Farage finally notices the rise of The Greens, as UKIP slips to 13%.



Instead of just guzzling the stuff, Mr Farage, why not think how your beer will taste, when all the water’s been fracked?  Voters are thinking about such things even if you are not doing so.  With the Green vote surging, you are falling behind the curve.

The Greens have surged to 10%.  UKIP has slumped to 13%.  http://www1.politicalbetting.com/index.php/archives/2014/12/18/ipsos-mori-sees-the-tories-retain-their-3-lead/

Tap remains banned from Politicalbetting.com.  I loaded a new ID but they spotted it was me and I only got one comment through before I got the ‘sorry, not permitted’ sign again.  All I’ve been writing is that The Greens have surged from 2% to 10%% in six months and could be ahead of UKIP by election day.  UKIP today’s on 13% (Ipsos) (Not that I trust polls further than I can spit).  I’ve been begging Farage to jump horses and get into line on fracking for months – that is getting rid of fracking, not backing it wholeheartedly as he and Roger Helmer are doing.  Farage could do the same for GMOs, and suddenly get into the Green end of the electoral market.  Why he’s nailed his colours to the fracking mast is beyond my comprehension.  It is so clearly a big vote loser for the Government, and a big winner for the Greens.

I was therefore interested to see that Green issues have finally penetrated Farage’s mind, in his write-up of his BBC Question Time ‘contest’ with Brand. Though it’s only a miniature step.  It’s a start.

Not being allowed onto Politicalbetting to celebrate, I dropped off a comment about this ‘breakthrough’ in the UKIP leader’s perception onto a busy North Shropshire anti-fracking Facebook page, from where it could well be copied far and wide.   Farage writes in The Independent –

While I don’t buy much of this “rise of the Green Party” rhetoric, they are slightly more prominent in the media than they were five years ago. So are the SNP.  

My God, he’s noticed the Green agenda is rising at last.  It’ll be hitting him between the eyes shortly if it hasn’t already.


BTW Come on, Mike Smithson on PB, I’ve been commenting on your site for ten years.  Let me back in will yer?  Are my comments really so vital to keep out of sight?  It makes you look petty-minded.


3 Responses to “Farage finally notices the rise of The Greens, as UKIP slips to 13%.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just more controlled opposition. Voting wont save us …they have all told a pack of lies to get into the driving seat. Just same old same old. Tap wake up to this pantomime we have.

  2. NPP says:

    … and vote for who? None of them? Join the Brand brand?

    TAP. You are right – if they dropped their fracking ridiculous silly fracking policy and ‘woke up’ to GMO etc… they could be serious contenders.

    It seems a lost battle right now, but who else? Any party that goes no to fracking, no to GMO and especially NO to child violation, would be serious contenders.

    I know. I’m dreaming… but….

    WTF, dreams are what the real stuff’s made of.

    Check Richie Allen’s interview with Melanie Shaw:
    Oh yes, just makes you so proud to be bloody British. That is British sarcasm.

    19 May 1919 Mustafa Kemal headed for Samsun and against all odds commenced a battle of independence. He won.

  3. WASP says:

    Hi Tap, Brand can only be described as a “B.D.M.”

    Definitely not a SMOM, but without a doubt he is a Coadjutor.

    I put some information together regarding this, but it’s not difficult to find.

    If you observe his overall style, & the rubbish he utters, when he is trying to be a Comic, but doesn’t make it, thats why he is changing direction.

    You should be in no doubt regarding this, just consider his confrontation with a Bank Employe the other day. His abrasive “J.C.” style is meant to offend, all part of the role play.

    No doubt The M-K’ed Perry was a Short Term Reward.

    There is also this nonsense about standing for Parliament. If they think he will suit their purposes, he will obviously make it, when he will be at home with the other COMICS, but I am of the opinion he is being used as a “LOOSE CANNON.”



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