Judges are nullifying the very purpose of juries by not asking the question – ‘would it be just to convict the accused’?



Out of my jumbled notes from the Constitution conference on Saturday in Birmingham (why didn’t they hand out a conference clipboard and paper like AV5 does?), I see many things that are of great interest,  which I can’t identify to which speaker was addressing the hall, as the notes are all jumbled up on small pieces of paper.  We had a three year old administrative assistant all the time we were there.  These extracts are a mish mash from several different speakers.

The first bit comes from John Hurst of the Magna Carta Society and the British Constitution Group.  Roger Hayes is ill.  He spoke of The Right To Lawful Rebellion, lawful self defence, and trial by battle.  Sir William Blackstone codified the Common Law.  See Erskine MayParliamentary Practice.  For example murder is a common law offence, and there is no statute saying murder is illegal or unlawful.

Did you know The Queen swore to uphold the Magna Carta, and The Bill Of Rights in her Constitution Oath.  She broke this oath by signing the Lisbon Treaty and other EU measures.

We are entitled to seize the King’s property, under the British Constitution but not kill the King.  First we need to declare diffidatio, and state that our loyalty to the Monarch is no longer in existence. See Outlines Of Constitutional Law by A.V.Dicey.  Armed rebellion is then permitted.

The Common Law cannot be repealed.

Abuse of the statutory procedure is a common law offence.  The statutory procedures are all being abused by the State.  Don’t complain (about a crime).  Report a crime.  The State court system is run by the corporations.  Any action from the County COurt must have three things –

1. a claim form which has to have a seal – and not a stamp.

2.A supporting affidavit.

3. Payment of a fee.

Otherwise the action taken is void.  Lawyers are producing fraudulent documents claiming to be County COurt actions which are nothing of the kind.  They are void, yet most people obey them, and pay up, believing they are real court documents.  Enquire of the County Court using the case number, requesting to see the case management file, expecting to see evidence of the seal, the affidavit and the fee.  Usually none of these are present and you can ignore the action.

We have a right to life, liberty and property.  He have a right to be armed combined with an obligation to become competent in the use of the weapons we possess.  It used to be compulsory to practise longbow on a SUnday, foe xample.

The Bill Of Rights still exists.  There can be no implied repeal.  Your right to bear arms still exists, although it is no longer exercised.  You can use firearms in self defence.

Read Does The Trigger Pull The Finger?  By Law & Brookesmith.

Jury Nullification.  Judges are failing to direct juries properly in criminal trials.  (Don’t jump jury service.  It’s crucial.  TAP – I’ve never been called once in forty years.)

The question the judge should pose to the jury as well as ‘did he do it?’ should be ‘would it be just to convict him?’

By failing to ask juries this question, judges are nullifying the very purpose of having a jury in the first place.

There was much on the Queens Bench system of trial using the Common Law but that will need a separate post.

This is enough for one blog post anyway!


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