British Obama backed by Blair for Labour leader


Blair is backing his ‘natural heir’ Chuka Umunna as a future Labour leader and ‘admires’ his attacks on Ukip

  • Ex-PM wants shadow business secretary to be next Labour leader
  • Friends say the two men speak regularly to discuss the political scene
  • Umunna is also in close contact with other New Labour grandees
  • Today he renewed attack on ‘fundamental con’ of Ukip immigration policy 

Tony Blair is backing Chuka Umunna to become the next Labour leader, it was claimed today.

The former prime minister is said to think the shadow business secretary is the ‘natural heir’ to his New Labour project.

It comes after he took an apparent swipe at Ed Miliband, complaining that too few of today’s party leaders have experience of life outside politics.

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Former prime minister Tony Blair is said to be backing Chuka Umunna as a Labour leader,

Shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna

Tony Blair is said to be backing Chuka Umunna as a Labour leader, believing he is the ‘natural heir’ to his own legacy

Many Labour MPs expect Mr Miliband to be ousted as leader if he fails to become Prime Minister in May next year. Several potential successors are already said to be jockeying for position.

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper and health spokesman Andy Burnham are seen as frontrunners.

But bookies have Mr Umunna at 6/1 to become the next Labour leader.

He has repeatedly insisted he is loyal to Mr Miliband, but is seen as certain to enter a leadership race in the future.

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14 Responses to “British Obama backed by Blair for Labour leader”

  1. John says:

    He needs come to clean about his connections to PWC tax dodge scheme inventors. Both him and Edd Balls.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Labour Man of the people Chukka is “proud to shop on Savile Row…”

    Interview with Alistair Campbell GQ Magazine Chukka denies Labour wrecked the country despite all those years since 1992 doing so.

    Labour needs to explain and rebut the notion that we crashed the car

    We made a bad mistake in allowing the sense to develop that it was their fault, because they’ve failed to rebut the Tory line about “the mess we inherited”.
    I do think we need to talk more proudly about our record. We do need to explain and rebut this notion that we crashed the car.

    We have totally played into that though.
    My view is that the seeds were sown under the last government and Gordon [Brown] – for whom I have a lot of respect – his refusal to use the word “cuts” in trying to frame the economic debate as investment versus cuts gave the impression we didn’t understand that debt and deficit would have to be dealt with.

    But the crash was not his fault.
    My main argument in my conference speech was that we did not crash the car. Labour left the country in a far better state, and I say it all the time.

    …………… wants to give Europhile Tory Heseltine a role in govt

    I am not the most tribal politician. Actually, in business and skills, to his credit Vince Cable has carried on with a lot that Peter Mandelson did.

    I’m not sure he has much power, though.
    No, I don’t think he has the same clout across government as Peter did, or Michael Heseltine.

    Could you see a role for Hezza [Heseltine] if there was a Labour government?
    I would very much like to work with Hezza and get him involved. Along with others.

    Why don’t we come straight out and say there would only be a referendum if a Labour government recommended it, and there is no chance of that so there will be no referendum? Simple, clear.
    We have said there does not need to be a referendum unless there is a proposal to shift more powers to Brussels, which is unlikely. I have always made the case [that] we should be confident about all this. The Labour brand is a far more powerful brand than the Tory brand or the UKIP brand in this country. That is why, with an open goal in front of them, [the Tories] shot and misfired in 2012. Cameron should have won a majority and in part it is because of the strength of the Labour brand that despite the crash happening on our watch and despite Gordon Brown struggling to connect in some ways, they still did not win and they have not actually won since 1992.

    ………….. spooky ?

    You have an unusual family background.
    I am half Nigerian, quarter Irish, quarter English. My father was a rags-to-riches businessman who came over in the Sixties with no money, aged 33. On my mother’s side, I am the grandson of a High Court judge and celebrated intelligence officer, so it’s quite an unusual combination.

  3. hugh jarce says:

    i always vote labour but would not vote for anyone who is foreign

    • Gillian says:

      Why do you ‘always vote labour’? Perhaps it was because your parents always voted Labour?

      As Ken Livingstone and many others including me have said. If voting made any difference to anything, they’d abolish it. (Or, would never have allowed us a vote in the first place.)

      Our so-called democracy is a sham and an illusion and always has been.

      • sovereigntea says:

        Making the same mistake again and expecting a different outcome is most unwise.

        Applies equally to all the parties.

        They are all in it together !

    • R says:

      He is NOT foreign. HE is the future. YOU are the past.

  4. Paul says:

    Backed by the mass murdering liar… kiss of death.

  5. jeffrey davies says:

    no thanks another tony blair jeff3

  6. Anonymous says:

    Do they honestley think we are that daft. We have all learned it isnt who you vote for, it is who counts the votes. Fraudulant game coming to a resounding end. This may have fooled America once but it aint fooling us. Obama is a tyrant with the masters pushing him from behind. We have all seen what they have done across the pond. Puppets the lot of them. Someone has all of the filth on em and can call the shots.

  7. It turns out that this show piece clown is just another two bit criminal solicitor whose grandfather was Sir Helenus Milmo a judge at The Nuremberg Bolshevik Marxist Jew show trials. I thought there was a ancestral stench about him.

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