Bundestag Blowback – Merkel withers under fire

Die Linke - Bundesparteitag
Blowback – watch Merkel wither under fire.
If only one of our subservient MPs had that much bottle. Lefty or not I rather like Sahra Wagenknecht.
Bundestag Member and Left Party Deputy Chair, Sahra Wagenknecht (Wikipedia) lays into Angela Merkel for serving US interests to the clear detriment of German citizens and the EU’s well being.If one good came out of the entire Ukraine coup and subsequent cold war between Russia and the US/EU, it is that the world now knows just how spineless and corrupt Europe’s leaders are, and Angela Merkel is no exception.

2 Responses to “Bundestag Blowback – Merkel withers under fire”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Is this the prelude to a German shift towards Russia? Turkey is already on board. Merkel is a good East German, she was only withering on the outside for appearance’s sake.

  2. Steve says:

    Well, I do have to say that the content of the video certainly lived up to the title! Merkel looked guilty, as charged, and ready to vomit.

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