6 Responses to “Mark Windows – Greg Hallett is back!”

  1. The disso of dissos is back is he? I wonder how many more attempts there have been on his life? LOL

  2. gemma says:

    greg hallet is a bullshitter, he makes wasp look like an amatuer

  3. Anyone know what Mark Window’s real name is? I can’t imagine that it’s his real name.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Mark Windows. It might be his real name. I don’t know!

  5. WASP says:

    Hi Tap, Hallett, is not quite the disinformer, “THE BRAIN DEAD” imagine him to be.

    The “BRAIN DEAD” need to learn about many aspects of history they are at present totally ignorant of.

    If the “BRAIN DEAD” are that confident, they are right, I have yet to see them present any reliable evidence to support their vacillations.

    Not knowing the significance of “Operation Paper Clip” is not too smart, considering it was the prerequisite to the Nazification of the U.S., The SMOMS, Donavan, & Gehlen, transformed the O.S.S. into the C.I.A., & Operation GLADIO was born, M-K ULTRA, was enhanced, used in relation to Vatican ll.& Brain Control by the Vatican Controlled Entertainments Industries. All Top Puppets are M-K’ed, & many abused, to keep them under control, & the Jesuits are in total control of America.

    The Police State was Born, which eventually escalated out of control leading to massive surveillance by N.S.A. under the control of the VATICAN. Both Donavan & Gehlen, were very high ranked SMOMS.

    They just don’t pay attention, & are trying to mislead your readers.
    I introduced you to Paper Clip, & M-K ULTRA, over 3 years ago, perhaps they would be well advised to look it up.

    Further to this, The Vatican was closely involved in spiriting Top Nazis, many of whom were SMOMS,to the WEST, which is where, Banco Ambrosiano, became involved, together with P2, leading eventually to Roberto Calvi swinging under London Bridge, for double crossing the Vatican Mafia.

    The only thing the “BRAIN DEAD” are capable of is producing, & understanding is just “CRAP” they are trying to mislead your Blog, with rubbish information, most of them just make up.

    SO what is the N.W.O., well they don’t even know that, so I will tell them.

    It is the ultimate control of everything, under the control of the Vatican, & will be a Catholic Controlled World Police State, & will be controlled from Jerusalem by the Pope, under the control of the Jesuits, for the Illuminati or “The Family.” Israel is a Puppet State of the Vatican q.v. H.R.E

    Their Bankers Rothschildes, & all the high ranking SMOMS, are just Puppets, which I have told you so many times. ORWELL,who was a Temporal Coadjutor informed everyone this was the aim in The Brave New World.

    Europe has been Catholicised by elimination of the ethnic Jews, & Orthodox Christians, by continuation of the Inquisition called the Holocaust, carried out by Reich Führer Fr. Heinrich Himmler S.J.

    The recent links I was said not have given, I have supplied so many times in past Posts, including several on the expansion of The Vatican Holocaust, together with pdf D/L Links at least a couple of years.

    You should return to reading your Comic Books, because I am no Bloody Fool, or B/S merchant, & I understand a great deal more than you lot will ever be capable of!



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