UK Internet ‘trolls’ to get 2 year jail sentence

The biggest trolls are government shills.  Will the State jail its own operatives?

Are too many genuine critics being categorised as trolls?

People have been arrested for making jokes online – like the guy who threatened to blow up an airport as a joke.

He was arrested, and his laptop removed. (Violence mustn’t be treated as a joke.  Taking violence seriously is crucial to the power structure.  You’re meant to be afraid, not laughing.)

They’re looking for ways to threaten users of the internet, and rein in criticism and exposure of what they’re up to.

This is one of the ways they’re working on.


Cameron’s obviously worried about people exposing 9/11 truth and 7/7 truth as he named them in his speech to the United Nations as the equivalent of people involved in actual terrorist actions.  Await that knock on your door, folks.  Meantime let’s keep talking to each other about what we know.  They can’t arrest 60 million people.


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  1. pete fairhurst says:

    Thats right they can’t arrest 60 million. Cameron’s definition of “Non violent extremist” at the UN was utterly stupid, as befits his low intellect.

    According to his speech, simply to communicate the truth about blatant false flag operations like 911 & 7/7 makes you an NVE. It is not necessary to actually do anything. There are millions of us then!

    But many more million are asleep of course and still in thrall to the msm lies and propaganda.

    Don’t ever vote for any of them, it’s a total waste of time. All politicians are NeoLiberal now, including man-of-the-people Nigel. They are essentially all on the same side, and it’s not yours or mine.

    Be an NVE, it makes far more sense than voting.

    Go NVE’s!

  2. Politics is a dirty, filthy, corrupt, dishonest back stabbing game and only evil bastards can and will survive within its framework. So who in their right mind would want to vote for an evil bastard?

  3. Strop1 says:

    Not everyone – just targeted players like Chris Spivey and Brendon O’Connell. Others will be taken over silently and we will notice slight changes in opinion before we notice we are being side-tracked…..

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