Rejoice! Lyme Disease cured in just a month

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The disease is spread variously, often by a tick.  Previously thought to be incurable, practitioners are now claiming an improvement is achievable within three days, and a complete cure within a month.

We’ve left the conference in Sutton Coldfield a little early due to not having a suitable babysitter available which is a great shame.  The material yesterday was excellent.  Today was amazing.  How come there weren’t thousands of people banging on the door trying to get in?

I’ve got pages of notes from the three presenters this morning, and all of them very important for anyone who’s interested in health, i.e.everyone on the planet.  The conference organised by Alex G and Dr Graham Downing was called Your Constitution, Your Health.  Today was the health half, and it blew me away.  I was interested in colloidal silver and made a point of waiting for the lady who’d flown in from Seattle specially to explain the colloidal silver she promotes.  Most bottled silver in distilled water is 18 ppm – parts per million.  This one is 200 ppm.  Also the molecules of silver are tiny, 10 to the power of -9 mm.  They are atom sized, and can affect every cell in your body.

The best way to absorb large doses of this colloidal silver is through the lungs using a nebuliser.  Otherwise through the mouth with a spray is good.  Topical is also effective.  You can spray eyes, ears with it –  take it orally or nasally.  Nasal fires it up to the brain via the sinus.

It kills 99.9999% of the bacteria and viruses it’s used against.  The one that struck me the most wasn’t ebola, which it knocks over with ease.  It’s the fact that Lyme Disease is curable with a month of treatment with nebulised application.  The number of people I meet at the Breakspear being treated for Lyme.  They surely must try out this possibility.

The stuff’s called ACS 200.   I’ll look for a URL in a minute.   She mentioned the need for zeolite to be used in tandem.  I’m not home yet and am perched on a chair in someone else’s place.  Not a good moment to blog.  But this can’t wait.  Lyme Disease is no more a threat to all of us.  All these things are curable by a combination of ancient and modern medical knowledge and technology.  Rejoice!



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    Very interesting tips on how to deliver the colloidal silver, nebuliser, thanks

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