The Top 12 Cancer-Causing Products in The Average Home

It’s not easy sifting through the endless lists on the internet about products that harm the body. Immersing yourself in research can become overwhelming, we know. So to free up some of your valuable time here are the top 12 cancer-causing products that may be lurking in your home. Thanks to the Cancer Prevention Coalition(CPC), Ralph Nader, and here are the 12 most common products manufactured by big business and found in American homes that you need to avoid.


Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

1.Talcum Powder– (Johnson & Johnson. Inc.)


Labeled Toxic Ingredient:
TALC, Carcinogenic and a risk factor for ovarian cancer; lung irritant.

2.Cover Girl Replenishing Natural Finish Make Up (Foundation) (Procter & Gamble. Inc.)


Labeled Toxic Ingredients

BHA, Carcinogenic.
TALC, Carcinogenic; Lung Irritant.
TRIETHANOLAMINE (TEA), Interacts with nitrites to form carcinogenic nitrosamines.
LANOLIN, Often contaminated with DDT and other carcinogenic pesticides.
PARABENS, Contact dermatitis.
FRAGRANCE, Wide range of unlabeled, untested, and toxic ingredients; contact dermatitis.

3.Crest Tartar Control Toothpaste – (Procter & Gamble. Inc.)


Labeled Toxic Ingredients:
FD&C BLUE #1, Carcinogenic.
SACCHARIN, Carcinogenic.
FLUORIDE, Possibly carcinogenic.

4.Alberto VO5 Conditioner (Essence of Neutral Henna)


Labeled Toxic Ingredients:
FORMALDEHYDE, Carcinogenic; neurotoxic; contact dermatitis and sensitizer.
POLYSORBATE 80, Generally contaminated with the carcinogen 1,4-dioxane.
FD&C RED #4, Carcinogenic.
FRAGRANCE, Wide range of undisclosed ingredients; contact dermatitis.

5.Clairol Nice ‘n Easy (Permanent Haircolor) (Clairol. Inc.)


Labeled Toxic Ingredients:

QUATERNlUM-15, Formaldehyde-releaser; carcinogenic; neurotoxic; contact dermatitis and sensitizer.
DIETHANOLAMINE (DEA), Carcinogenic; also interacts with nitrites to form a carcinogenic nitrosamine.
PHENYLENE-DIAMINES, Includes carcinogens and other ingredients inadequately tested for carcinogenicity; contact dermatitis.
PROPYLENE GLYCOL, Contact dermatitis.
FRAGRANCE, Wide range of undisclosed ingredients; contact dermatitis.

NOTE: Also evidence of causal relation to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, multiple myeloma and other cancers.

Household Products

6.Ajax Cleanser (Colgate-Palmolive. Inc.)


Unlabeled Toxic Ingredients:

CRYSTALLINE SILICA, Carcinogenic; eye, skin and lung irritant.

NOTE: Carcinogenicity of silica is admitted in 1994 Material Safety and Data Sheet (MSDS).
(Manufacturer claims to have reduced silica levels since 1993.)

7.Zud Heavy Duty Cleanser (Reckitt & Colman. Inc.)


Unlabeled Toxic Ingredient:

CRYSTALLINE SILICA, Carcinogenic; eye, skin and lung irritant. (Carcinogenicity is denied in Material Safety and Data Sheet.)

8.Lysol Disinfectant Spray (Reckitt & Colman. Inc.)


Labeled or Unlabeled Toxic Ingredient:
ORTHOPHENYLPHENOL (OPP): Carcinogenic; irritant. (Carcinogenicity is denied in Material Safety and Data Sheet.)
See article on the truth about disinfectants and suggested alternatives!

9.Zodiac Cat & Dog Flea Collar (Sandoz Agro. Inc).


Labeled Toxic Ingredient

PROPOXUR, Carcinogenic; neurotoxic.

10.Ortho Weed-B-Gon Lawn Weed Killer (Monsanto Co.)


Labeled Toxic Ingredient

SODIUM 2,4-DICHLOROPHENOXYACETATE (2,4-D), Carcinogenic with evidence of casual relation to lymphoma, soft tissue sarcoma and other cancers ; neurotoxic; reproductive toxin.


