Donbass decides, driven out of Ukraine by war, removal of pensions and cutting off of food supply.


Why are we doing this to other European citizens?  If British people knew what David Cameron supports and encourages – war in Ukraine not against Putin, but against ordinary citizens – would anyone support him?   Blair is seen for what he is by the public – a war criminal.  Cameron is no less.  Yet he still shows his face around the country as if he were an ordinary human being.  He is not.  Anyone who can tolerate actions such as are being taken in Ukraine are inhuman, criminal and not tolerable.  NATO is the same thing as NAZI.  NATO’s not there to defend us.  It’s there to commit genocide against humanity.  If you doubt that assertion, watch the video, and remember who it is that chemtrails the rest of the people of Europe and the world every day.  If you don’t want to watch the political posturing, go to 19 minutes to see the humanitarian catastrophe that is being deliberately created.  Cameron is not my Prime Minister.  Is he still yours?


3 Responses to “Donbass decides, driven out of Ukraine by war, removal of pensions and cutting off of food supply.”

  1. ian borrman says:

    cameron is a big a murdering asshole as tony blair

  2. Norman says:

    how t f is he getting away with it ?

  3. sovereigntea says:

    Neocon globalist stooge Cameron is a highly compromised puppet of the up for auction zioUS regime, he remains in place as a like Blair as their useful idiot, hence for now he is getting away with it.

    Their collective delinquent policies and stategic miscalculations are now coming home to roost, the clock is ticking.

    Putin Pipeline Moves and EU Stupidity

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