Some Tap Blog readers still can’t find new site


I’m not sure how this is happening, but we are getting signs of people not being able to find the new site.  That’s a bit odd as the forwarding from the old URL to should be automatic.

Yet despite that we can see searches coming in with things like ‘where’s The Tap Blog gone?’

Then today an email arrived from Frank, saying he hoped I was on vacation and well, and that he was missing The Tap Blog.

I immediately replied to let him know about the new site.  He said he was only getting into the old site, which last posted on October 30th, with no forwarding message.

I suppose I should have put a forwarding post, but the auto-forward seemed to be working OK until the last couple of days, and what’s the point if no one could get in to read it?

Have google been up to their old tricks, I wonder?  Mike in manila is totally flummoxed!

Frank said, ‘I am getting the home page from the old site with Oct 30 headline, and I’m not being forwarded’.

I’ll add a forwarding post now.  Apologies to all concerned.  The lesson is never rely on technology entirely, as always!

Yesterday we had 16,000 page reads from about 4000 visitors, so things aren’t going too badly, but apparently there could still be a few stragglers.

The old Google blog claimed to have 5000 page downloads which is really odd, as no one should be in there!  Maybe they’ve been feeding me crap statistics for ages.

Anyway I’m very happy with the new site to be honest, and the numbers are growing every day.  Thanks again to Mike for doing such a great job.

He knows the mobile site is still not working, and he’s working on that as his first priority.

Here’s the old banner from a few years ago for those who remember it, and for those who don’t!



5 Responses to “Some Tap Blog readers still can’t find new site”

  1. Aangirfan says:

    “Have google been up to their old tricks, I wonder?”


    Some of our posts simply do not appear on Google.

    – Aangirfan.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Great stuff on your site Aangirfan. especially Lord Sempill and betraying Britain to the Japanese. Did Turing work out all about the cabal? Presumably he did. Is that the same for Gareth Williams? He’d no doubt uncovered the plans of the cabal, and was killed.

  3. Gillian says:

    Hi Tap,

    I had no trouble finding the new site. My computer went to it automatically.

    However, whilst reading something on another site recently, they gave a link to an article written on the previous/old Tap Blog and the link didn’t work.

    So, I don’t know whether it’s possible or not to access material from the old site.


    • Tapestry says:

      Thanks for your feedback Gillian.
      When you tried to find the link, did it bring you to the home page of
      All or nearly all bar about fifty articles successfully copied across from the old site.
      We’ve identified some of the ones that didn’t make the crossover, but need to work out some others.
      We could break the auto-forward so the old site can be accessed again at some stage, but right now we want to send all traffic into tapnewswire.
      Then people could search the old site, which you can’t do at the moment, or be linked into it. The new site’s search facility is excellent if you try using it. You should be able to find the post you’re searching that way.
      Of course we’re losing a few hits the way we’ve done things, but there is no 100% perfect way to proceed.
      I hope we’ve done the best possible, and made not too many mistakes.

    • Mike says:

      Hi Gillian,

      Links to the old site should work by redirecting you to the appropriate post on the new site.

      But, as Tap noted, a few posts did not make it across to the new site, and if the link was to one of these, you will be redirected to the new site home page.

      It would be useful to know what links are found that don’t work and I can repair those.

      As soon as work priorities allow (busy making the site mobile and tablet friendly now), I will bring across the posts left behind on the old site.

      So, apart from these exceptions, the old site is in fact searchable by searching from the new site.


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