Throw off your mortgage. Think yourself free. One man’s story of how he held off the bailiffs and got his house back. Great story.


Laurence Easeman – The People vs. The Banks & Russell Brand’s Botched “Revolution” Debate
November 24, 2014.
Laurence Easeman is a long time researcher, filmmaker and anti-usury social justice campaigner. He is an activist for Monetary Reform and Land Reform through the abolition of Usury, the creation of Interest-Free Credit and a contemporary system of Tribal Anarchy. At the core of Laurence’s work is a struggle against the cabal of Private International Bankers that have a monopoly over our money supply. He believes that if we are to experience any real sense of freedom then we must find solutions to that monopoly, because banking is nothing more than institutionalized usury. We begin by discussing Laurence’s timeline and how he became interested in understanding the hidden mechanisms of banking and money. He describes how once he uncovered the truth behind the fraudulent mortgage industry, a mega-scam essential to the enslavement of the Western population. He decided to test his personal power and challenge an eviction notice issued by the bank carrying his home mortgage, bringing him considerable media attention. Laurence explains how at this time he was inspired by the Dennis Wise documentary The Greatest Story Never Told, which led him to produce the now viral YouTube video entitled The People vs. The Banks. Then, Laurence discusses his recent appearance in the headlines when a smear campaign was launched against him following a botched panel discussion with Russell Brand. Later, Laurence shares his views on what he calls “Revolution Light,” a trap of the Marxists that is restraining the people from forming any true sense of a revolution because any form of openly questioning the constructs and speaking out is so quickly demonized. We wrap up with Laurence sharing some thoughts on the global elitists’ agenda of pushing mass immigration to a crisis point, causing the destabilization of the west and the breeding out of native European peoples.



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7 Responses to “Throw off your mortgage. Think yourself free. One man’s story of how he held off the bailiffs and got his house back. Great story.”

  1. Brian says:

    great story henry
    but please see this, planned genocide this century of the white man

  2. Tapestry says:

    That one always amuses me. The white races are not superior anyway!

    Mixing up races raises IQ and physical survivability. The purists are the inbred nutters who think they can control nature. They are the ones suffering disintegration, mentally, physically and culturally. Think of a yellow Labrador riding in a Range Rover, versus a cheeky mongrel carving it up in the farmyard. If they imagine they can breed themselves into perfection, let them carry on. Look at Prince Charles. The ultimate output of the geneticists. He can’t put one word in front of another, or have his wife murdered without everyone knowing.

    Immigration is a bit much for all sorts of reasons, but don’t underestimate other races, and especially mixed race. I have only mixed race children , and they excel in most areas.

  3. NPP says:

    Loved this interview.

  4. Tapestry says:

    I hope your comments are getting through, NPP. Your longer ones often turned into posts. We still don’t have a mobile site working which is a shame. I don’t think the previous mobile site worked right on blogger anyway, as ‘they’ only updated it weeks behind for some reason. Mike says he’ll have to start from scratch setting up the site as a mobile site first and adapting the desktop version out of the mobile.

    I read that you had to do that in a computer magazine a few years ago, and it appears to be true! He says he can re-use much of the work he’s done, and he’s on the learning curve here.

    The mobile traffic gain could be very considerable once it’s working. 80-90% of blog readers use a mobile, so we’re only reaching 15% odd of potential readership currently.

  5. NPP says:

    ‘OK TAP’ was denied for being too short! Let me try this…

  6. leave the system, let it go. says:

    russell brand is blatant intel operative

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