Bill Maloney replies to Butler Sloss on Radio this morning, as she tries to block victims from influencing Westminster child abuse enquiry


How in God’s name did Theresa May choose a judge who’s not only the spitting image of Jimmy Savile, Baroness Butler Sloss, but also sister of the former Attorney General Michael Havers who was associated with the suppression of evidence of child abuse and murder, provided by Geoffrey Dicken MP who was subsequently ‘eliminated’.  Here she is bleating that she feels affronted by the suggestion she might have been biassed and protected her brother’s reputation had she been put in charge of the enquiry.  She’s now trying to stop victims being given any say in how the enquiry is to be run.

Give over.  Until Bill Maloney\s appointed to build the evidence, we all know it will be suppression of evidence as usual.  These toffs who protect each other have had their day.

Comment from NPP: Butler-Sloss cautions over victims’ role in abuse inquiry:

Oh Bill, how I would have loved to have heard you reply to this woman on the BBC this morning. I was staggered at the contempt ‘they’ have for you. You scare them Bill. I support you. There is no excuse for the violation of children. The on going cover up is blatant and will fail. You will win Bill. 2015 will be a big year for you. As you put it:



Nick Clegg

Bill Maloney who has a great track record in challenging Westminster filth about their involvement with child abuse and murder, on this occasion tackling Nick Clegg, who ran off like the coward he is.  And here’s how the BBC tries to blank him –


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  1. John says:

    Your one awsum person Bill my heart and love goes with you and I would deem it a privalage to one day stand beside you.

  2. NPP says:

    Very appropriate.and timely.
    John Lash – Kalika War Party: Reemergence of the Warrior Class

    I have not heard all of this yet…. but, heard enough to know I will listen again. John Lamb Lash eloquently sums up the challenge to us all. Excuses are not acceptable.

    Note: Arch of Canterbury Justin Welby has pneumonia? Talk of the Queen abdicating, being diagnosed Alzheimer’s? The fall out between Alfred Webre and Kevin Annett is an unfortunate diversion. I tend to side with Webre, but where ever the truth lies is where to go.

    The focus: we cannot maintain a free and fair community, whether domestic or national or international, upon the violation of children. That’s it.

    Bill Maloney is an experienced expert in this area and must be listened to. Write to your MP !
    Demand action.
    The BBC Today this morning were exactly as Gerald Celente describes them: presstitutes.

  3. Tapestry says:

    There’s no need to take sides between Webre and Annett. I am not convinced by all the allegations to be honest. They have both done good work. They have to fight their own battles. Both say child abuse and killing is the problem. Webre might have gone too far in backing Annett and has taken fright, but he will come to a more reasoned position down the track, I am sure. For Annett, he is taking on the world, and can’t tolerate any wavering. You can see it from both sides. I’d leave a wide berth and back them both.

    • NPP says:

      Fairly put. Listen to Lamb Lash should you find the time.

      I can only imagine how Brian Gerrish and UK Column will react to the BBC guest editor’s comments. It does seem ‘they’ are either incredibly arrogant or just don’t get it.

      • sovereigntea says:

        First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

  4. Albion Rover says:

    Butler Sloss demonstrated a level of disconnectedness from society that alone is enough to exclude her from presiding over any inquiry or tribunal ever again. Those of us not in the establishment don not have and never have had any difficulty in choosing between protecting children from abuse and protecting the establishment.

    It is a simple human response to protect the innocent and vulnerable.

    Butler Sloss made a case for the ending of the establishment governing Britain that is stronger than any made by any victim of abuse. She is a fool

  5. Anonymous says:

    We are being coerced into disolving Parliament..its a set up to destroy our soveriegnty. We are being readied to join Europe and the NWO. Please see this dismantling of powers for goodness sake that is their mission.

    • sovereigntea says:

      You are thinking along the right lines. There is no political left or right … all is an illusion. Follow the money.



      You will have a revolution, a terrible revolution. What course it takes will depend much on what Mr. Rockefeller tells Mr. Hague to do. Mr. Rockefeller is a symbol of the American ruling class and Mr. Hague is a symbol of its political tools.

      — Leon Trotsky, in New York Times, December 13, 1938. (Hague was a New Jersey politician)

      In 1916, the year preceding the Russian Revolution, internationalist Leon Trotsky was expelled from France, officially because of his participation in the Zimmerwald conference but also no doubt because of inflammatory articles written for Nashe Slovo, a Russian-language newspaper printed in Paris. In September 1916 Trotsky was politely escorted across the Spanish border by French police. A few days later Madrid police arrested the internationalist and lodged him in a “first-class cell” at a charge of one-and-one-half pesetas per day. Subsequently Trotsky was taken to Cadiz, then to Barcelona finally to be placed on board the Spanish Transatlantic Company steamer Monserrat. Trotsky and family crossed the Atlantic Ocean and landed in New York on January 13, 1917.

      Other Trotskyites also made their way westward across the Atlantic. Indeed, one Trotskyite group acquired sufficient immediate influence in Mexico to write the Constitution of Querétaro for the revolutionary 1917 Carranza government, giving Mexico the dubious distinction of being the first government in the world to adopt a Soviet-type constitution.

      How did Trotsky, who knew only German and Russian, survive in capitalist America? According to his autobiography, My Life, “My only profession in New York was that of a revolutionary socialist.” In other words, Trotsky wrote occasional articles for Novy Mir, the New York Russian socialist journal. Yet we know that the Trotsky family apartment in New York had a refrigerator and a telephone, and, according to Trotsky, that the family occasionally traveled in a chauffeured limousine. This mode of living puzzled the two young Trotsky boys. When they went into a tearoom, the boys would anxiously demand of their mother, “Why doesn’t the chauffeur come in?”1 The stylish living standard is also at odds with Trotsky’s reported income. The only funds that Trotsky admits receiving in 1916 and 1917 are $310, and, said Trotsky, “I distributed the $310 among five emigrants who were returning to Russia.” Yet Trotsky had paid for a first-class cell in Spain, the Trotsky family had traveled across Europe to the United States, they had acquired an excellent apartment in New York — paying rent three months in advance — and they had use of a chauffeured limousine. All this on the earnings of an impoverished revolutionary for a few articles for the low-circulation Russian-language newspaper Nashe Slovo in Paris and Novy Mir in New York!

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