Christmas – great time for killing children. If you’re Royal, a priest or a senior politician.

Roman cult calendar dictates the dates on which children are killed.

October 10th 1964 – the date the Queen and Duke Of Edinburgh selected 10 children (& boys and 3 girls) who disappeared.  7 boys and 3 girls were sacrificed in bible by Jobe.

Numbers are 10:10:10:10

Immigrants are easily sourced.  Aboriginal children can be grabbed without legal consequences.  In Europe, immigrants are a big target.

Children from Portugal often targeted for sacrifice.  There’s a pipeline from Portugal to Holland.

Many children disappear in Guatemala, a war-torn area.

Police in the pay of the Ddrangheta take children from social workers, institutions.

80-85% of people will do anything they’re commanded to do by allowing the person ordering to carry the moral responsibility.

In groups, the group mind will take over the individual mind.

Psychopaths feel no remorse and don’t consider their actions morally wrong.

Christmas is a spike for suicides and violent incidents.

Child trafficking is a big part of the transhumanist agenda.

The Saturnalia was the Roman Christmas.

Common Law Court in Brussels has forced four resignations – Sean Brady, Head of Church in Ireland.  Pope Benedict. Two others.

The evidence can be used by other courts.  Just publishing the evidence is having the effect of forcing the resignations of those accused.


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survivors 2Exclusive interview with Kevin Annett by British news journal Neon Nettle: December 4, 2014

50,000 children died over 100 and more years.…/393-the-saturnalia-cult-threat-…


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  1. Anonymous says:

    We know what they have done…why they chose to do it and how. These people think they have the right and the cover to comitt these hienous crimes against children and the most vulnerable. Time is catching up with these Satanists. Time for Judgement of the people by the people… No more culling of Gods people. The time is here and now. The last days will see them pay for their crimes against humanity.This was the plan to see justice of the evil that rule this earth.

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