Nuclear weapon destined for London Olympics recovered after tip-off from Russian naval Intelligence. Veterans Today.

UK Prosecutes Man That Appears to Have Stopped Nuclear Bomb at Olympics!

Michael Shrimpton prosecuted for doing what MI6 Asked!  Giving a credible tip to MI6 that appears to have resulted in the recovery of a nuclear weapon to detonate at the London Olympics!

Listen to the shocking interview with Gordon Duff of VeteransToday as he lays out the story of Michael Shrimpton and how he is now being persecuted by a corrupt MI6 organization for simply giving them a tip that came from Russian Naval Intelligence!  As it turns out there is evidence that was given to Gordon Duff that he was right!  Gordon was given evident that a nuclear weapon was recovered in London by a US Nest team!  Gordon also covers huge Intel he as gotten during the past 6 months.  Please share this interview and story by all means possible so that Shrimpton is not illegally prosecuted by MI6 for simply giving them a credible tip!  The truth must be learned about everything VT is releasing!

Here are some of the notes from this interview with Gordon Duff, Jim Dean, Preston James, and Gene Tatum

Editor Gordon Duff covers a lot of nuclear ground in the strange story of Michael Shrimpton and MI6 (British intel). Among topics touched on are:

Members of British government ‘covering up nuclear threat thames valley constabulary working with an intelligence agency in Britain tried to label shrimp ton as a pedophile by putting child porn on his computer tied to unspecified blackmail at highest levels of UK gov’t probably connected to secret societies.

Shrimp ton had received info from director of Russian naval intel that nuclear weapons had been recovered from USS Kursk and turned over to German DVD (a secret society). Weapon was 550 kt and was taken to London 8 miles from olympic stadium.  Russia had tracked the movement of the weapon.

Shrimp ton’s tip allowed a US NEST team to find and recover that nuclear weapon according to evidence Duff was given. After Michael Shrimpton phone in the MI6 tip line, he was arrested for submitting a hoax! The UK government has done very wrong by Michael Shrimpton and this needs to be exposed now.

Gordon is here to publish what he can and evaluate sources of this material and get other proof of their claims. Gordon was provided proof on 9/11 being a nuclear event by Russian Intelligence and Snowden. He got 75 Megs of documents on 9/11 – Israelis were involved.  He has listed many of the involved parties in previous VT Radio interviews.

Gordon got confirmation by US nuclear physicists that nuclear weapons were stolen from the US arsenal.

A nuclear weapons was used to blow up Fukushima! Nothing else could have made it explode the way it did.

25 nuclear weapons have been configured for EMP and placed around the US.  They may be used to take down the US grid. This information was told to a high level meeting in Oklahoma to business leaders.

Other nuclear weapons were stolen from US and ended up in Saudi Arablia, South Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, Argentina and 4 or 5 other countries.

Benjamin Fulford – Gordon has a problem with much of his information – he speaks of asian secret societies that nobody has heard of but Fulford does have ties to CIA and Duff was introduced to him by high ranking Intelligence official. He does have sources in the CIA.  Gordon doesn’t trust him ultimately though.

US may have used a nuclear weapon in the 1-3 kt range on ISIS

In relation to this shrimp ton story, Gordon Duff received leaked nuclear info from the Los Alamos labs and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that Wayne Madsen and CNN refused to publish.

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) source said fukushima was caused by a nuclear demolition blast set by a nuclear device

Some things covered by Jim Dean’s Intel briefing

Ukraine. volunteer battalions and prisoner exchange chaos.

MH17. Kiev blamed delay on militias to gather up wreckage.

Kiev out of control: no one in Washington or Europe to slap them up or slap them down so they just go on with their lies and playing the public

Mainstream media (msm) finally getting the come uppance they deserve.  It has started in Germany with journalist confessing that journalists were paid money by CIA to write stories that the agency wanted.

US: take a lesson from the Germans. Congrats to them!

Russian and China signed energy deal. China biggest energy customer of Russia. It used to be Germany
This is how Russia will protect itself from energy wars

Russia and China are  doing all of this in their own currency. forming joint bank together. NSA can’t grab transaction data.

Chinese rebuilding silk road route (land and sea)

using US $ to build infrastructure

World zionist bankers of the city of london have built up a dual track system of infighting that is going to implode

Defense contractor shadow government  with their own private armies and weaponry (private corporate interests with their own mercenary armies)

Can the American economy survive without perpetual war? and do we want this kind of economic structure for our kid’s future where defense industry to make profits has to keep us in war?

British empire when it began to fail decided to use the US as its military arm (city of london zionist bankers)

Need to get along with China and Russia and work together in an equitable system.

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