I’ve been writing to MPs for ten years. Now I want to be an MP.


At the Y2HC conference, I met a charming guy called David Mortimer who’s been campaigning for children’s rights and for father’s rights for many years.  He’s from Milton Keynes.  He was waiting to talk to Brian Gerrish at the same time as I was.  He said he was considering running for Parliament as an independent candidate in 2015.  He said what’s in the title above.  If he did go ahead, I’d back him on here.

This is the kind of thing we can do if people donate to the Tap.  Independent candidates have costs as well as having to pay a £500 fee to stand for Parliament.  They need to make leaflets, posters, hold small tram meetings or bigger public meetings.  How can ordinary people afford those kind of thing?

I’m meeting another person tomorrow in Shrewsbury who wants to talk over the options in the fracking battle taking place in Shropshire currently.  Should he stand as an independent candidate?  It’s going to get frustrating soon.  Why should I have to pay for everything?  I can’t do the things I used to do when I was younger like funding UKIP’s posters and leaflets in 2001, which cost me about £50,000, and cleaned me out at the time.  Then I was single with no kids.  Now things are different.  My wife would go nuts.

So far we’ve had a kind donation from a guy in Scotland of £20.    How many people could we talk into standing at the General Election as independent candidates if we had funds?  Donate please.  We had 6000 visits yesterday.  If one in a thousand sent us £20, that would be enough to get a few things moving.  All will be accounted and explained on here.  You’ll be driving things forward with cash, as well as comments.  This is a fight and we need funds.


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  1. Frank Day says:

    Dear Mr. Mortimer, Perhaps if you consider the money you spent on UKIP to have been a long-term investment that is now starting to produce dividends, I’m sure there will be a place for you when you produce your receipts.
    I sincerely hope so.
    Yours Sincerely, Frank Day.

    • Tapestry says:

      That was me Tap spending the money on UKIP in 2001, not Mr Mortimer.
      If we exit the EU, I’ll call it a good investment.
      UKIP in 2001 helped to push the Conservatives away from the Euro.
      Hague was all for it. IDS swung the party against it.

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