MPs and their priorities graphically portrayed

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Here The Spectator Blog rushing to Parliament’s defence –


It’s very fashionable these days to be despondent about the quality of our politicians. They’re all lazy liars who look only to their interests and neglect their duties to their constituents because they’d rather be grunting and snorting around a trough before sticking their snouts in it. And while the expenses scandal, resignations and court cases show that a lot of anti-politics sentiment has been provoked by the politicians themselves, it’s worth remembering that not every accusation levelled at Westminster is fair.

Over the past couple of years, a trend for internet memes about politicians has grown. Those graphics tend to juxtapose two images from Parliament, one showing lots of MPs apparently very interested in something, another with a handful of sleepy politicians loafing about on the Commons benches. Naturally, the first image bears a caption suggesting that MPs are debating something that benefits them personally, while the second claims they’re voting on something that affects very vulnerable people. Here’s one example….

TAP – Let’s hope they’re right.  I see no evidence of much interest in things which don’t concern the rich and powerful from MPs local to here.  We hope Carswell is interested in real democracy as he tells us he is.  My guess is that it will take an end to the political party system, which is totally discredited, and its replacement with independent MPs who refuse to attach any loyalty to any party at all, in fact swear loyalty not to The Queen but to their constituents.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words. I hope you and many others are right Tap.

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