Can you trust the alternative media?

The mainstream media, the alternative media, the esoteric media.  They’re all designed to stop you from thinking for yourself..


People like Russell Brand are there to catch people who are starting to suspect the system is rotten, and lead them to nowhere.

This video is a good description of the way people begin to realise the world is not right, and then how the system tries to handle them.

Comfort is the number one enemy of any truth-seeker.  It kills your curiosity.

They try to make you comfortable.

Being demonised as a conspiracy-theorist for most is enough to drive them back into their cave.

We look for experts to make us feel comfortable.  These are gratefully provided by the system.

They are used to lead us away from any real truth.

The guy in the video below says he only trusts a very few people, and almost no one 100%.

Truth is inspiring and liberating.

Keep your BS detector on 24 hours a day.

Every controlled opposition has to give you some truth.

Grab the good bits, and dump the rubbish.

Controlled opposition gets lots of exposure and they get it quick.  That’s always a giveaway.

Send thought leaders an email and see if they respond.  Managed opposition doesn’t reply.

100% of current thought leaders are ex-military.

Controlled opposition leaders live near military bases.

Austin, Texas is centre of military intelligence home bases.

Ex-CIA is not ex.  Anyone from intelligence agencies never retire.

9/11 – pied pipers offer an endless parade of new theories as to what happened.

Controlled opposition keeps itself to itself.

Being a bit crazy is a great qualification for C.O.  This is to put people off from following such ideas.

Controlled opposition often don’t have children.

They offer false solutions.

Buy gold.

Stockpile food.

Preachers.  Controlled opposition are always talking at us.  They give sermons.

They use NLP.  Revealing real truth is the last thing they want to do.

Meet other awake people.  It’s stress free.  Become your own truth leader.

TAP – I find my instincts are pretty good at working out who to trust.  I find I get bored of people like Alex Jones, although at one time I learned a lot from watching him.  The best witnesses are those who battle the system and work out ways to win, working by themselves.  It’s great once you get a network going of people you trust, living outside the cave.  The systems of deception have been operating for thousands of years.  It is a wonderful feeling of freedom once you realise all that crap you learned at school isn’t even true.  You are literally free to start from scratch.  This video is helpful in understanding it all.

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11 Responses to “Can you trust the alternative media?”

  1. Da Man says:

    Don’t believe a word Russell Brand says, he’s a fully paid up disinformation stooge, he’s also a thoroughly disgusting person in himself. Don’t trust him, don’t like him, just don’t acknowledge him & he’ll hopefully go away.

  2. NPP says:

    Shropshire, your hood.
    Tory MP Mark Pritchard arrested.

    BBC 5 Live reference ‘rape’.

  3. Jennifer says:

    From Kevin Boyle at The Truthseeker

  4. Baron says:

    This video IS controlled opposition.
    It is trying to tell you that 911 is just a bunch of Arabs and nothing more.
    It’s also warning you off buying Gold.

    This video is the scam it’s purporting to warn you against.

  5. Tapestry says:

    I missed the bit about 911 being a bunch of Arabs. Still it’s a good video. Buying gold isn’t much of a step to take, to be honest. Taking down the Satanic power structures that are killing us is more the way to go. Gold isn’t much use when you’re poisoned with glyphosate, no water available from fracking and the bees are all dead. Life comes first.


  7. Tapestry says:

    In that being overly sane in a crazy world is no sign of health.

  8. leave the system, let it go. says:

    battle the system
    no tap
    just leave the system we dont need any of it

  9. Nollidge says:

    To paraphrase Aristotle:
    “You may not want the system,but the system most certainly wants YOU!.

  10. Wow, what an awesome video! Watching it was a deja vu experience for me…for the first ten minutes, anyway.

    The irony is that the video itself appears to be a scam. I agree with Baron, who suggests that the video appears to warn us away from 9/11 conspiracies. Also, I e-mailed the website the original video is posted on, and they never replied. Also, the claim that 100% of controlled opposition is ex-military and Austin, Texas is the hub of a parallel universe built on lies is utter BS.

    As the author says, “grab the good bits, and dump the rubbish.”

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