We tortured them.

Subject: Sign the petition: Enter the CIA torture report into the Congressional Record
Seven months after the Senate Intelligence Committee voted to release its torture report to the American people, the White House is stonewalling and demanding “redactions”—blacked-out sections and information—before making it public.
But there’s a way around that—and we have a rare chance to make it happen if we act fast.
A Member of Congress could enter the report into the Congressional Record—just as the Pentagon Papers were in 1971—without fear of prosecution.
Senator Udall is considering undertaking this courageous act, so please sign the petition supporting him and let him know, “If you enter the torture report into the Congressional Record, we’ll have your back”. http://releasethetorturereport.com/?sp_ref=88386480.270.10697.e.41334.2&code=DemandProgress_sp



The CIA is trying to block Americans from learning the full scope of the torture that was conducted in our names during the Bush administration.
But we have a special opportunity to beat them.
Since late last week, more than 40,000 Demand Progress members, and more than 100,000 people in total, have urged anti-torture advocate Senator Mark Udall to release the report — as is his Constitutional right — before he leaves office in January.
Please click here to join them, and let Udall know that he’ll be our hero if he moves forward.
Read on for more details — and if you’ve already taken action, or even if you haven’t, please forward this email to 5 of your friends.  It’s important.
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From: David Segal, DemandProgress.org <info@demandprogress.org>
Date: Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 9:10 AM
Subject: We tortured them
The Senate Intelligence Committee’s “torture report” is expected to detail shocking abuse of prisoners at the hands of the CIA during the Bush administration, and even possible CIA lies to Congress to cover it up.  Unsurprisingly, the CIA is trying to prevent much of the report from seeing light of day.
But we can help compel its release — click here to help make it happen.
As we understand it, the report of course covers waterboarding and other torture that’s euphemistically been called “enhanced interrogation”, but also makes it clear that the CIA engaged in even more grotesque, unreported acts as well.  All in our names.
But seven months after the Senate Intelligence Committee voted overwhelmingly to release the report to the American people, the White House is stonewalling Congress and demanding “redactions”—blacked-out sections that make the report unintelligible—before making its contents public.
But one courageous senator is considering releasing the report anyway — please click here to urge him to do so.
We have a real chance to have the report released before the end of the year, when Senator Mark Udall leaves office.  
Here’s how: Members of Congress have an absolute right to free speech, and a member could release the report in its entirety without fear of prosecution.
This is just as the Pentagon Papers, disclosing lies that underpinned our involvement in Vietnam, were released in 1971.
That’s exactly what transparency advocates are calling on the outgoing, staunchly anti-torture and pro-transparency Senator Udall to do — and he’s made it clear that he’s actively considering doing so.
This is would be a courageous act that would incur the ire of very powerful interests — so we need to make sure that Udall knows countless people will support him if he chooses to move forward.
Click here to tell Mark Udall to be our hero and stand strong against torture: Please release the report before you leave office.
We have a real chance to make history — and hold the Bush administration and the CIA’s torturers accountable.  Let’s get it done.
-Demand Progress

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