A court hearing in Manchester involving the attempt to evict anti-fracking protesters from a field in Borras has ruled that possession be granted.

Earlier this week we reported that the anti-fracking campaigners occupying land on the Borras Commonwood had been served with a court summons, which took place at Manchester Court at 10:30am this morning.

However this morning a judge ruled that possession be granted on land in Borras at 11:59pm on Friday night for the land to be vacated and handed back to the farmer.

Frack Free Wrexham (@frackfreewxm) have since taken to Twitter to say: “Thanks to everyone involved in the legal side in Manchester this morning. Your help is extremely appreciated.

“Especially to @marcvjones for providing live updates on Facebook and Julie among others for the defence. We may have lost a battle but we can still win the war.”

There is a meeting of the group at the Cunliffe Arms tonight at 7pm where the next course of action will be discussed.

Pic: The view from the top of ‘Borras Tower’ of the camp posted by Frack Free Wales.


TAP – How many will turn up on Friday?  If Wrexham sends 300 people out to demonstrate, and keeps the numbers up, the bailiffs will back away.

Surely Wales can put up a proper fight.  Its politicians in the Welsh Assembly are entirely rotten.  Yet the Welsh are not known for backing down in a conflict.

Let’s see what numbers take to the field tomorrow.  This is the first site in Wales, and the chemical killers needs to be halted.  People power must stop the destruction of the air, soil and water at Borras, just outside Wrexham, North Wales.  The camp was only started three weeks ago when a shock decision went through to overrule the local council which refused planning permission five months ago.

The appeal went through quicker than expected, and Wrexham now faces the full onslaught of toxic chemicals and other of the obscene effects of gas drilling close to human populations.  Get in your car and drive down to join the fight.  You might even help block the road just by the numbers attending.