11.Beef Frankfurters – (eg. Oscar Mayer Foods Corporation)


Unlabeled Toxic Ingredients
DACTHAL, Carcinogenic (can be contaminated with dioxin); irritant; strong sensitizer.
DIELDRIN, Carcinogenic; xenoestrogen.
DDT, Carcinogenic; xenoestrogen.
HEPTACHLOR, Carcinogenic; neurotoxic; reproductive toxin; xenoestrogen.
HEXACHLOROBENZENE, Carcinogenic; neurotoxic; teratogenic.
LINDANE, Carcinogenic; neurotoxic; damage to blood forming cells.
HORMONES: Carcinogenic and feminizing.
ANTIBIOTICS: Some are carcinogenic, cause allergies and drug resistance.

Labeled Ingredient
NITRITE, Interacts with meat amines to form carcinogenic nitrosamines which are a major risk factor for childhood cancers.

12.Whole Milk – (eg. Borden or Lucerne)


Unlabeled Toxic Ingredients
DDT, Carcinogenic; xenoestrogen.
DIELDRIN, Carcinogenic; xenoestrogen.
HEPTACHLOR, Carcinogenic; neurotoxic; reproductive toxin; xenoestrogen.
HEXACHLOROBENZENE, Carcinogenic; neurotoxic; reproductive toxin.
ANTIBIOTICS: Some are carcinogenic, cause allergies and drug resistance.
RECOMBINANT BOVINE GROWTH HORMONE and IGF-1: Also, risk factor for breast, colon and prostate cancers.

Safer Alternative:
rBGH-free Raw Organic

“What is particularly galling about the “Dirty Dozen”, emphasized Ralph Nader, “is that these toxic chemicals don’t have to be there. Yet these corporations continue to expose people to health hazards unnecessarily”.

Current product labeling provides no warning for cancer and other chronic health risks. Food is labeled for cholesterol, but not for carcinogens. Cosmetics are labeled for major ingredients, but not for those that form carcinogens or contain carcinogenic contaminants. Except for pesticides, household products contain no information on their ingredients.

Cancer rates are skyrocketing. Currently, more than one-third of all of us will develop cancer in our lifetime, and one-fourth will die from the disease. Many cancers are due to avoidable exposures to industrial carcinogens in the food we eat, and the cosmetics and household products we use.

For more information, see: Steinman, D. and Epstein, S.S.

The Safe Shopper’s Bible, Macmillan/IDG 1995, New York, NY (800-434-3422)

Epstein, S.S. The Politics of Cancer Revisited, East Ridge Press 1998, Hankins, NY (845-887-6467).


Another Important Product to Consider: Most Brand-Name Laundry Detergents

Toxic substances can easily enter the body through your skin. So why would you wash your clothes in toxins that leave behind residue? In fact, Clemson University conducted a study which found 2% of a fabric’s weight comes from laundry detergent. Yuck! Since the skin absorbs 75% of any fat soluble substance it comes into contact with within 26 seconds, this is not something to overlook.


Hidden Toxic Ingredients
Linear alkyl sodium sulfonates (LAS)
or ‘anionic surfactants’, carcinogenic, reproductive toxins
Petroleum Distillates, carcinogenic, cause lung damage, lung inflammation and damage to mucous membranes.
Phenols, toxic to central nervous system, heart, blood vessels, lungs and kidneys.
Sodium hypochlorite (household bleach):
When it reacts with organic materials in the environment, carcinogenic and toxic compounds are created than can cause reproductive, endocrine and immune system disorders.


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  1. Aldous says:

    Off Topic: I have had a couple of very interesting emails today from concerned contacts regarding the UK’s Royal British Legion’s Winter Draw 2014 Poppy Raffle. The raffle tickets are in wads (a single wad is sent) of ‘6’ instead of the usual 10 and there are 6 + 6 + 6 (18) name and address stickers.

    Are the RBL taking the piss or what? It’s fairly obvious what’s going on here and that the RBL has been infiltrated and subverted by Satanic forces and Zion like most national charities.

    Remembrance Day
    From the excellent NO ONE TO VOTE FOR blog of Kev Boyle.

