The Jesuits never forgive.

End Times Matrix News – Jesuits & Cubes

by Tim Clark

On this edition of End Times Matrix News, I finally connect a great deal of missing peaces in my mind thatconnects the New World Order Hydra at the feet of the Jesuit Order.  I feel comfortable in connecting peaces that all paths do lead to Rome literally including Antichrist paths.  This show explores the history of the Inquisition and the Inquisition that has been designed to eliminate Bible believers in North America.  The thing about Jesuits is that they never forgive or forget so accomplishing the work of their master Lucifer.

The compromised nature of the American system of government shows that the Jesuit order has used different Catholic Knighthood orders throughout the United States to subvert the sovereignty of the American people.  They have been spreading their Satanic cancer throughout America and now we have come to the point where they are mobilizing the forces of Satan against the confused American population.  The second part of the show connects the strange phenomenon of Satan/Saturn worship with the occult societies including the Jesuits.  Satan truly represents the governments of this world and is getting ready for his final act as he is kicked out of the final heaven for him.  The Great Tribulation is near and the Satanists including the Jesuits are getting ready for their New World Order Antichrist Messiah.

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