The real split in the current British vote is peeping out here and there. UKIP might be far further ahead than polls are saying.

Here’s a funny thing. Polls that carry out fieldwork online are 3-9 points more favourable to the “big 2″ than phone surveys

November 23rd, 2014

The big methodology difference is in sampling. The phone firms used randomised dialling and theoretically anybody with a landline, and now mobile, can be included.

Online polls are generally carried out amongst members of a polling panel who perhaps are slightly different from the electorate as a whole in they’ve signed up in the first place and are doing the survey for money.

It was only when I was looking through recent findings from the different firms that I found the split featured in the chat above.

This possibility is confirmed by the latest Sun Readers Survey, except the 38 on Conservative might well be 35 to make 60 added to Labour’s 25, putting UKIP maybe around 30 points, maybe just 5 behind the Conservatives.  If so it’s getting very close to a much bigger number of MPs.

Any enthusiasm for the collapse of the big two (once three) parties has to be tempered with the realisation that UKIP’s policies are little different, offering nothing to the environmentalist cause.  HUman life is still under serious threat from The Infrastructure Bill, which is being rushed through Parliament before the next election.  Were it not for the five year rule about elections, the current government would be collapsing, and such measure could be halted in their tracks.

Farage says no more defections please until after Christmas, but how can he stop them?  A Labour defection would be ideal for UKIP at this stage, if they can get one.  If Farage could get 30 defections quickly, and byelection victories secured, he could halt the Infrastructure Bill before the election on May 7th, and bid for power with an overall majority.  The only thing lacking from Farage is ambition, and a feeling that UKIP has a mission to fulfil.  Coming second is useless.  Go for the top, Farage.  Go for power now.  Don’t wait.  Seize the moment.  Surely you could find thirty defections with the promise of candidacy and the surge continuing.

He says the next leader should be a woman.  He could start off now by setting policy decisions through a policy review committee chaired  and staffed with a strong female contingent.  Maybe the women can see that the threat is not the LibLab Con but The Greens, who are also surging.  Steal  their clothes and UKIP would be unstoppable.



NEXT – Daily Express promises a poll tomorrow on page 5 placing UKIP in second place.  The evidence is building.  Just another two defections would be good to keep the momentum building.  But where’s the destination?   Carswell and Reckless are both Friends Of Israel, as is UKIP.  It might unsettle the system a little though if there was a total collapse of the two major parties.  Anything has to better than just more of the same.  ALthough the fear is that UKIP might turn out to be just more of the same anyway!


6 Responses to “The real split in the current British vote is peeping out here and there. UKIP might be far further ahead than polls are saying.”

  1. Opionion Polls are fixed and are used solely to sway public opinion and control the way they vote.

  2. Aldous says:

    Voting in any present rigged Jewish occupied Western shamockracy election is tantamount to voting for indigenous genocide. As Red Ken Livingstone once infamously said – and probably came close to losing his life for saying so – “If voting changed anything, it would be made illegal.”

    I honestly can’t believe that anyone with half a brain thinks that we can halt this Zionist evil by placing a pointless cross on a worthless ballot paper. Those lard arses and sofa spuds who stay at home watching X Factor while swilling Paul Hogan’s l-a-r-g-e-r (a famously funny misspelt out-take if you can find it) while munching Pringle’s and Burton’s Wagon Wheels and a piece of week old pizza that they happen to find stuck behind the cushion, are doing far less harm than playing the fake Jewmockracy game.

    Just look at Farage. Would anyone buy a used car from this man? UKIP is controlled opposition(sic) make no mistake, in much the same way that BNP and Greens etc are controlled opposition. It doesn’t matter how genuine they may have started off in life, they get (only) so far down the line and their naively childish democratic ambitions are nipped in the bud via infiltration, intimidation, subversion and blackmail.

    Does anyone seriously believe that child sacrificing, psychopathic, unhinged, Satan-worshipping, paedophile $Trillionaires who have stolen half the Earth’s assets, mainly via their engineered conflicts, and butchered hundreds of millions of innocents, are going to give it all up just because of some silly cross on a ballot paper? Perhaps we indigenous Peoples of the West are going to be denied what we want and get what we deserve if we don’t get very angry, very quickly.

  3. reg varney says:

    I agree with every word spot on!

  4. sovereigntea says:

    israel are losing the propaganda war, see student reactions.

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