KCSGs are the system’s top puppets. WASP.


SMOM The Sovereign Military Order of Malta

SMOMS is the Plural

KCSG:  Knight Commander of The Pontifical Order of St. Gregory, is the top one.

Bestowed by authority of the Pope as the monarch of the Holy See and as the temporal sovereign of the Vatican City State entirely within the city of Rome.
KCSG has four classes  Knight/Dame Grand Cross of the First Class (GCSG/DCSG[
Knight/Dame Commander with Star (KC*SG/DC*SG
Knight/Dame Commander (KCSG/DCSG
Knight/Dame (KSG/DSG)

Look for the KCSG’s, you will see who the systems, “TOP PUPPETS” are!

Papal Knights can travel anywhere they wish, without being checked at Borders, or Airport Security etc.

This might not now be the case w/r/t Russia, and China though.  It depends whether it is their Role to be Good Cops or Not.  They could just be non-players!



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