Buried files link Buckingham Palace to child abuse. Exaro.

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Latest from Exaro, 10 December 2014

Buckingham Palace drawn into scandal over ‘paedophile ring’

Confidential files at the Home Office draw Buckingham Palace into the unfolding scandal of a paedophile network within the UK’s establishment.

Revealed: buried files link Buckingham Palace to paedophilia
Royal household ‘extremely concerned’ at ‘unsubstantiated’ claims, wrote Leon Brittan

MP paedophiles were ‘Untouchables’ – ex-Special Branch officer
Two former police officers come forward to reveal how Met action on VIPs was blocked

Met trawls files on 200 missing boys in murder probe into VIPs
‘Operation Midland’ searches for clues to three alleged killings by paedophile network

4 Responses to “Buried files link Buckingham Palace to child abuse. Exaro.”

  1. Driver47 says:

    This really is of no surprise. Mountbatten introduced jimmy saville to the royals and on it went from there. 2 years ago I’d be sitting here angry at what was being said about my beloved Queen and her family but now that my eyes have been opened up to the institutional cover ups of the child rapes and killings I hope for, our own children’s, my children’s, my granddaughters sake that we may soon have a Republic of England.

  2. Great title!
    even though I know exaro is rubbish controlled opposition
    But the title alone breaks down barriers if sent to people

  3. Dublinmick says:

    Randy Andy is being sued for bonging a 16 year old American girl supplied by Jeffrey Epstein who is doing time in the joint now.


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