Queen reported as suffering from Alzheimers in US media. A great way to avoid consequences of ITCCS conviction.


The Queen has been convicted by the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State, for taking part in Roman Catholic chjld killing rituals of the Ninth Circle, and of being personally party to the genocidal killing of Canadian Native Indians.


Since this, there has been talk of The Queen abdicating, of taking to hospital to avoid arrest by Common Law activists.  One of her soldiers was arrested, Vyvyan Cunningham for saying to his commanding officer that the Queen should be made to reply to the conviction.  He was immediately arrested and drugged.

It would seem to be in the same vein that stories of the Queen suffering from Alzheimers are now being sown in the US media, so that were she to be arrested, she could claim inability to stand trial.

When this came in from Lyndsey today, it caught my eye for that reason, as Annett said there were stories such as these going around now the truth is out there, and The Queen fears for the next steps that could be taken.

I keep seeing people quote she has dementia, but don’t think UK papers have said it:
Globe magazine ran a story on it here:
International Business Times ran it too:

After 62 years on the throne, the Queen is gradually transferring some of her monarch duties to Prince Charles as he takes more head of state-style of responsibilities before taking the throne. But it’s not just the 65-year-old prince who will be taking more responsibility, Prince William and Prince Harry will be assuming roles since relinquishing their military roles.

Like passing the throne to the next generation, Queen Elizabeth’s gentle succession is to prepare Charles to be the future King of England. Both William and Harry are also helping out with the royal duties, and more visible in public appearances as part of the monarchy in transition.

Based on Mirror‘s report, she would no longer take long-haul flights for diplomatic missions but will not totally give up some major royal engagements even if it involves a little bit of travelling. So it’s no surprise when Kate Middleton was tasked to represent her in Malta’s 50th celebration of its independence. But due to her extreme morning sickness she have to cancel her trip and let Prince William attend the celebration.

  from Lyndsey

4 Responses to “Queen reported as suffering from Alzheimers in US media. A great way to avoid consequences of ITCCS conviction.”

  1. pauline says:

    HA,HA,HA ,my god I fell asleep in Dec and find out I have awoken on April fools day,what a load of bullcrap,the Queen has no senile dementia,what a feeble excuse,what a poor excuse to deny the dissapearence of poor little innocent children,who went off with the Queen and the Duke and were never seen alive again.

  2. Jean Marie Pike says:

    I’m afraid I agree, Pauline!

  3. TRUTHER4921 says:

    Oh c’mon using the rag tabloids, The Globe and The Mirror as your informational sources ?? Really

    • Tapestry says:

      I’m not using them as ‘sources’. Someone is using these rags as a means to put out a story. They won’t be able to report Royal News without approval. I am saying that the stories are false, and being placed to prepare people for an abdication or effective abdication.

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