800th Anniversary of Magna Carta, and The Official Communique on Damascus Counterterrorism Conference

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800 years of liberty

Published: Thursday, 18th December 2014

Ditchley Foundation conference:

The Future of Democracy in the World:
Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Conference

29-31 January, 2015
Ditchley Park, Oxfordshire – The Ditchley Foundation is organising a conference in January with the support of the Magna Carta Trust 800th Anniversary Commemoration Committee to consider ‘The Future of Democracy in the World’. The invitation-only conference will be chaired by former Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, The Rt Hon. Baron Judge QC.

800 years after Magna Carta, democracy has become the most common form of government across the world, but the last few years have seen it under challenge from a number of quarters. Concerns may be exaggerated – demonstrably, when people are given a say, they want the basics of popular choice, freedom and rule of law. Democracies often look more chaotic and confused than dictatorships, but they have hidden strengths and resilience, arising from their popular legitimacy and the robust civic spirit and institutions which should underpin them.

This conference will bring together politicians, officials, constitutional thinkers, academics and journalists to consider what a modern democracy needs to succeed and to recommend approaches to anchor its success more firmly for the future and ensure that coming generations will not value it less than their predecessors.

A report of the conference will be available on the website in mid-February.

The Magna Carta Trust’s 800th Anniversary Commemoration Committee is charged by the Magna Carta Trust to co-ordinate activities, raise the profile of the anniversary and deliver a number of key national and international aspirations. For more information, visit www.magnacarta800th.com.

Official Communique on Damascus Counterterrorism Conference

Terrorism represents a threat to international security and peace and targets the integrity and stability of states

Prof. William Stanley, Gordon Duff, Col. Jim Hanke, and Mike Harris Prof. William Stanley, Gordon Duff, Col. Jim Hanke, and Mike Harris

 … by Richard Edmondson

Jim Dean at Syrian TV...waiting for show timeJim W. Dean at Syrian TV…waiting for show time

[ Editor’s Note:  Mass media has continued its blackout on the Syrian Counter-Terrorism Conference, but we continue to get the results publicized in alternative media.

Because of Gordon’s keynote address which shocked everyone there, and Jim Hanke’s revelation that up to 3000 of the special ISIL cadres were trained compliments of the American taxpayer in Lebanon, we will not be forgotten.

One of the key things behind censoring by corporate media are the plans initiated in the final report to build an international legal team to prosecute all those guilty for aiding and abetting terrorism under the current laws, which includes seizure of assets for reparations.

No one has uttered a word about this before, since it includes the threat of piercing diplomatic immunity, where there are laws for doing things “under color of law”, such as here in the US, where that is a felony. This will also put the issue of state-sponsored terrorism squarely on the table, and the evidence for it is a mountain high.

International bodies must be forced to choose either supporting it or punishing it, with no abstentions allowed. As Georgie Bush (43) said, “You are either fer us, or agin us” … Jim W. Dean ]


 – First published  …  December 23, 2014


Justice has to be fought for. No one gives it away.Justice has to be fought for. No one gives it away.

The right of nations to file lawsuits against parties – including other nations – supporting terrorism, and the setting up of an international court to hear such suits, are among the recommendations of an international conference held recently in Damascus.

The International Conference Combating Terrorism and Religious Extremism, sponsored by the Syrian Ministry of Justice, was held November 29–December 1, 2014, in Damascus, drawing hundreds of participants from 25 nations around the world. The formal recommendations are part of an official communique drawn up by a 19-member Conference committee and made public over the weekend.

“The conference members confirmed that terrorism is an unjustifiable, criminal act, no matter what forms, shapes, aspects, or names it might assume,” the communique states.

“This remains true regardless of the perpetrators or their reasons, and regardless of whoever may stand behind any terroristic act, whether they may be states or individuals. Terrorism represents a threat to international security and peace and targets the integrity and stability of states and national felicity.”

Lebanese political leader Wiam Wahhab, right, also discusses his views with conference participantsLebanese political leader Wiam Wahhab, right, also discusses his views with conference participants

Specifically, the committee voiced condemnation of “any party that supports terrorism, either materialistically or morally, regardless whether said party may be a state, international organization, or individual, and regardless of any immunities and privileges that may be enjoyed by such parties,” and also affirmed “the right to file a judicial lawsuit against any party involved, directly or indirectly, in terrorism, using international courts, with national jurisdiction applied in each state, according to international law.”

Grounds for such a suit would include “incitement for terrorism via different media platforms.”

Also called for is an “international public forum” that would be headquartered in Damascus and out of which would emerge “a public court with international standing” that would hear terrorism cases. One of the members of the 19-member panel that drew up the communique is Gordon Duff, of the USA, a senior editor at Veterans Today.

The nearly four-year-old conflict in Syria has taken a horrendous toll upon the nation, particularly among children, 11 of whom died in a mortar barrage upon a school in a Damascus suburb on November 5 – less than four weeks before the conference was held. It was the second direct attack upon a school in either Damascus or its immediate vicinity in the year 2014.

Mike Harris, host of the radio show “The Short End of the Stick,” on the Freedom Slips radio network, is interviewed by Syrian TVMike Harris, host of the radio show “The Short End of the Stick,” on the Freedom Slips radio network, is interviewed by Syrian TV

“Murdering children is very much a signature of false flag terrorism,” Duff said in an interview with Richie Allen conducted only a short time after the conference concluded.

Another conference attendee was the prominent Lebanese journalist and political figure Wiam Wahhab, founder of the Arab Tawhid Party, who praised the Syrian Army’s response to the militants as well as actions taken by Lebanese Army Commander Jean Kahwaji.

Wahhab was also instrumental in arranging transportation from Beirut to Damascus for European and American delegations attending the conference.

Other conference participants were Dr. Bassam Habib Barakat, of Syria; Mateusz Piskorski, of the European Center of Geopolitical Analysis, of Poland; Dr. Amal Wahdan, a political activist from Occupied Palestine who has outspokenly criticized Saudia Arabia for providing support to militants in Syria; along with political affairs analyst Jim Dean and talk show host Mike Harris, both of the USA.

Other recommendations in the communique include:

  1. Confirming the right of nations to resist terrorism and occupation, and the invalidation of foreign intervention in the internal affairs of states.
  2. Considering the unilateral economic sanctions—imposed by US, the EU, or any other states—against Syria as illegitimate and a violation of international law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Work to eliminate such sanctions at once, while giving Syria the right to claim compensation for material and immaterial losses.
  3. Trying to revive UN General Assembly resolution number 3379, which considers the Zionist Movement a racial movement, and affirming racialism as a cause of terrorism. The conference members shall also ask the UN to regard the Wahhabist movement, along with any other relevant trends, as terroristic in nature.
  4. Considering sieges imposed on states for political reasons, particularly those instituted against Syria and the Gaza Strip, to be a type of terrorism.

“The conference also condemns the negligent stance taken by the ‘international community’ towards the crimes perpetrated by armed terroristic gangs,” the communique reads. “Additionally, it affirms the necessity of serious steps aimed at draining the resources of these organizations, and at denying them their funding and training, along with halting the flow of military equipment into their possession.”

To view the entire text, click here.



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    The lives of millions hang on this one !! lets hope enough is done to finally see the decent and honourable counter the onslought of the mass murderers, who have gone unpunished for the criminal acts they think they have got away with. We all need to support this and demand some respect for these pioneers of justice.

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