The country where mothers are banned

James Bartholomew: I have seen the future. And it is Sweden where mothers are banned.


Madeleine Wallin from Mothers At Home

A woman with long brown hair stands up at a conference and after thanking the organisers and apologising for being no good at using Powerpoint, she begins her speech nervously, as though she were saying something that might lead her to being attacked.

“I am a mother,” she says.

I have never heard those words spoken as if they had such meaning. She sounds brave and defiant. It is reminiscent of the crowd of slaves on the hill in the film, Spartacus. One person after another in the crowd stands up and declares, “I am Spartacus!” knowing that, in doing so, they risk being crucified.

How brave do you have to be to identify yourself as a mother in Sweden?

Madeleine Wallin, speaking at a Mothers At Home Matter event, says that politicians there “shun” her when they learn what organisation she represents. She is a board member of HARO which campaigns for care of children by the family. Even using the word ‘family’ is to get onto dangerous ground.

“You don’t talk about the family,” she says.

She demonstrates how people literally refuse to shake her hand. She says about a prominent Swedish woman politician, “she doesn’t answer when I talk to her…never”.

She says how nice it is to speak to an audience in London that is sympathetic to the idea of the mother.

“To meet Swedish women…it’s a fight.”

Although she is part of an organisation that campaigns for motherhood to be valued, she evidently feels so isolated in Sweden that she remarks: “Sometimes I have the feeling that perhaps I’m the one who is crazy.”

But although it is a strain, her passionate belief that children benefit from lots of time and care from their mothers keeps her going.

Her description of how motherhood is a dirty word in Sweden reminds one of the audience of Brave New World where, similarly, ‘mother’ and ‘family’ are bad words. No institution must exist that challenges the power of the State.

Where does the hostility come from?

She does not discuss that but, during my own visit to Stockholm, I came to think that it came from a kind of ultra-feminism in which the independence of women was valued above all things, even the well-being of children. Of course it was not described that way. Instead, a blind eye was turned to all the evidence that a child wants and needs an attachment figure it sees a great deal – probably, but not necessarily, the mother – in its early years.

I ask Madeleine whether there is any sign of a change in attitude in Sweden.

“Nope,” she replies.

But then she adds that a party which has recently grown in popularity, The Swedish Democrats, has agreed to hear her. This is a party that ‘talks about’ immigration and some of her fellow board members are opposed to having any conversation with it. But Madeleine will agree to talk to any politician willing to listen.


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  1. Gordon says:

    Families are close to God’s heart. In fact, they were His idea in the first place. From the beginning, when God created man, He said, “It is not good for man to be alone,” so He created woman as a “help-meet, suitable for him” (Genesis 2:18). Then, He blessed them and told them, “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish [fill] the earth” (Genesis 1:28). Even after they fell into sin, God continued with His plan for families, and even spoke prophetically of the salvation that would come through the seed of the woman (Genesis 3:15).

    Later, after the Flood, He reiterated His plan to Noah and his sons, “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth” (Genesis 9:1). God continued His plan when He chose Abraham and miraculously gave him a son in his old age (Genesis 21). And so it goes, all the way down to the “fullness of time, when He sent forth His Son” (Galatians 4:4) to be born in human flesh, to live and to die for the people He Himself had created.

    Throughout the ages, God’s plan and desire has always been for parents to raise up their children to know and love Him and walk in His ways. In Deuteronomy 6:6, God told the Israelites to keep His commands in their hearts and to teach them diligently unto their children, talking of them throughout the day in every circumstance of life.

    Many families today are in deep trouble because they have not been “diligently teaching” their children. Instead, they have left it to the schools, media, museums, national parks and others to do the job. We’ve often heard, “I’m not going to shove the Bible down my kids’ throats. When they are old enough, they can decide for themselves.” The problem is, these parents forget that while they are not teaching their kids the Bible, the world is shoving its evolutionary, humanistic, atheistic or New Age religion down their throats.

    It might sound nice to raise kids “neutrally,” but it’s impossible to do. While these parents may think they are doing the best for their children, and that their children will be able to objectively look at all their options and choose for themselves when they are older, they are leaving them defenseless against the anti-God teaching of our modern-day society. No parent would just let kids “discover for themselves” the dangers of running into a busy street. They would teach, warn and even discipline their children in order to protect them. In like manner, we need to prepare them to face the challenges of the day by teaching the truth and exposing the lies of a society that has turned its back on God.

    VATICAN CITY, June 2, 2014 ( – The devil is trying to “destroy” the family because that is where children are born and learn to love, said Pope Francis this weekend.

    On two successive days, Pope Francis focused his remarks on the family and its importance in the Church and the world today.

    Speaking to a large gathering of charismatic Catholics in the Rome Olympic Stadium on Sunday, Pope Francis spoke of how the devil “attacks the family so much. The demon does not love it and seeks to destroy it.”

    “Destroy the family and you destroy society.” These chilling words describe Vladimir Lenin’s devious plan to carry out such a sinister plot. For most of human history, the family — defined as one male and one female parent and their children— has stood as the central unit of society.

    War is the greatest plague that can afflict humanity, it destroys religion, it destroys states, it destroys families. Any scourge is preferable to it.

    Martin Luther

    The destruction of the family unit is in effect an attempt by Satanists to do away with God but the reality is God is family as illustrated in His name Elohim which is a plural word often used in the singular, God, but also meaning more than one, gods, as in, the sons of God.

    As Christians we should know that God’s plan for humanity is to bring us into His family through the atonement sacrifice of His son Jesus Christ . Satan knows this too and wants to destroy the sanctity of Jesus Christ, the sanctity of His sacrifice and the sanctity of family.

    The Elders Of Zion. PROTOCOL No. 14


    2. At the same time we shall not omit to emphasize the historical mistakes of the GOY governments which have tormented humanity for so many centuries by their lack of understanding of everything that constitutes the true good of humanity in their chase after fantastic schemes of social blessings, and have never noticed that these schemes kept on producing a worse and never a better state of the universal relations which are the basis of human life …

    3. The whole force of our principles and methods will lie in the fact that we shall present them and expound them as a splendid contrast to the dead and decomposed old order of things in social life.


    5. IN COUNTRIES KNOWN AS PROGRESSIVE AND ENLIGHTENED WE HAVE CREATED A SENSELESS, FILTHY, ABOMINABLE LITERATURE. For some time after our entrance to power we shall continue to encourage its existence in order to provide a telling relief by contrast to the speeches, party program, which will be distributed from exalted quarters of ours …. Our wise men, trained to become leaders of the GOYIM, will compose speeches, projects, memoirs, articles, which will be used by us to influence the minds of the GOYIM, directing them towards such understanding and forms of knowledge as have been determined by us.

    • Tapestry says:

      Any problem with that? I don’t normally approve the f-word.
      Surely the purpose of your site is to clean up the act.
      And surely if you agree with the stuff, you want it disseminated far and wide.
      Maybe you’re having a bad day, or someone’s sending out false emails from your account.

  2. Vic says:

    This chimes neatly with Obama’s view that staying at home with children is not a choice he wants American mothers to make.

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