Blair escapes Iraq exposure. Chilcot Inquiry report delayed until after election.

Oddly this is published in the TRAVEL section of the Telegraph I wonder if they dont want people to see it ?
Coincidentally Cameron is out of the country some might say “how convenient”.This very important article managed to make  it to the POLITICAL section of The Telegraph

10 Dec 2014-David Cameron has called on Britain to display zero tolerance of anti-Semitism as he described the “overwhelming sense of grief” he felt during his first ever visit to Auschwitz. ends

Likley as not both parties have conspired to delay and redact the report. Yet another reason to arrest those introducing the delay and put those traitors along with Blair before a jury.

10 Dec 2014– David Cameron: I don’t know when Iraq War inquiry report will be published

Much-delayed Chilcot Inquiry report may not appear until after election

David Cameron has admitted he has no idea when the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq War will be published, raising fears it might not be until after the election.

The Prime Minister said in May that the report would be published by the end of the year because the public wanted answers.

The comments were seen as an attempt by Mr Cameron to he was willing to sweep aside concerns by his most senior civil servant Sir Jeremy Heywood about publishing the report.

However – with his end of year deadline now just days away – Mr Cameron appeared to back track on this pledge on a visit to Ankara, Turkey.

Asked when Sir John Chilcot’s report – which is already four years overdue – will be published, Mr Cameron said he did not know.

He said: “On the Chilcot inquiry nothing has changed in terms of my view but I am not in control of when this report is published.

“It is an independent report, it is very important in our system that these sort of reports are not controlled or timed by the government.

“They are controlled and timed by the independent inquiry board that has carried out that vital work. And when they publish is a matter for them.”

Sir Menzies Campbell, a member of the Parliamentary body which oversees the security services, said: “It is thoroughly regrettable to put it mildly that

this report has not yet been published.

“Delay is not in the public interest nor that of individuals who may eventually be the subject of criticism. I’m surprised that the Prime Minister is not more exercised about the delay.

“But I hope we can infer that no deal has been done between the Conservatives and Labour to time publication so as to avoid any embarrassment for either party before next year’s General Election.”

In May, Mr Cameron said that he had been told the report would be published “before the end of the year”.

He said then: “My understanding is that they will be able to publish before the end of the year and I very much hope they can deliver on that timetable.

“The public wants to see the answers of the inquiry and I think we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer.”

But asked again about this commitment on a visit to Ankara in Turkey he said he was “not in control of when this report is published”.

Publication of the report is likely to be highly charged because its contents will likely make or break the reputation of Tony Blair, the Labour prime minister who sent British troops into Iraq in 2003.

Sir John’s inquiry completed public hearings in 2011, but publication of its report was delayed by negotiations over the publication of private communications between Mr Blair and then-US President George Bush.

Earlier this year, days after Mr Cameron’s intervention, Sir John agreed that the full account of Mr Blair’s exchanges with Mr Bush in the run-up to the Iraq war will remain secret after a deal was struck to release extracts.

Only “gists” of the crucial conversations and a selection of quotes from Mr Blair will be published in the report.

The material will come from 25 notes from Mr Blair to Mr Bush and more than 130 records of conversations between the former prime minister and the US president

Bernard Jenkin, a senior Tory MP who chairs a Commons committee that oversees the civil service, had described the delay as “very serious” and said he had written to the Cabinet Office demanding an explanation for the hold-up.

Speaking also in May, Mr Blair insisted he was not the reason for the delay. “The sooner it is published the better from my perspective as it allows me to go and make the arguments,” he said.




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  1. Anonymous says:

    More proof that Mr Cameron is a liar and under control. He has no say whatsoever in the matters of Governing the UK. He is merley a mouthpiece. We have no Government!! we have no say!! and we are being readied for collapse.

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