    Five years ago I got the shock of a lifetime when I first watched the collapse of Building 7.

    It had to be admitted. This was an obvious controlled demolition.

    Applying simple physics and the collapse time to Laws of Conservation of Momentum and Energy proved it twice over.

    The political (and other) implications were obvious and utterly shocking.

    The attacks on 9/11 were not carried out by Al Queda.

    The terrorists responsible can only be within the American (and, therefore our own) government apparatus.

    The fact that the whistle has not been publicly blown on these people means that, in reality, these criminals ARE our government.

    Politicians, some knowingly, some duped….and the ENTIRE mainstream media have been covering up for these real terrorists and lying on their behalf for the last 9 years……

    ….a truly, truly shocking state of affairs.

    The facts and history of ‘false flag’ terrorism speak for themselves (to those who care to know) but when one starts to study how such evil can come about, it does not take long to find oneself homing in on the money-creation system, the history of international banking, Orthodox Jewish/ Masonic ideology, their Luciferian spirituality and their self-professed determination to rule the world.

    The writings of Weishaupt, Pike and ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ spell out how this dominion is to be achieved. The media can call ‘The Protocols’ a fraud all they like (well, they would wouldn’t they). The unfortunate thing is that when anything, true or false, is repeated unchallenged enough times in the public domain everyone ends up believing that thing, no matter how false.

    Yet there are many who disagree and the FACT is that this document describes very clearly exactly what is and has been taking place in the world. It shows how power has been delivered into the hands of an elite that are prepared to commit mass-murder against innocent people in order to advance their agenda.

    It becomes clear to those who recognise the importance (or even primacy) of the spiritual in creating the material…….

    ……that these people are active Satanist/Luciferians.

    It is hard to prove such a thing directly. They will almost never say so in public. Many people view individuals as simply ‘bad’ or ‘criminal’ or whatever…..but the evidence for Satanism/ Luciferianism in Freemasonry AT THE TOP and Orthodox Judaism AT THE TOP is very clear indeed.

    Albert Pike, the man who redefined esoteric masonry and wrote many of the oaths routinely recited within Freemasonry today declared himself a Luciferian in his 1871 book, “Morals and Dogma”.

    Unsurprisingly, the Talmud similarly opposes the creator, the God of Love. It is viciously obscene about Christ saying, “….He is in hell drowning in boiling excrement….” and the like. There are many other vile blasphemies written against Christ and His Mother as well as outrageous expressions of contempt for non-Jewish humanity in this foul book. Indeed, there is no God in the Talmud but “The Jews” whose destiny it is to rule the world. It is ever a wonder to see Christianity and Islam take so much public abuse while talmudic Judaism escapes Scot-free.

    Lucifer, of course, was the angel who challenged his creator and claimed Godhead for himself.

    Finally, large murderous events that occur on the world stage almost always bear some kind of Cabbalistic numerological fingerprint.

    I was reminded of this today during the ‘Remebrance’ service held solemnly every year at 11 am on the 11th day of the 11th month.

    Arch-Satanist Alistair Crowley said that 11 was “the number of magick itself.”

    i.e. The number of Satanic magic.

    He defined magick as, “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.”

    The ‘perfect’ number is 3.

    The number of ‘perfect magick’ 3 x 11 = 33.

    Last night I randomly thought of a couple of the slightly more obscure earth-changing events (before looking up the numbers).

    The date of the first atomic bomb test July 16th 1945 (7+1+6+1+9+4+5)= 33

    The date that Hiroshima was ‘nuked’ August 6th 1945 (8+6+1+9+4+5)= 33

    It’s dogs and lamposts.

    More of this here and here.
    Some of this material looks ‘nutty’ but these numbers are surely taken seriously by power at the highest level. There are only so many coincidences that reason can bear.

    ……and finally, on the morning of 11th November 1918, when both sides knew that the war was effectively ‘over’, it was reported that 11,000 men died having been ordered to carry out pointless attacks by the generals.

    Were these men offerings to lucifer.

    Did the architects of WW1 partly see that war as an occult blood sacrifice to Lucifer?

    It’s hard not to wonder.

    At today’s Remembrance ceremony I couldn’t help thinking that we might all be participating in a Satanic ritual.

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