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Today finds me at the Doomwatch conference at Sutton Coldfield, organised by Cult TV with Alex G much to the fore.  The hotel strangely has very little wifi, which is quite a shock.  Blogging and keeping in touch with the world proved very difficult yesterday.  I’m up at 5 am and can get an hour now to catch up on things before other family members stir.  The idea was to leave kids behind, and have a break.  But at the last minute events conspired to mess up the plan.

Today the focus of the conference is health.  I hope to find out more about Vitamin C, colloidal silver, phages, bio-resonance and other things that will help us survive the coming post-anti-biotic world.

Yesterday was all about The Constitution.  The last time I studied the British Constitution was at Oxford over forty years ago.  My memories are hazy.  The Oxford Law course was hardly controversial, and after yesterday I even wonder if what we were told was even true.  We were told then that there is a Constitution in Britain based on convention, with none of it written down.  The only time the British Constitution was written down, we were told, was at the moment Antigua was made independent in 1956, and the 1956 Antigua Act was passed, with the Constitution, effectively The British Constitution, written out long hand.  As a seventeen-year old, I remember the New Zealand lecturer’s pronunciation of the words he kept repeating ‘the 1956 Act’.  Clearly I had other things on my mind at that particular moment than technical hour long explanations in legalese.

Not so yesterday.  The subject of the relationship of the person to the State was red hot. The first controversy was – does Britain even have a Constitution, as the government, and its media frequently state that we don’t have one, and they are saying that one needs to be codified in a proposed new Bill Of Rights.  Nothing could be further from the truth, as was made clear yesterday.  We have a very clearly defined Constitution, which is best described as a contract between the person and the State, defining our rights and their limitations very clearly.  It is being prepared for reframing and dismantling by the William Hague Devolution Committee.  The claim  of the committee to be there to ‘unlock democracy’ is clearly  an inversion of the truth.  Read The Bill Of Rights, and Magna Carta, we were told, and the Queen’s Coronation Oath.

If we don’t defend our rights, they will be taken away from us.

Without any notebooks provided by the conference, I managed to scrawl my notes over a tiny paper block from the hotel room.  Rodney Atkinson still has great faith in UKIP, and in the possibility of a referendum springing the EU trap.  Yet he explained that we were unlikely to get a fair referendum, as the questions will be carefully loaded to get the answer they want.  Referendums are in the control of the state.  He seemed to think a fair referendum and a fair voting system could somehow be exhumed from the ashes of our democratic system.  But he failed to convince or tell how political power could be recovered from the cabal that removed it from us with things like postal voting, and EU treaties.  He and Norris McWhirter tried to prosecute Francis Maude and Douglas Hurd for treason in 1993 for signing the Maastricht Treaty, but they were frustrated by the Attormey General, refusing to allow the CPS to proceed with the prosecution.  Full marks for trying, Rodney, and still not giving up twenty years later on believing there is a way to get rid of the EU.  UKIP and a few Douglas Carswells?  That would be great, but I can’t see it.  The Party’s been ‘managed’ since its inception.

Brian Gerrish kicked off the show, with his usual shocking presentation of how the government has been penetrated from top to bottom with ‘reframed’ people, trained by Common Purpose, whose members include Prince Charles and David Cameron.   MAPPA was identified as the equivalent of the East German Stasi, building informational files on all citizens to be used for political ends.  He explained much about The Big Society, and how its aims are the opposite of what is claimed by its proponent David Cameron, being a delivery vehicle for the ideas of Saul Alinsky who wants people controlled and demoralised on an individual basis.  He recounted the horrific cases he’s been involved with recently helping whistleblowers who’ve been sectioned and forcibly ‘medicated’ – or had their brains fried with powerful pharmaceutical drugs.  Melanie Shaw whistleblew about a children’s home in Nottingham where children had been murdered as well as abused.  She was sectioned by Nottingham City Council and spent three months in HMP Peterborough run by Sodexo.  Only Gerrish’s internet campaigns managed to spring some of the whistleblowers from their gruesome detention.

I challenged Brian on one thing.  He claimed that Council Leaders were highly paid and part of the new Local Council structure of power.  It seemed a avery elementary mistake to make.  Council Leaders are elected,  have no salary, and can only claim expenses for travelling and so on, like all the elected councillors.  In my experience councillors, including leaders, are amateurs, often good at communicating, and personable, but are not in the same place as the senior salaried council officials, who often seem to come from another planet, though not exclusively so.  I find elected councillors a little naive and trusting of the system, but they are usually there to try to do good, according to their beliefs.  Gerrish sees the evil only too clearly, and the programmes to take control, and he’s right to expose it as ruthlessly as he does.  But by not realising that the majority of people in the system are not even aware of how much evil is around them, he misses out on the best way to stop the evil camp from getting too powerful in the first place.  I like Brian Gerrish’s buddy, Ian Crane’s take on events, who wasn’t there yesterday.  Once Middle England awakes to what’s happening, those who like to work in the dark and enslave us, will find their path blocked.  The problem is it takes so long to awaken people.  But once they are awake to the threat, the ordinary elected councillor , and the like, can do a lot to help.  If similar types were to stand for election to Parliament – independent amateur politicians, and not members of political parties, we would have a much better chance of stopping the small numbers of people who are determined to wreck our Constitution, and our lives.

There were ten presenters.  This post is already long enough.  I’ll check some more of my notes in the week when we get home.

The comments on here show the new site format is approved, so thanks to Mike  from Yorkshire living in the Philippines.  You’ve done a great job.

He’s not finished yet, and will later on be able to adapt The Tap to do more than we have yet attempted.  I saw 2800 visitors entered the site about 5600 times in the first part day.  I don’t know how many pages were downloaded yet as Mike’s still working on the stats.  If you want to help me meet the bills, please hit the support key.


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