Enforcing ITCCS decisions. Giving common law teeth.

Two colourful environmental campaigners sing their protest outside court.

Pope meets secretly with Russians; “Rampaging” RCMP ordered to stand down by International Court Order – Common Law Peace Officers to Replace Mounties as Kinder-Morgan environmental protest escalates

A Breaking News Release and Kevin Annett interview from the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) with Alfred Webre.  The pope left Rome for four hours to meet the Russian and Dutch Ambassadors in Strasbourg.  The Vatican through the Deutche Bank is acting as the Central Bank for the BRICS.  Is Putin a White Hat or a Black Hat?  The current Pope is a Jesuit, and the Jesuits traditionally back all sides.  Why is Putin making pro-Vatican statements recently?  International Finance doesn’t take sides.  It just funds everybody.

Bergoglio took a personal bribe from Queen Maxima to change her identity so she could become the Dutch Queen.  Bergoglio was in on the dirty work, trafficking children, planning the murders of priests in Argentina.  The Dutch royal family engage in human hunting parties, protected by the Dutch Army, herding children into forests from children’s homes (testimony from Anne Marie Van Billenberg/other witnesses), children provided by drug-trafficking mafia.

Maxima provided the hush money for Bergoglio to hide her past and that of her husband King Willem, whose brother was involved in the hunting parties, and child trafficking.

Nov 20th conference held in Brussels to stop the transhumanist agenda, to prosecute the entities and the individuals worldwide behind the transhumanist agenda, including child trafficking.  New tribunal to be set up.  Judges to be appointed – named.  11 minutes.

Mind control, HAARP, chemtrails all to be banned by European Committee of Human Rights in the European Parliament.  We are making progress.  Insiders are coming forward.

Gruesome details of child kidnap , rape and murder of children in Vancouver and Victoria B.C., Canada.  Native girls have always gone missing without explanation around Victoria.  More details on Lebel revelations.  The Youtube was taken off air very quickly.  No defamation complaint was received at exopolitics.

Twelve Mile Club Vancouver.  Similar club in Seattle.  As all over the country.

Which direction for ITCCS?  Answer – enforcement.  Training common law sheriffs to make the arrests and put teeth to the decisions of the common law courts.

Kinder Morgan a pipeline company putting a line through the university.  The RCMP are acting like a private police force simply arresting and assaulting people who are standing around, not even being active, let alone acting illegally.   Stand-down orders should be made against the RCMP, as they serve a Crown which is no longer recognised as a legal authority.  The RCMP must be made to stand down as they are part of a criminal organisation.  They must be replaced.

Viewers must get active.  We have the proof.  itccsoffice@gmail.com is the new email.  Learn how to become peace officers in your community.

An attempt to slaughter all the wild elk is taking place by the RCMP, which is to wipe out the food base of the plains Indians.  The genocide is still taking place.

The Republic of Kanata is being set up to form a new nation.  The Heads of State are collapsing, and people are coming forward.

Wednesday, 27 November, 2014


A Public Order revoking the authority of Canada’s RCMP and replacing them with common law peace Officers was proclaimed today at the site of Canada’s most heated environmental protest in years.

The Order was issued by the Vancouver-based West Coast Common Law Court of Justice in the wake of illegal arrests and violent “gestapo tactics” by RCMP officers against peaceful protestors opposing the desecration of forests on Burnaby mountain by the Kinder-Morgan corporation.

The Order is addressed to RCMP officers and the Superintendent of the RCMP, and reads in part,

“Let it be known that as of today, the 27th Day of November, 2014, and under the authority of a Court decision of March 1, 2013 that convicted the Crown of England, the government of Canada and its officers of Crimes against Humanity, your authority and policing powers are hereby revoked and you are ordered to immediately stand down from further intervention in lawful protest actions against Kinder-Morgan corporation on Burnaby Mountain.



Campaigners against the pipeline at Burnaby Mountain.  ITCCS common law peace officers are engaging in environmental battles.  I chose these two ladies from the campaign for their courage in singing their campaign message in public.

“Let it be further known that if you disregard this Order of Revocation you will be considered to be engaged in acts of unlawful violence and criminality against the People and their laws, and you will face immediate arrest and detainment by Common Law Peace Officers deputized by the Court.”

Copies of the Stand Down Order were given to RCMP officers yesterday and today and delivered to the RCMP Superintendent in Ottawa by Court appointed Peace Officers.

Further details of this action and other updates from the Court and Tribunal are contained in this recent interview with Field Secretary Kevin Annett:


Issued by ITCCS Central Office, Brussels

27 November, 2014


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Common law is the future…we have no laws we have tyranny. We need to spread the word far and wide and take evey country back to the people. The Evil has been caught out and now we can work together to take them out of circulation. The cure is people power. They fear us doing exactly this.

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