here comes the “other” Korea with an appetizer of what is to come to the US on short notice. According to RT, a South Korean nuclear plant operator’ computer system was hacked. The perpetrator has leaked blueprints and manuals, says if his demands for three reactors’ closure aren’t met, those living near the facilities should “stay away” from home.


    The Marketing Campaign Is Now Complete: Sony To Release The Interview On December 25 After All

    Take that evil North Korean Hackers

    * * *

    And so, what is perhaps the greatest marketing campaign in movie history, comes to a close with the following update from Bloomberg:

    Sony executives talking about possibility of releasing “The Interview” on Dec. 25 during a conference call scheduled for 10am in Dallas, Dallas News reports, citing people familiar. source zerohedge

    The terrorists un-win!


  10. Gordon Logan says:

    I no longer receive the Tap in my e-mail for some reason. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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