Bianca Jagger drops Human Rights anti-fracking Report to David Cameron in person

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New Report: Fracking a ‘Violation of Our Basic Human Rights’

As gas drilling industry tries to lay claim to UK, report offers stark warning against hydraulic fracturing

Commissioned by the Bianca Jagger Foundation for Human Rights, the report was co-authored by the Global Network for the Study of Human Rights and the Environment, the Environment and Human Rights Advisory and the Human Rights Consortium at the University of London. (Image: report cover)

A hard hitting report commissioned by the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation was delivered this week to David Cameron and called on the government to investigate the impact of fracking on the rights of individuals.

The report cites human rights liabilities for the British government if fracking is to commence commercially across the UK. It was co-authored by the Global Network for the Study of Human Rights and the Environment as well as the Environment and Human Rights Advisory and the Human Rights Consortium at the University of London.

It focuses primarily on the health implications of people living by frack sites, where the government is “legally bound to respect and protect human rights, both under the auspices of its own Human Rights Act 1998 and of the European Convention on Human Rights.”

Under these acts, the UK is obligated to consider the environmental impacts of industry on its citizens by allowing for public participation as well as the ‘right to life’, which protects citizens from living near dangerous and contaminated areas, including poisonous water supplies.

The report also highlights the government’s concentrated efforts to sell the positives of fracking over a steady informative review, with consistent claims that burning shale gas produces fewer greenhouse emissions than burning coal.

This claim is disputed by the report, which was personally delivered to the Prime Minister’s home in Westminster by Bianca Jagger, the human rights advocate and Council of Europe Goodwill Ambassador, who believes renewable technologies offer greater rewards to the environment than fossil fuels.

Fracking agenda”

The report particularly cites a 2011 submission to the UN Human Rights Council which argued: “The environmental damage caused by hydraulic fracturing for natural gas poses ‘a new threat to human rights’.”

Speaking about the report, Jagger stated: “The UK Government is promoting a fracking agenda despite the well-documented health and environmental impacts. The Government has disregarded the Human Rights of ordinary citizens.

They are rushing through changes to the law of trespass to speed up the ability of shale gas companies to frack under people’s homes without their consent. The re-writing of the law is being introduced despite widespread public concern about the health and environmental impact of fracking and in the face of overwhelming public resistance from ordinary people.”

The Infrastructure Bill [which covers shale gas development] is a violation of our basic Human Rights and of our democratic process.”

The government recently came under increasing criticism over a proposed amendment to the Infrastructure Bill which would allow fracking companies to use “any substance” under people’s homes in the extraction of shale gas.

As the Foundation’s report concludes: “There has been virtually no consideration at the policy level of the human rights dimensions of fracking.”

The full report will be launched on 30th November at the University of London.


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  1. peter james says:

    immigration for every country except israel, why is that ?

  2. jeffrey davies says:

    will they listen i doubt it has it brings in revenue for the tories but reading the news coming out of america it seems that they dont want to now rather take the monies involed than listen to reason why not i wonder was this the reason nestles boss said nobofys got the right to water leaving his company with wells of unaffected water jeff3

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tell Prince Charles… he is behind agenda 21 and he is pushing this all the way. Cameron has no power!! they are mere fronts of the regime that infiltrated us a long time ago. There is no aliegence to us from the top. We have been raped and squeezed enough now. Time to let them know the game is up. They would hang us out to dry.

  4. sovereigntea says:


    Boris presses Home Secretary to approve the use of water cannon

    Boris Johnson is pressing Theresa May to approve his new anti-riot water cannon, in a fresh sign of tensions over law and order policy.

    The Home Secretary has warned she will not be rushed into a decision— even though the Mayor has already bought three second-hand machines from Germany and David Cameron has signalled he is happy for police to use them. The vehicles, which cost £218,000 in June, are currently being tested at a secret location.

    The Standard has learned they were disguised as rubbish trucks when they were put on a ferry to the UK in July. One of the 23-year-old machines broke down and had to be repaired.

    They are being tested by the Home Office Centre of Applied Science and Technology, following modifications by Scotland Yard, which formally asked to be allowed to use water cannon in March.

    A City Hall source said: “The Mayor is keen for them to be approved soon.”

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is totally laughable. The Boris thinks that is going to stop the seathing masses who hold them in so much contempt. You are not above the law Bozo!! we will get you all, we will outsmart you and show you for what you are. A bunch of inbred men in tights.I said many moons ago you cant buy everyone !!!!!!!!!

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