Endgame. Don’t imagine your MP can help you. He’s part of it.

As we talked about, classic 2007 documentary from alternative news guru Alex Jones, ‘Endgame’, his best work. Shows up the Bilderberg annual secret meetings where the ‘Elites’ plan to set up world government run by multinational corporations and inernational banks through their puppets the EU and UN using bribery and blackmail of all Western governents. The end objective is to poison us with GMO food, chemtrails, radiation, fake news, endless war, end nature as we know it and steal all our money (scary stuff…)
I think it is eminently watchable, give it 30 minutes at least:

As relevant as ever, with the TPP (transnational corporations above governments), GMO food, carbon trading / taxes, mass immigration, etc. currently being rammed through all Western governments without public scrutiny.
Sent in by Colin

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